Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 78 - Demonized General

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Chapter 78 Demonized General

“Ms. Wang, you shouldn’t have used the test meant for the special admissions students of the previous two years on ordinary students, right?” Liu Zhengyan told Wang Fei inside the school office.

“These imps are filled with arrogance; if they aren’t taught a lesson, it might not be easy teaching them in the future. Mr. Liu, rest assured. I know what I’m doing,” Wang Fei said with great confidence.

Wang Fei naturally wouldn’t expel her students. She had prepared a strategy for killing the Demonized General. As long as these students worked hard to look up information on it, they would discover the strategy she had specially written.

By studying the strategy completely, it wasn’t difficult to slay the Demonized General within ten days.

The average student did research in school, but Zhou Wen was clearly an exception. Without doing any research, he and Li Xuan headed straight for the Tiger Cage Pass dimensional zone.

Tiger Cage Pass was similarly underground. After receiving a temporary pass from the school, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were able to enter it.

The pass had to be returned in ten days, so it wouldn’t be easy for them to enter Tiger Cage Pass again after that time.

It wasn’t that the school wasn’t willing to open Tiger Cage Pass to everyone, but it had too few resources available for all. Real life wasn’t a game where dimensional creatures would keep respawning after being killed. One had to wait for new dimensional creatures to come out of the dimensional rift, and this process was much slower than in-game respawning.

Therefore, dimensional zones like Tiger Cage Pass that were specially prepared for students were typically opened up to them for fixed periods of time to ensure that there would be sufficient dimensional creatures in it.

Outside Tiger Cage Pass, Zhou Wen discovered the familiar palm symbol, but it was a symbol with a tiger-headed gate.

Before entering, he used his mysterious phone to snap a picture of the palm symbol and indeed, he successfully downloaded the Tiger Cage Pass game dungeon.

Since he was here, he entered with Li Xuan to take a look. Several students from the same class had come as well. They too were here to take a look at Tiger Cage Pass’s situation.

In the underground ancient battlefield, Demonized Soldiers were wandering in groups. They wore ragged clothes and had blood-red eyes. Their dark skin suffused a metallic luster.

There were also different types of Demonized Soldiers. Most of them carried lances while others held knives and shields. A few of them had bows and arrows.

Most of the students were geniuses of their various high schools, so dealing with the typical Demonized Soldier wasn’t difficult. However, there were no signs of Demonized Generals anywhere in the vicinity.

“Shall we head in and find a Demonized General so that we can complete the test today?” Li Xuan asked with a smile.

“Another day perhaps. It’s best we head back and study the information regarding Tiger Cage Pass.” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to underestimate any dimensional zone. It was equivalent to dancing on the edge of a blade.

Although he now had the capability of killing Legendaries, Legendary creatures were varied in their abilities. No one could guarantee that nothing would go wrong.

“You’re just too careful. Without strength, we can just be over and done with by storming in,” Li Xuan said with a laugh.

Zhou Wen ignored him and headed out. After returning to his dorm, he first launched the school’s official page and looked up the information regarding Tiger Cage Pass.

Wang Fei had deliberately stuck to the strategy, so Zhou Wen naturally found it at a glance. When he loaded it, there was a detailed introduction to the strategy and how it could be used. As long as one cooperated well with one another, killing a Legendary Demonized General wasn’t difficult.

However, it had pointed out something—the Demonized Generals mentioned in the strategy were typical Demonized Generals. If one were to encounter a Demonized General with engraving on their helmets, one was to immediately stay away from them.

After studying the information available, Zhou Wen launched the game dungeon and entered Tiger Cage Pass.

The game’s graphics were nearly identical to Tiger Cage Pass, other than the fact that it was cartoonish. It didn’t look as bloody and terrifying

With Zhou Wen’s strength, killing ordinary Demonized Soldiers was easy. Even small groups of them didn’t pose any threat. He stormed his way and headed in the direction of Tiger Cage Pass’s gate.

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant slew the ordinary Demonized Soldiers as if it was dicing vegetables. This went on for kilometers until he suddenly saw a Demonized General rushing over on a Demon Horse.

The Demon Horse was entirely red in color. It looked like a cloud of flames and its speed was astonishing. It arrived in front of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant almost in the blink of an eye.

The Demonized General on the horse was abnormally stocky. It wore black armor and a helmet, and the weapon in its hand looked extremely odd. It looked like a spear, but the two sides of the spear tip had two crescent blades. It was more than three meters long and looked a little like the trident of the mythical Poseidon.

The raven-black spear suffused a red glow and although it was drawn in a cartoon style, it still gave one the feeling of ferocity and dominance.

Zhou Wen’s gaze swept across its helmet and saw a circular groove. Engraved in it was the word “Paper.”

Boom! The Demonized General raised its spear and thrust it at the Silver-Winged Flying Ant. Burning flames spewed out of the spear tip, making the strange spear appear like a flaming wyrm that swept towards the ant at blistering speed. Clearly, it was a Primordial Energy Skill.

Under Zhou Wen’s control, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant used Silver Wing Flash to dodge the Demonized General’s thrust. At the same time, it moved its stinger and shot out Magical Needle, aiming right at the Demonized General’s eyes.

“Roar!” The Demonized General let out a roar as its body produced fiery ripples that resembled lotus flower petals. It had surprisingly withstood Magical Needle as it threw the strange burning spear right at the Silver-Winged Flying Ant in midair.

Zhou Wen hurriedly made the Silver-Winged Flying Ant fly higher, hoping to use the distance of height to prevent the attack from


The Silver-Winged Flying Ant flew to a height of more than ten meters, a height that Zhou Wen imagined the strange spear wouldn’t be able to reach.

But to his surprise, the Demon Horse, the Demonized General was riding, leaped up and jumped more than ten meters into the sky, instantly closing the distance between it and the ant. The strange spear in the Demonized General’s hand again swept at it like a fiery wyrm.

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant lived up to its name as King of Low Altitudes. As it flapped its four wings, it dodged the attack like a silver bolt of lightning. However, a shocking scene happened the next second.

The Demonized General aimed one hand at the Silver-Winged Flying Ant in midair and sucked at it. As though space was collapsing towards its palm, the Ant which was at least two meters away was pulled towards the Demonized General. No matter how hard it flapped its four wings, it was unable to escape the suction.


The strange spear cleaved down, immediately lopping off the motionless Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s head. Zhou Wen turned around and retreated, but the blood-colored avatar did not have enough strength to fend off a pinnacle Legendary creature.

Zhou Wen had ultimately retreated too late. Without even pursuing him, the Demonized General sat on the Demon Horse’s back and threw the strange spear over.

The flaming wyrm tore through the sky and without being able to dodge in time, the blood-colored avatar was pinned to the sandy ground in the battlefield. The screen went black.

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