Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 86 - Heaven is on the Right

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Chapter 86 Heaven is on the Right

“There’s nothing that needs to be hidden. Just say it straight,” An Tianzuo said indifferently, without looking at Qiao Siyuan.

Qiao Siyuan’s heart skipped a bit, aware that there was likely no way of conciliating the matter today.

“Overseer, Liz and the rest were just acting under orders from our people higher-up. This matter has nothing to do with them. Can they be sent to the hospital?” Qiao Siyuan drew a deep breath and said.

“Who are the people higher-up,” An Tianzuo continued asking with the same expression.

“Overseer, you should have heard of Jing Daoxian, right?”

“The League’s vilest criminal.”

Qiao Siyuan continued, “Jing Daoxian slaughtered many high-ranking members of the League at the League government office. It halved our League’s strongest combat strength and set back our overall strength by ten years. The Senate has always placed the utmost importance on Jing Daoxian. Over the years, the League has been trying all means to pursue him. Our Special Investigation Bureau has also been putting in great efforts towards this cause. Just a few days ago, we discovered that Jing Daoxian had interacted with Zhou Wen.”

“Oh, so are you implying that Zhou Wen is in cahoots with Jing Daoxian?” An Tianzuo shot Qiao Siyuan a look.

Qiao Siyuan shook his head and said, “We are still unable to confirm if they are in cahoots; therefore, we wanted to invite Zhou Wen back to assist in our investigations. Overseer, you are of noble birth, but the responsibilities you bear are unimaginable to the typical person. It’s not easy for you nor the An family. Why should you burden yourself with nagging tongues because of a huge problem like Jing Daoxian? Besides, didn’t you once criticize Zhou Wen and say that there was a problem with him?”

“So are you saying I should thank you?” An Tianzuo asked.

“Not at all. Overseer, I’ll just be extremely grateful if you can understand where we are coming from.” Qiao Siyuan felt more and more uneasy as he forced a smile.

An Tianzuo looked at Qiao Siyuan with a faint smile. “I did criticize Zhou Wen and I do find him a sore sight. But how I criticize or bully him is down to my whims, did I say that any Tom, Dick, and Harry could bully him?”

Qiao Siyuan’s expression instantly changed. He forced a smile and said, “Overseer, you’re absolutely right. We’ll definitely change for the better. We will definitely inform you of any operations that involve the An family in the future.”

“Not a bad attitude. Alright, I’m not an unreasonable person. Since you have said this much, I’ll spare their lives,” An Tianzuo said.

“Thank you, Overseer. I’m truly grateful. Feel free to issue me orders if there’s anything you need of me,” Qiao Siyuan quickly said.

“They can be spared from death, but not punishment. Otherwise, wouldn’t any Tom, Dick, and Harry come to Luoyang to do as they please? Are the League’s laws to be flouted?” An Tianzuo spoke another sentence, one that was completely different from the previous one.

Qiao Siyuan long knew that An Tianzuo wouldn’t let this matter rest easily as he grumbled inwardly, You are the one who’s best at flouting the League’s laws.

“You can take them back with you, but cripple them of their cultivation to prevent them from using it to run amok,” An Tianzuo said casually.

Liz was horrified when she heard that as she yelled crazily, “No… No… You can’t cripple me of my cultivation…”

Qiao Siyuan’s expression changed drastically as he said through gritted teeth, “They were just obeying orders and there’s nothing wrong with that. Overseer, if you were to punish them, what does this make of the Senate? You should also know the League’s present situation. The President and the Senators have spared no effort dealing with matters regarding Jing Daoxian. If you were to implicate yourself in this matter, wouldn’t it give a great opportunity to those people who are watching you and eyeing the An family’s Primordial Gold mine? Liz’s father is Senator Cape. If you give Liz a chance, Senator Cape and the entire Cape family will be very grateful. In the future, he will definitely help the An family at congressional meetings. A thought separates heaven from hell. Overseer Sir, you must think about it carefully.”

An Tianzuo looked at Qiao Siyuan in contempt and said, “Qiao Siyuan, do you know why my name is An Tianzuo?”.

“I’m afraid not. Please tell me, I’m all ears.”

“As the saying goes Heaven[1] is on the right, and Hell is on the left. And I incline towards the left[2],” An Tianzuo said indifferently.


Liz let out a painful cry as the adjutant drew an exquisite knife, stabbing into her Primordial Energy sea. Blood stained the hand holding the knife, turning the white gloves red.

“Remember, Luoyang belongs to the An family.” An Tianzuo looked forward as his car windows wound up, slowly hiding his face.

At this moment, Zhou Wen was hurriedly sneaking out of Sunset College via the back door. Li Xuan had given him two suggestions. One was to head to the An family to seek their help in settling this matter. The second suggestion was to immediately hide in unknown dimensional zones, never to appear again.

Zhou Wen never wanted to have any relationship with the An family; therefore, he decided to flee into the dimensional zones. With the mysterious phone, unknown dimensional zones weren’t too dangerous for him.

He planned on escaping to the nearest, Dragon Gate Grotto. There were many dimensional zones in its vicinity that humans had yet to explore to date.

However, just as he left Sunset College’s back door, he saw a young, refined-looking military officer standing there in a military uniform and white gloves.

“Young Master Wen, Madam has gotten Overseer to take you home for dinner.” As the young officer smiled, he revealed two rows of neat, white teeth, emitting a warm, comforting glow like the sun in spring.

When Zhou Wen sat inside the car, beside him was the person whose name he knew but had never met before-An Tianzuo.

They had never met and had no ties in the past. But now, there was a particular relationship between them, making the mood rather delicate.

“You must hate me, right?” An Tianzuo suddenly asked.

Zhou Wen never expected him to say this. However, he wasn’t someone with a high EQ, so he replied, “I wouldn’t call it hate, but I definitely ain’t fond of you.”

“Very good. This is what I want to say to you. I have never believed that you have the qualifications to replace Little Jing. It has been that way in the past, the present, and will be so in the future,” An Tianzuo’s gaze was peeled to the front as he spoke without expression.

“You are talking about An Jing? How did I replace her?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

An Tianzuo didn’t reply but said indifferently, “I really don’t understand why my mom believes you are better than Little Jing. A man who only knows how to escape reality when encountering something doesn’t have the right to be called a man, much less be better than Little Jing.”

“I think you should visit a doctor and check if you have a screw loose in the head.” Zhou Wen felt that An Tianzuo was definitely crazy as he spoke in a completely baffling manner.

The adjutant, who was driving the car, couldn’t help but twitch when he heard Zhou Wen.

(1) Tian in An Tianzuo’s name can be interpreted as heaven.

[2] Zuo in An Tianzuo’s name is a homophone to left.

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