Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 80 - Battling the Demonized General Again

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Chapter 80 Battling the Demonized General Again

The last time Zhou Wen saw the Demonized General, it had the word Paper engraved on the helmet. This time, it wasn’t Paper but Blade.

It was Paper and now it’s Blade. Don’t tell me the next one is Rock? Although he didn’t know why they differed, he still followed his plans. He fused the Mutated Skeleton Ant, Silver-Winged Flying Ant, and Truth Listener into the blood-colored avatar and prepared for a full-power skirmish.

Although the Demonized General was strong, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant wasn’t weak, especially when it came to Speed. It was definitely not weaker than any Legendary dimensional creature.

The Demonized General’s attack was identical to the one he previously encountered. The strange spear in its hand swept over with blazing flames, but Zhou Wen managed to dodge it by flying

He didn’t rejoice when he dodged the strange spear’s attack. He continued staring intently at the Demonized General’s left hand.

Indeed, after the spear missed, the Demonized General raised its left hand just as Zhou Wen had expected.

However, to his surprise, the Demonized General didn’t suck the blood-colored avatar over. Instead, it transformed its palm into a blade and waved it at it.

The faint red blade aura tore out like a thin thread, instantly cleaving the blood-colored avatar’s waist, an attack that even the silver wings were unable to dodge.

The blade aura flashed past the blood-colored avatar’s waist, slicing it into two. It then plummeted from the sky and the screen turned black

Zhou Wen was confused when he saw the black screen. The left-hand technique of Paper is suction, while Blade has a blade aura that’s as fast as lightning. If there’s Rock, would it be a powerful punch that strikes from afar?

He didn’t immediately revive the blood-colored avatar to try again. He carefully considered the battle and quickly realized that he was unlikely to defeat the Paper Demonized General with only the Silver-Winged Flying Ant. However, he had a chance of defeating the Blade Demonized General.

The suction force of the Paper Demonized General’s palm was something the Silver-Winged Flying Ant couldn’t avoid. However, the extremely fast Blade aura of the Blade Demonized General could be avoided if Silver-Winged Flying Ant was used properly. This also meant that Zhou Wen had the chance of killing a Blade Demonized General.

This was if the Silver-Winged Flying Ant fought alone. If it fused with the blood-colored avatar as a companion form, there was zero chance.

This was because, in its companion form, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was unable to use its talent skills. And since Zhou Wen hadn’t had the Silver-Winged Flying Ant Primordial Energy Skill drop, he wasn’t able to use such flight-capable skills. Therefore, he ended up losing his advantage after fusion.

Heavens, show your grace on me. Let me encounter a Blade Demonized General again. Zhou Wen entered the dungeon once more, but luck was clearly not on his side. After repeatedly grinding, he didn’t encounter any word-engraved Demonized General outside Tiger Cage Pass.

He spent several days in his dorm grinding without attending class. Li Xuan visited him a few times, hoping to invite him to complete the test at Tiger Cage Pass, but Zhou Wen would decline with some excuse.

Wang Fei constantly monitored her students in secret and discovered that most students had diligently done their research and formed teams to attempt slaying the Demonized General at Tiger Cage Pass.

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen were the only ones in class who didn’t do a thing. Excluding their first visit to Tiger Cage Pass, there had been no sight of them again.

n no

I can ignore Li Xuan, but what’s Zhou Wen doing? Why didn’t he head to Tiger Cage Pass to complete the mission? Wang Fei was rather curious about Zhou Wen.

She had a good relationship with Ouyang Lan and knew how proud and doting she was as a mother. Even a woman like Ouyang Lan had given Zhou Wen an extremely high appraisal and had even given the rights that should have been An Jing’s to Zhou Wen. This had piqued Wang Fei’s curiosity.

Zhou Wen had showcased impressive potential back in his participation in the slaying of the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, so this deepened her curiosity.

She wouldn’t have thought much about it if Zhou Wen had completed the mission at Tiger Cage Pass without any fuss, but there was nothing from him for several days. This just intrigued her even more.

Wang Fei clearly wasn’t a patient person. Since she was curious, she decided to visit Zhou Wen at his dorm to see what he was doing.

And in a room in a particular part of Luoyang City, Liz excitedly came to Qiao Siyuan with an arrest warrant. “Minister Qiao, the arrest warrant has been granted. Shall we take immediate action?”

Qiao Siyuan nodded slightly. “Take some men to Sunset College. However, don’t use the arrest warrant. Get the school to bring Zhou Wen over under the guise of getting him to aid in investigations. If he’s cooperative, bring him back. If not, you’ll have to use the warrant. Try not to garner the notice of too many people when you do it, especially the An family.”

“Minister, rest assured. I know what needs to be done. I’ll definitely bring Zhou Wen back,” Liz said confidently.

“Go then. Come back quickly. We don’t have much time. We have to get what we need to know before the An family sends someone, so it has to be fast,” Qiao Siyuan exhorted once more.

Liz obeyed the order and took men to Sunset College. Then, in the name of needing Zhou Wen to aid in investigations, she met the school’s managing vice-chancellor.

If they were ordinary police, they probably wouldn’t be able to meet the managing vice-chancellor. However, being in the Special Inspector Bureau allowed Liz a meeting.

In the League, the Special Inspector Bureau was feared and hated by everyone. Although the vice-chancellor didn’t wish to involve himself with Liz and company, he had no choice but to talk to them.

The entire League knew of many high-ranking officials that had their reputations ruined after entering the Special Inspector Bureau. If one was targeted by this bureau, severe loss or even death was certain.

“Chancellor, rest assured. We just wish to invite a few witnesses to provide us with some information. It won’t take too much of these students’ time,” Liz said with a smile.

There was a name list on the managing vice-chancellor’s desk, one with a total of six names. They were all Sunset College students, but five of them were just a ruse. Zhou Wen was the person she really wanted.

“Alright then.” The managing vice-chancellor didn’t wish to offend the Special Inspector Bureau because of such trivialities, so he got his secretary to summon the students on the list.

Zhou Wen was gaming in his dorm when he received the notice to head to the school’s administrative building. He had no idea why the chancellor was summoning him.

Knocking on the door and entering the office, he instantly saw Liz who was sitting there drinking tea. He immediately knew that things weren’t good, but he knew that escape was futile. All he could do was pretend to not recognize her and walk in calmly.

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