Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 64 - Invitation

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Chapter 64 Invitation

“Okay,” Zhou Wen said with a nod.

Since he hadn’t suffered any losses the last time, as they were borne by Gao Yang and Su Mei, there was naturally nothing that was irreconcilable.

Gao Yang was very happy when he heard that. He pushed the door open and entered the yard, speaking as he walked. “I came here today for one other matter. Let me do the introduction. These three are students at our school. They are also your seniors. This is Hui Haifeng. You just matriculated, so you might not have heard his name. However, you’ll definitely learn of his name once you familiarize yourself with the campus.”

“Zhou Wen, hello there.” Hui Haifeng reached out his palm in a friendly manner.

“Hello. I’m gaming, so just get straight to the point.” Zhou Wen was controlling the blood-colored avatar to battle in the Ant Nest. There were Vigor Ants everywhere swarming around him. He couldn’t divert his attention to shake hands with Hui Haifeng, so it wasn’t because of any disrespect.

Gao Yang and the other two showed their displeasure, but Hui Haifeng thought nothing of it. He said with a smile, “I’ve watched the video of you and Li Xuan fighting the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus. It was truly impressive, your judgment and commanding left me surprised. It’s like you could predict the future. The only thing that’s a pity was that one of your teammates was problematic, preventing you from slaying the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus.”

With Zhou Wen not having the intention to answer him, Hui Haifeng continued, “I came here hoping to invite you to our team to kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus.”

“Not interested.” Zhou Wen was already rather familiar with the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus. He believed that it wouldn’t take long for him to slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus in-game, so there was no need for him to take any risks.

Gao Yang tried persuading him. “Zhou Wen, consider it. Hui Haifeng is a lot stronger than Li Xuan. These two are Legendary experts that rank in the top twenty in school. Killing the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus with them is almost guaranteed. There won’t be many risks and it can be said that there are only benefits to it.”

“Sorry, I’m really not interested.” Zhou Wen shook his head again.

He was doing his best grinding the Ant Nest dungeon, hoping to drop Companion Eggs to feed the Silver-Winged Flying Ant. For this reason, he wasn’t even visiting the lotus pond and chose to head to the Ant Nest where there were more dimensional creatures. He didn’t have the time to kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus with Hui Haifeng.

However, on second thought, Zhou Wen felt that what Xu Miantu said previously was right. In a place like Sunset College, showcasing one’s strength allowed one to gain more opportunities.

However, Zhou Wen didn’t need the opportunities as they would affect his gaming and become a distraction.

Gao Yang was slightly displeased. He thought differently of Zhou Wen only because Hui Haifeng appreciated Zhou Wen. He himself didn’t think Zhou Wen was that strong.

Hui Haifeng patted Gao Yang on the back, indicating him to swallow his words back. Then, he said to Zhou Wen, “Let’s do this. I’ll hire you to help us slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus. If you have any requests, raise it.”

Zhou Wen was just about to reject him and send them off so that he could game in peace when a thought flashed in his mind. He looked up and asked Hui Haifeng, “Any condition?”

“That will depend on whether it’s worth it,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile.

“You can hire me. But I want a Legendary Companion Egg.” Zhou Wen gave his condition immediately.

He had grinded an entire day at Ant Nest, killing countless Vigor Ants and only with good luck could a Companion Egg drop. Otherwise, nothing would drop, making it difficult for him to rear a Silver-Winged Flying Ant.

If he used a Legendary Companion Egg to feed the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, perhaps it could grow faster and no longer suffer from hunger that quickly.

Gao Yang wasn’t willing when he heard that. “Zhou Wen, aren’t you being exorbitant? We are killing a blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, so the chances of a Companion Egg dropping isn’t high. By wanting a Legendary Companion Egg, aren’t you being difficult?”

“That’s my price. If you want it cheaper, you are free to hire others,” Zhou Wen continued gaming as he said without looking up.

Gao Yang wasn’t done, but Hui Haifeng cut him off. “A Legendary Companion Egg, no problem. What kind do you want?”

“Any kind will do.” Since Zhou Wen was only using it as food, he didn’t have any special requests.

“Alright. I can give it to you tonight. Shall we head to the lotus pond tomorrow?” Hui Haifeng said without hesitation.

Zhou Wen finally looked up at Hui Haifeng and said, “Sure, I still have another request.”

“Zhou Wen, don’t push it,” Gao Yang said unhappily.

“No worries. Go ahead.” However, Hui Haifeng was unperturbed as though he didn’t care about it.

“If I am to go, everyone has to follow my commands. Before taking action, I also need to understand all the Companion Beasts you will use in detail. If you are also participating in the battle, I’ll also need to know your combat standards and Primordial Energy Skills”

“No problem,” Hui Haifeng replied immediately.

“Also, I will not join the battle myself like the last time. I’m only in charge of giving commands,” Zhou Wen added.

“It’s your commanding ability that caught my eye. I don’t need you to take risks,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile.

“Deal. When will you send my Legendary Companion Egg to me?” Zhou Wen lowered his head and continued gaming.

Hui Haifeng thought for a moment before giving a time. “Eight in the evening.”

After discussing the specifics, Hui Haifeng and Gao Yang left. On the way, Gao Yang said unhappily, “Haifeng, I really can’t tell how Zhou Wen is as important as you describe him to be? I’ve watched the video of his battle with the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus numerous times. We are already very clear about what needs to be done. With our strength, we should be able to kill it by ourselves. Why must we spend so much to hire him?”

Hui Haifeng shook his head slightly. “Seeing and doing are two completely different matters. Besides, we only saw a portion. We still have no idea what other capabilities the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus has.”

“We might not know, but neither will Zhou Wen. What use is he?” Gao Yang still couldn’t get his mind around it.

“I have a nagging feeling that Zhou Wen is somewhat different. Just treat it as buying some insurance,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile.

At eight that evening, someone sent a Legendary Companion Egg over. At the same time, a contract was included. Zhou Wen read through it and signed it after checking that it was fine. He then accepted the Legendary Companion Egg

Closing the door and returning to his cultivation room, Zhou Wen took out the Legendary Companion Egg from the box. At the same time, he summoned the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, hoping to see how it would eat a Companion Egg in real life.

Once the Silver-Winged Flying Ant saw the Companion Egg, it flew over and opened its huge mouth, biting onto the Egg and sucking at it. Soon, all that was left of the Companion Egg was its outer skin.

The next second, Zhou Wen saw a silver swirl around the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s body with a red hue within.

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