Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 85 - The An Family Has A Mine

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Chapter 85 The An Family Has A Mine

“Who gave you the guts to dare harm the students of Sunset College on its campus?” An Tianzuo asked Liz while sitting inside the car.

“Overseer, I’m Liz from the Special Investigation Bureau. I am under orders from Congress to arrest people related to Jing Daoxian…” Before Liz finished her sentence, she suddenly heard a bang.

She felt an intense pain and burning feeling coming from her left thigh. While crying out loud, she couldn’t help but fall to the ground on one knee as a bloody, gaping hole appeared on the side of her thigh. There were burn marks on her wound.

Besides the sedan car, a man in military uniform and white gloves holstered his pistol and said, “Answer whatever the Overseer asks, and nothing that he doesn’t ask.”

“How dare you fire at me? You…” Before Liz could finish her sentence, she heard another bang. A bullet had shot through her other leg, causing her to collapse to the ground with blood pooling around her.

“As the adjutant to the Overseer, I am obligated to remind you once more that you only need to answer the Overseer’s questions. If you say anything wrong or utter any unnecessary nonsense, the next thing to be crippled won’t be your legs,” the white-gloved man said gently with a smile.

If it wasn’t because he had crippled Liz’s two legs, anyone would have mistaken him for a kind man who couldn’t bear to kill even a mosquito.

However, Liz’s forehead was breaking out into a cold sweat. It wasn’t just a result of the excruciating pain in her legs, but more a chill that came from deep down in her bones.

Upon seeing the white-gloved man raise his gun again and aim it at her head, Liz snapped to her senses and, ignoring the pain in her legs, shouted, “It was Minister Qiao Siyuan who sent me.”

At this moment, she had forgotten the status that she had always been proud of and her family’s standing in the League. She only knew that if she didn’t immediately answer the question, the seemingly harmless man would immediately blow her brains out.

Liz didn’t hesitate that the bullets within the gun had such might. Typical bullets could hardly injure her, but that didn’t include bullets made of Primordial Gold.

Very few materials could damage dimensional creatures on Earth, but Primordial Gold was one of them. And the An family controlled the biggest Primordial Gold mine in the League. The reserves it had covered more than 70% of the entire Earth League’s reserves. Wealthy tycoons who could extravagantly use Primordial Gold in bullets weren’t unheard of, but the An family was probably the only one to actually issue them to one’s troops.

“Call Qiao Siyuan,” An Tianzuo said mildly again, but it was a tone that didn’t permit any doubt.

The white-gloved adjutant handed a phone to Liz.

Liz didn’t hesitate and reached out to call Qiao Siyuan.

Qiao Siyuan was feeling uneasy, having a nagging feeling that something was about to happen. Just as he was frowning in thought, he heard his phone ring.

It was an unknown number. Seemingly realizing something, he picked up the call and said, “I’m Qiao Siyuan. Who’s this?”

“I’m giving you five minutes. If I do not see you, all those who dared cross Sunset College will be executed by firing squad.” A male voice with a magnetic charm sounded from the phone.

“H… Hello…” Qiao Siyuan broke out into a cold sweat. He wanted to say something, but the phone emitted a loud beep, an indication that the call had already been disconnected.

What has Liz done? I clearly told her to be quick and bring Zhou Wen back before the An family arrived. Now, even An Tianzuo is there. Qiao Siyuan immediately felt his head ache, but he didn’t hesitate. He didn’t even put on the coat on his chair, he rushed straight out of the office, heading for Sunset College.

He was long aware of An Tianzuo’s style of doing things, but he never expected him to be so domineering to even dare execute a Senator’s daughter.

The League’s Congress was split into the Senate and the House. They were all representatives of the various areas of the League and were voted in by the citizens of each jurisdiction.

The Senate was different. There were perpetually six Senators, with only people from six families qualified to have a seat. They were the families of the Six League Heroes.

The Senate had veto rights for any bills the House proposed. It could be said that the entire League’s government was in fact controlled by these six families.

Every League President was also selected from one of the six families.

And the Special Investigation Bureau that Qiao Siyuan was from came directly under the Senate. Under the insistence of the Senate, agencies like the Special Investigation Bureau, which were hated by all, continued their existence in the League.

Liz wasn’t considered a smart woman, and her work ethic had never left Qiao Siyuan assured. However, as she was a daughter of a Senator, he had no choice but to keep her by his side.

If Liz was really executed by An Tianzuo, Qiao Siyuan didn’t dare imagine what the outcome would be. He didn’t know if An Tianzuo would die as a result, but he knew that his death was a certainty. There was no question about it.

Outside Sunset College, the nearby road had been sealed off by the soldiers. The students and passersby didn’t know what was happening and could only circle around it.

“How long has it been?” An Tianzuo looked at the sky outside and asked casually.

“4:43,” the adjutant looked at his watch and politely replied.

An Tianzuo didn’t say a word as he waved his hand. Immediately, a row of soldiers raised their rifles, aiming their black muzzles at the back of Liz’s and other officers’ heads.

Liz was trembling. She had never felt this afraid before because she could tell that An Tianzuo really had no scruples about killing her.

She really wished to say that she was a Senator’s daughter and declare her identity, but she was afraid that the moment she spoke, the seemingly harmless and perpetually smiling adjutant would blow her brains out.

“Overseer, it’s time,” the adjutant turned and politely said to An Tianzuo after looking at his watch.

“Then, proceed with the execution,” An Tianzuo said indifferently.

“Overseer Sir, please wait.” A voice suddenly sounded from the sky as a figure flapped two wings and rushed down from the sky.

The person who landed on the ground with his clothes soaked in sweat was none other than Qiao Siyuan. He had rushed over at such speed that he nearly had a heart attack. Thankfully, he had arrived just in time.

Upon seeing Liz’s crippled legs, Qiao Siyuan’s heart was filled with agony.

“You’re Qiao Siyuan?” Although An Tianzuo sat in the car, making his eye level much lower than Qiao Siyuan’s, the way he looked at him was as though he was looking from high above.

Qiao Siyuan walked to the car and said politely, “I’m Qiao Siyuan from the Special Investigation Bureau, Overseer Sir. Can we have a private chat?”

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