Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1780 - Analysis

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Chapter 1780 Analysis

“If you kill me and win this bet, it will be impossible for you to win the other bet. You can only win one of the two bets. If you don’t kill me, you might win both bets. Do you want to win one bet or two?” Zhou Wen said slowly.

“Are you betting your life that I have to win both rounds?” The Thearch’s voice was somewhat cold.

An Jing also looked at Zhou Wen in shock. There was no need for Zhou Wen to do so. He could have directly taken her Zone Core.

However, Zhou Wen had used his life to bet on the second Zone Core and not her Zone Core. This was unacceptable to An Jing.

Why? Is it because of me? An Jing looked at Zhou Wen in a daze as her expression turned more and more complicated.

“I’m betting that a person like you won’t accept such an imperfect outcome,” Zhou Wen said calmly.

“I never expected you to know me so well, but I can very well not kill you. The bet will still be in progress. I don’t need to give you the Zone Core, and I will still win everything,” The Thearch said.

“You can naturally make such a choice, but before I obtain the Zone Core, the first bet will not be valid. Besides, I’ve already said that if you don’t win, you will give me another Zone Core, right? The bet is still ongoing, which means you haven’t won yet,” Zhou Wen said.

“Do you think such a language trap can restrain me?” The Thearch said disdainfully.

“No, I just believe that you don’t want a meaningless victory. Besides, you care more about the other bet.”

“What if that’s how I want to win?” The Thearch said. “I’ll head to the divine mountain now,” Zhou Wen said without any hesitation.

The Thearch fell silent. Just as Zhou Wen had said, the chances of Zhou Wen surviving without obtaining the Zone Core to head to the divine mountain were almost zero. Such a victory was indeed meaningless to her.

The Thearch didn’t want Zhou Wen’s life, but to win the bet.

“You’re right. I want to win, but not like this.” The Thearch didn’t seem interested in continuing the conversation. The flower shook and a petal fell.

The mountain wall of Chess Mountain parted like a door as a demonic beam flew out and headed straight for Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen reached out to grab the stream of light and saw that it was a purple multifaceted crystal. It was like lightning and fog that constantly changed.


When Zhou Wen heard The Thearch’s voice, he looked up at the mountain wall and realized that it had already closed. The flower had also vanished.


An Jing’s voice sounded from behind him. He turned around and saw her staring at him with a strange expression.

“What do you mean why?” Zhou Wen asked casually

“Why didn’t you take my Zone Core? Why did you bet your life?” An Jing bit her lip and asked.

“We’re family, right?” Zhou Wen turned around and left. “I still have something on. I’ll make a move first.”

“Family?” An Jing was taken aback as she watched Zhou Wen tear through space and vanish.

Although Zhou Wen didn’t mind An Jing, he had already accepted Ouyang Lan and An Tianzuo.

There was no need to mention Ouyang Lan. She had always treated Zhou Wen well. As for An Tianzuo, although he had never treated Zhou Wen nicely, Zhou Wen knew very well that if not for An Tianzuo’s orders, An Sheng wouldn’t have done so much for him.

Zhou Wen was someone who preferred soft tactics over hard tactics. An Tianzuo had done so many things for him, so he wasn’t willing to let An Jing end up in such a state unless it was absolutely necessary.

He teleported back to Guide Ancient City. He originally wanted to immediately absorb the Zone Core and advance to the Calamity grade, but he heard more grievous news.

“Jiang Yan is also finished?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan in a daze, unable to recover from his shock.

“He said that there were some things he had to do. The opportunity Zhong Ziya risked his life to exchange for allowed him to see the fatal weakness of the Transcendent Immortal. Therefore, he had to give it a try no matter what. Also, before he left, he told me to tell you that if he loses, he knows that you will definitely go. He also knows that nothing can stop you.” Li Xuan sighed and said, “He said that if you have to go, study his battle with Transcendent Immortal a few more times. Go when you are confident.”

“Is he dead?” Zhou Wen asked angrily.

Jiang Yan had clearly persuaded him not to go, but he had gone himself.

“I don’t know… See for yourself…” Li Xuan played the recording of the battle.

The projection began when Jiang Yan ascended the divine mountain. There was another white jade pillar in front of the temple with Zhong Ziya chained to it.

However, he was different from Wang Mingyuan who was clearly still alive. Zhong Ziya’s limbs and head drooped down. His body relied on the chains that penetrated it to prevent him from falling. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

The battle between Jiang Yan and Transcendent Immortal wasn’t complicated. It could even be said to be simple. He lost even faster than Zhong Ziya and was defeated in one strike. His fate was unknown as he fell to the ground.

Zhou Wen knew that it wasn’t because Jiang Yan was weaker than Zhong Ziya. On the contrary, Jiang Yan posed a greater threat to Transcendent Immortal, so he made her serious from the beginning.

Zhou Wen watched the battle between Jiang Yan and Transcendent Immortal repeatedly. Although it was only one move, Zhou Wen saw many things.

Jiang Yan, who was wearing Guardian armor, had fused with the Guardian at a high level and reached the peak of the Calamity grade. However, he was different from Zhong Ziya. Jiang Yan didn’t have the Super Evolution ability, so it was impossible for him to crack the power of Transcendent Heaven like Zhong


Jiang Yan used another method that was unique to him.

If Zhong Ziya’s ability was to be an enemy to the world, Jiang Yan’s power was to assimilate the world.

All powers could be used for himself. In Transcendent Heaven, as Jiang Yan walked towards Transcendent Immortal, he also assimilated and absorbed Transcendent Heaven.

When he arrived in front of Transcendent Immortal, Jiang Yan’s strength and ability had almost reached the same level as hers.

Instead of saying that the strike was a battle between Jiang Yan and the Transcendent Immortal, it was more like a battle between two Transcendent Immortals. They had the same strength and the same move, but Jiang Yan still failed to withstand a single strike.

Zhou Wen trembled as he watched. Jiang Yan’s battle was filled with the determination to die. He didn’t do it to defeat Transcendent Immortal, but to let Zhou Wen see the essence of her strength.

The power displayed by Transcendent Immortal was only superficial. It was difficult to see the true profundity from watching the battle.

Jiang Yan used the power and ability of Transcendent Immortal to clearly show the profundity within. This wasn’t a battle; it was more of an analysis.

Jiang Yan used his life to analyze the essence of the power of Transcendent Immortal.

After Zhou Wen finished watching, he didn’t say a word as he returned to his room. He summoned Demonic Neonate and the golden trident to guard the area outside and took out the Zone Core.

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