Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 37 - Vying for the Companion Egg

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Chapter 37: Vying for the Companion Egg

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Li Weiyang stopped inside a Companion Beast Arena with Zhou Wen. A few girls who had been waiting outside rushed over and began breaking out into a cacophony.

After listening for a while, Zhou Wen had a rough idea of what was happening.

Li Weiyang and the few girls were students of Sunset College. They were his future seniors.

These girls and another girl had entered a dimensional zone to slay dimensional creatures and were lucky enough to have a Mortal Companion Egg drop.

It was an Ancient War Steed Companion Egg. Furthermore, it had apparently dropped from a Mutated Ancient War Steed.

Mortal Companion Eggs were rare to begin with, so to have one drop was a really lucky event. Furthermore, it had dropped from a Mutated Ancient War Steed. This meant that its stats would be extremely high, making it priceless.

Companion Beasts of the same level varied drastically in terms of stats. Mortal Companion Beasts’ four main basic stats typically varied between 1–9. As for Legendary Companion Beasts, their basic stats varied between 10–18.

The importance of basic stats was obvious. The higher the stats, the more powerful their innate abilities were. After becoming a Companion Beast, the augmentation they provided their owners was boosted as well.

Mutated Ancient War Steeds were top-notch when it came to Strength and Speed at the Mortal stage; therefore, they definitely weren’t inferior in Companion Beast form. To be able to drop such a Companion Egg was definitely a great thing to happen.

However, the owner of the Companion Egg became the reason for the strife.

As a team, they should have split the spoils of war equally, but the girl who had obtained the Mutated Ancient War Steed Companion Egg claimed that she was the one responsible for killing the Mutated Ancient War Steed and digging out the Companion Egg. Therefore, she should have sole possession of it.

The other girls naturally disagreed. However, the girl, Su Mei, forcefully snatched the Companion Egg thanks to her boyfriend being quite a force to be reckoned with in school. She didn’t even intend to provide any compensation.

The girls were infuriated and as one of them had a close relationship with Li Weiyang, she got her to stand up for them.

After Li Weiyang had heard of the ins and outs, she originally intended to mediate the situation and get both parties to compromise. Su Mei could take the Companion Egg, but she needed to compensate the rest.

But to her surprise, Su Mei wouldn’t compromise at all thanks to her boyfriend’s standing. The situation became worse as both sides decided to battle at the Companion Beast Arena. The winner would then be able to take the Mutated Ancient War Steed away.

Su Mei’s boyfriend was a senior student at Sunset College named Gao Yang. Li Weiyang also knew him and how strong he was. Therefore, she wanted Li Xuan here and have him bring more people to stand by them in the event Gao Yang went back on his word after losing.

But to her dismay, she wasn’t able to get Li Xuan on the phone. Unable to find him at home, all she could do was bring Zhou Wen along.

“Sis Weiyang, what do we do without Li Xuan being here?” The girls wore a look of worry.

Although Li Xuan had just been admitted into Sunset College, his infamy as a prodigal son of the Li family was well known in all of Luoyang. The girls were no exception.

Furthermore, they had often seen Li Xuan visiting Li Weiyang.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’m around?” Li Weiyang said.

“But Su Mei’s boyfriend, Gao Yang, is a fourth-year senior. I heard that he’s very…” a girl said, trembling.

“So what if he’s a fourth-year? He’s still at the Mortal stage. I have confidence in beating him and getting back the Companion Egg,” Li Weiyang said.

Zhou Wen found it odd. Since Li Weiyang was Li Xuan’s sister, it meant that she was the eldest daughter of the Li family. Why wasn’t she able to settle such a trivial matter, to the point of having to settle it with a battle at the Companion Beast Arena?

He was automatically ignored by the girls because although he had a good build, he looked pale due to his loss of blood. He looked sickly and looked incapable of fighting.

After entering the arena, they came to a ring. From afar, there was a group of young men and women. Not only were their numbers far greater than Li Weiyang’s side, but they were also mostly stoutly men.

Leading them was a tall and handsome man who was hugging a girl’s waist by the side of the spectator stand. Upon seeing Li Weiyang walk over, he said with a laugh, “Li Weiyang, you actually have the guts to come?”

“Why not? Defeating you won’t be difficult. I’ll definitely get back the Companion Egg,” Li Weiyang said.

“I’ve heard of your capability, but you are no way my match. Besides, I’m a fourth-year senior. It’s really not nice bullying a junior like you,” Gao Yang said with narrowed eyes.

“Gao Yang, what are you getting at?” Li Weiyang had an ominous feeling.

“I never bully others, so I’ve deliberately found a second-year junior like the rest of you. As long as anyone of you can defeat him, I’ll return the Companion Egg on a golden plate. Of course, it needs to be a student at Sunset College. Outsiders don’t count,” Gao Yang said as he clapped his hands.

On a seat on the spectator stand behind Gao Yang, a figure stood up.

“Gu Dian!” When Li Weiyang and the other girls saw the figure, the color in their faces drained. The more timid one nearly burst into tears out of fear.

Zhou Wen was also alarmed as he stood by the side and sized up the man.

He had never seen a person look this fierce all his life.

Ugly and fierce-looking were two completely different concepts. This person didn’t look ugly, but he exuded vibes like a devil that left one shuddering. Timid people would probably be frightened to death if they met him in the middle of the night.

Zhou Wen never believed that looks alone could frighten someone to death. However, Gu Dian really left chills running through one’s heart, making one not dare look at him straight.

“Gao Yang, how despicable of you. You actually got Gu Dian to represent you. How much of a sore loser are you?” Li Weiyang said with an ugly expression.

Although she was very confident in her strength, Gu Dian was no ordinary student.

Gu Dian was nicknamed The Devil at school. Not only was it because of his muscular body, that stood more than two meters tall, or his fierce, devilish looks, but that he had unfathomable strength. His abnormal strength made him nearly invincible among those at the Mortal stage.

Gu Dian was probably the first and only person to beat up a senior on the first day he was admitted into Sunset College.

Although Li Weiyang had never fought Gu Dian, the latter had once pummeled a fourth-year senior whose strength almost equaled her with a few punches. Li Weiyang knew that her chances of victory against Gu Dian weren’t high.

Su Mei, who remained leaning on Gao Yang, mocked, “Li Weiyang, there’s something wrong with what you say. Gao Yang got a second-year because he just doesn’t want to bully a junior like you. So how can you say something like that? Besides, didn’t we already agree that the battle shouldn’t involve any outsiders? Only students from our school can participate in the battle. Isn’t Gu Dian a student of our Sunset College? If you think your strength is lacking, you are free to get help. We aren’t stopping you.”

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