Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 79 - Crazy Grinding

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Chapter 79 Crazy Grinding

How terrifying! Zhou Wen didn’t feel depressed. Instead, his eyes lit up as he felt pumped with excitement.

The stats of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant were already considered top-notch among Legendaries. Yet, it had been butchered by the Demonized General. Such a powerful existence made Zhou Wen eager to obtain it.

Be it the Demonized General Companion Beast or the Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill, they were both of extreme value. It was especially so for the skill that could pull the Silver-Winged Flying Ant over. It was practically godlike.

Without any hesitation, he dripped his blood to revive the blood-colored avatar. He then chose to head for Tiger Cage Pass immediately.

The typical Demonized Soldiers held little meaning to him. He stormed all the way in, leaving a wake of destruction behind him. Soon, he encountered the Demonized General who came riding on a horse.

However, this Demonized General was somewhat different from the one he had previously encountered. Although it wore the same black armor and helmet, there wasn’t any engraving on its helmet. Furthermore, it was riding a black horse and it was slightly shorter. The weapon it wielded was an ordinary spear.

Upon exchanging blows, Zhou Wen realized that this was the ordinary Demonized General as described in the school’s strategy. It was completely different from the word-engraved Demonized General he had seen.

Although an ordinary Demonized General was rather strong, it wasn’t the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s match. After about ten minutes of battle, it was slain and had dropped a Primordial Energy Crystal.

A 15-valued Primordial Energy Crystal didn’t help Zhou Wen break through his limits. Apart from his Constitution at 11, his other stats peaked at 10. He was unable to exceed the limit.

Zhou Wen continued controlling the blood-colored avatar as he stormed towards Tiger Cage Pass. The nearer he was to it, the more Demonized Soldiers there were. He did encounter two Demonized Generals, but they dropped nothing of note.

When the city gates of Tiger Cage Pass were in sight, Zhou Wen wanted to continue charging forward when he heard the twang of a bowstring. An arrow shot out from Tiger Cage Pass like a bolt of lightning, instantly killing the blood-colored avatar.

What the hell? Zhou Wen was able to hear the bowstring’s twang thanks to the Truth Listener earring, but he hadn’t managed to see who had shot the arrow, nor was he able to dodge it in time.

Such an outcome clearly didn’t satisfy him. He dripped his blood and entered the game again, but this time, he didn’t enter Tiger Cage Pass but first entered Ant Nest, Ancient Imperial City, and Underground Buddha City. After killing the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, Skeleton General, and Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus once, he headed for Tiger Cage Pass.

He failed to encounter a word-engraved Demonized General again and only encountered two ordinary ones. After killing them, he was killed on the spot by the arrow as he tried to approach Tiger Cage Pass. He still failed to identify who had killed the blood-colored avatar.

Without immediately entering the game, Zhou Wen headed online to check the school’s online database and studied in detail the information regarding Tiger Cage Pass.

There was plenty of information, but little regarding the word-engraved Demonized General. It was only mentioned that they were occasionally encountered outside Tiger Cage Pass and were very rare, with one not even appearing for a month or two.

Furthermore, there were many bigwigs who had their sights on word-engraved Demonized Generals. It was said that their Primordial Energy Skills were very valuable, but Zhou Wen didn’t manage to find any information regarding that.

As for what was inside Tiger Cage Pass, an Epic stage expert had once rushed in but ended up escaping with grievous injuries. To date, humanity hadn’t yet cleared the Tiger Cage Pass dimensional zone.

The area twenty-five hundred meters outside Tiger Cage Pass was considered a forbidden area. Typical students and teachers were forbidden from entry and they had only themselves to blame if an accident were to occur there.

Without finding the word-engraved Demonized Generals’ detailed information, Zhou Wen tried again. He dripped his blood again to revive himself in the bid of encountering one outside Tiger Cage Pass.

However, before heading to Tiger Cage Pass each time, he would kill the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, Skeleton General, and Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus. A Legendary Companion Egg did drop and ordinary Companion Eggs dropped as well. They were all given as food to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and Truth Listener.

Truth Listener also needed food, but it was picky. It only ate Companion Eggs and had no interest in incubated Companion Beasts. This made it different from the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.


For the next few days, Zhou Wen continued grinding crazily. After he slew a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus once more, a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus Crystal dropped-a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal.

This was even rarer than a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg. He had already had three of them drop, but the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal only had one drop.

I already have Blood Meditation. I hope it isn’t the same one this time. Zhou Wen carefully looked at the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal’s


Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus: Lotus Flower Buddha Body (Rank 9)

Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up as he didn’t hesitate to let the blood-colored avatar fuse with it.

Lotus Flower Buddha Body was the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus’s protective Primordial Energy Skill and furthermore, it was Rank 9. Zhou Wen couldn’t ask for more.

Thankfully, the Buddha-type Primordial Energy Skill was relatively mild. Although it was at the Legendary stage, it didn’t excessively burden Zhou Wen’s body. It allowed him to successfully obtain the Rank 9 Lotus Flower Buddha Body.

When Zhou Wen attempted to circulate it, faint blood patterns immediately suffused his skin. They covered his entire body with flower petals as though a Buddha’s aspect was hidden within.

Lotus Flower Buddha Body expended one Primordial Energy point every second, therefore, only allowing him to use it for ten seconds. This was under the condition that he didn’t use any other Primordial Energy Skills.

This Primordial Energy Skill is good in every way, but its expenditure is just too high, Zhou Wen thought with an insatiable desire.

He entered the game to try his newly mastered skill and realized that he had basically achieved invulnerability against the attacks of Demonized Soldiers at the same Mortal stage. His defensive strength was indeed pretty good.

It could also defend the attacks of ordinary Demonized Generals if they didn’t use Primordial Energy Skills. If they were to use one, the Lotus Flower Buddha Body wasn’t able to defend against it, but it still prevented him from being killed instantly.

Of course, this was under the condition that the ordinary Demonized Generals could hit the blood-colored avatar. In fact, with the silver wings formed by the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, ordinary Demonized Generals were incapable of touching the blood-colored avatar.

As for the arrow that shot out from Tiger Cage Pass, it was still able to penetrate his body. Lotus Flower Buddha Body’s defensive powers were like paper mache that didn’t show any obvious effects. Even Silver Wing Flash didn’t help him in dodging it.

The one shooting the arrow from Tiger Cage Pass is likely an Epic dimensional creature. Zhou Wen no longer dared to approach Tiger Cage Pass and only sought Demonized Generals in the periphery.

He grinded Tiger Cage Pass countless times, and one time, he encountered a red horse dash towards him shortly after he arrived near Tiger Cage Pass. The Demonized General riding on it was stocky and tall. Its strange spear, resembling Poseidon’s trident, was eye-catching. There was a word engraved on its helmet, making it the word-engraved Demonized General which Zhou Wen had been trying hard to find.

However, upon careful inspection, he was stunned. This was because the word engraved was different from the one he had previously seen.

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