Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1781 - Divine Path Human Path

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Chapter 1781 Divine Path Human Path

As the Demon God Bloodline Catalog circulated, the purple Zone Core gradually fused into Zhou Wen’s body.

The Demon God Bloodline Catalog was a very bizarre cultivation technique that could simulate the power of any demon. This was very rare among all the cultivation techniques.

It was similar to Jiang Yan’s abilities, but it wasn’t as direct. Furthermore, there were more restrictions.

Not being direct and having many restrictions didn’t mean it was weak. In fact, having restrictions meant it had more possibilities. The Demon God Bloodline Catalog also had its advantages.


Zhou Wen felt a magical change happening inside his body. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the change was a complete transformation.

His blood boiled like magma, as though it wanted to melt his entire body.

Legend had it that when demons reached a certain realm, they would take human form. This process was known as ‘Taking Form.’ And now, Zhou Wen’s body’s transformation was similar. The entire structure of his body seemed to have changed.

Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t need to take human form. His body didn’t undergo any changes in appearance, but his body gained more possibilities.

Finally, a new Calamity Zone was formed. The Demon God Bloodline Catalog had successfully advanced to the Calamity grade.

Just as Zhou Wen was about to carefully take in the Demon God Bloodline Catalog that had advanced to the Calamity grade, his body suddenly underwent an even more intense change.

The Lost Immortal Sutra that had been silent all this while finally erupted again. As for the eight cultivation techniques that had condensed a Calamity Zone, they were like eight reservoirs that constantly provided the Lost Immortal Sutra with all sorts of energy.

No, to be precise, Lost Immortal Sutra was extracting energy.


An indescribable sense of comfort ran through Zhou Wen’s every nerve. It was as though he was about to ascend to immortality. The feeling was intoxicating.

If anyone saw Zhou Wen at that moment, they would probably be shocked.

Zhou Wen, who was sitting there, wasn’t surrounded by lightning, nor was there any colorful energy flowing. All he did was have his eyes open; they were glazed over as though he was in a trance.

His skin was slightly sweaty, but his cheeks were so pink that it made one’s heart tremble.

No matter how one looked at it, he looked like a young girl having a wet dream. There was even a hint of a seductive smile on his lips.

However, Zhou Wen didn’t feel as comfortable as he looked.

On the ravaged land, magma spewed out. A god stood high above the clouds as he looked down at the primitive land. His eyes were as indifferent as water, as though he wasn’t looking at the mortal world, but a lifeless desert.

“The Heavenly Path is my path, and this path is nature.”

A voice seemed to echo from the god’s body. As the god’s mood changed, the entire land changed.

All things grew and withered as the land underwent changes. The sea rose and fell as generations constantly replaced one another in the river of history.

It was an unimaginable divine power. A thought from a god resulted in change to all things.

Zhou Wen’s body was uncontrollably massaged by the divine power. One moment it was water, another moment it was stone, and another moment it was grass.

Just as Zhou Wen was feeling alarmed by the irresistible divine power, he saw the god in the sky turn into another. It was a god that resembled light and lightning. His face couldn’t be discerned, but he felt boundless divine power ripple out of him. The world turned dark.

“Let there be light.” His psyche fluctuated.

Hence, there was light in the dark world.

“Let there be trees.”

Hence, there were trees in the empty world.

“Let there be clouds.”

Clouds appeared in the empty sky.

Everything in the world appeared out of thin air with a thought. The originally dark and empty world gradually became colorful.

Gods constantly appeared up to a total of eight gods. Every god displayed unimaginable divine power. It was a power that mortals could only look up to, making Zhou Wen feel as tiny as an ant.

Zhou Wen had never seen those gods before, but he could tell from the divine power they emitted that they were the eight cultivation techniques he had cultivated.

However, the realm they displayed was far beyond what the present Zhou Wen could reach.

After the eight gods were displayed one by one, the world returned to the desolate scene of a flooded land. However, on the ravaged land, there was an additional weak human figure.

As Zhou Wen could only see the back, he couldn’t tell who it was. It looked like a girl as she seemed to be advancing with great effort. Every step she took was staggering as though she would collapse at any moment.

Step by step, the girl fell countless times. Finally, she failed to stand up in front of a lake.

As for her hand, it was still extended towards the lake. Even in death, she failed to fulfill her wish, even if all she wanted was a sip of water.

“Divine Path has no joy; Human Path is intrinsically sad.” A voice sounded beside Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen turned around and saw a woman standing beside him.

Although her face couldn’t be seen, Zhou Wen immediately knew who she was—the woman from the Sigh of the King.

Zhou Wen wanted to ask, but he couldn’t say a word.

“It’s time to make a choice, what will you choose: the Divine Path or the Human Path?” The woman didn’t look at Zhou Wen as she stared at the spot where the sky and ground met.

Eight gods appeared in the sky one by one, and the girl stood up again and continued forward. However, the lake in front of her had already vanished. Wherever she looked, there was nothing. It was just a dilapidated land that resembled the end of the world.

“Who… are you…” Zhou Wen asked again, but this time, he managed to voice it out.

The woman didn’t answer as she smiled. With a wave of her hand, the world shattered. The eight gods and the girl vanished, waking Zhou Wen from the dream-like world.

The power of the eight cultivation techniques had already been fused by the Lost Immortal Sutra. Zhou Wen suddenly realized that he was still problematic.

This was a critical period for condensing the Calamity Zone. The eight cultivation techniques were originally simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra, but Zhou Wen didn’t have the physique needed for the eight cultivation techniques.

At this stage, by fusing the power of the eight cultivation techniques with the Lost Immortal Sutra, he could truly possess the power of eight Calamity Zones at the same time.

Zhou Wen was already very familiar with these eight powers. At the same time, he could already see the future of the eight powers in the illusion.

Having eight Calamity Zones at the same time was something unreachable even for supreme existences in the dimension, much less a human.

However, retaining these eight powers also meant losing the chance of condensing a Calamity Zone that belonged to him.

Two paths-one was filled with light, while the other was filled with unknowns.

“Are you trying to tell me that you are my other path?” Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate as he circulated the Lost Immortal Sutra. The surging power instantly surged towards his brain as the Calamity Zone began to officially condense.

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