Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 88 - Entering Tiger Cage Pass Again

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Chapter 88 Entering Tiger Cage Pass Again

“Why didn’t you give the nomination to An Tianzuo?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought.

Ouyang Lan said with a smile, “Because he’s too strong. It’s useless sending him.”

Zhou Wen didn’t understand what Ouyang Lan meant. However, he had a general idea. Perhaps the obtaining of a special condition limited one’s evolutionary level.

“Why did you give me the nomination?” Zhou Wen wasn’t silly enough to believe that this nomination would be for nothing.

Even if An Tianzuo and An Jing couldn’t do it, the An family could use this nomination to exchange for immense benefits. Many famous and noble families would be very interested in this nomination spot.

Taking ten thousand steps back, the An family could always give the spot to another collateral relative. It was a big family clan, so it would be easy for it to find someone suitable.

Ouyang Lan looked at Zhou Wen and said, “Little Wen, whether you believe it or not, since I’ve married Lingfeng, we should accept each other’s children. I’ll treat you as my own child. Of course, Tianzuo and Little Jing are my children, so my feelings for them go far deeper than yours. If all three of you were to encounter danger together, I’d definitely prioritize saving them. But other than that, I’ll do my best as a mother.”

“There’s no need for you to do that.” Zhou Wen was actually quite fond of Ouyang Lan’s style.

She said, “You don’t have to feel psychologically burdened. This is just a thought of mine that I won’t force on you. If you wish, this family’s door is forever open to you. If you aren’t willing, I won’t get others to disturb you. Everything is up to you to choose.”

“Do you really believe that I can obtain the special physique?” Zhou Wen still found it inexplicable why Ouyang Lan was so confident in him.

Even someone as outstanding as An Jing wouldn’t have absolute confidence, and with Zhou Wen not yet having advanced to the Legendary stage, he was far inferior to An Jing to others.

Ouyang Lan smiled as she raised her phone and opened the Photos app. She opened up a photo that had a refined, bespectacled old man on it.

“Do you know him?” Ouyang Lan pointed at the elderly man in the photo and asked.

“He’s the former principal…” Zhou Wen said in surprise. Back in Guide High School, he had been very taken care of by the former principal.

As Zhou Wen spent most of his time living alone, he seldom returned home when he was in high school. He even spent the weekends arduously cultivating.

Whilst doing this, he would often encounter the former principal. Over time, they built up quite a relationship. The former principal had even invited him over to his place for meals.

Later, the former principal had to retire early due to his ailing physique. Back when he left, Zhou Wen had planned on sending him off, but the former principal refused. He claimed that he hated such scenes the most.

Ever since then, Zhou Wen never met him-it had almost been a year.

“It was he who told me that you’re excellent, far better than Little Jing. Although I’m not fully in agreement with that, you must be excellent since he says so,” Ouyang Lan said with a smile.

“What’s your relationship with the former principal?” Zhou Wen looked at Ouyang Lan and asked politely.

“He…” Ouyang Lan blinked craftily before saying, “is my father.”

“Ah!” Zhou Wen widened his eyes as he looked at the photo and back at Ouyang Lan. They did share some resemblances.

After Zhou Wen returned to the school’s dormitory, he still found it incredible. The woman his father had married happened to be the former principal’s daughter.

Ouyang Lan told him not to worry further. The Special Inspection Bureau wouldn’t find fault with him in the future under the premise that he didn’t leave Luoyang.

She also told Zhou Wen that he could attempt cultivating the Sun Strafe Art that An Jing gave him.

The Sun Strafe Art also came from a mysterious land; however, it had been modified to a simplified version that could be cultivated even without special physiques. In fact, the famous Primordial Energy Arts, like the Invincible Connate Divine Art, all had similar origins.

However, the simplified versions were inferior to the original versions. They lacked the capability of obtaining Mythical Companion Beasts.

Although the simplified versions were a lot weaker than the original versions, they were still far stronger than the typical Primordial Energy Art. Ouyang Lan hoped that Zhou Wen could master the Sun Strafe Art to increase his chances when he vied for the special physique and Mythical Companion Beasts.

Even if he wasn’t concerned about these two factors, cultivating such a high-level Primordial Energy Art only brought benefits.

Zhou Wen didn’t make his decision on whether he would be vying for the special physique, but he did plan on taking a look at the Sun Strafe Art.

It wasn’t that he didn’t wish to cultivate the Sun Strafe Art, but since the Primordial Energy Art came from lands of mystery like the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, Zhou Wen wished to know if the Lost Immortal Sutra had any effect on these Primordial Energy Arts.

Having had the USB drive in his possession for so long, this was the first time he was seriously reading the contents. The Sun Strafe Art was indeed a high-level Primordial Energy Art, far greater than Ascetic Meditation.

After reading the entire Sun Strafe Art, nothing happened to the Lost Immortal Sutra in him. It wasn’t like when he had read the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra in which the Lost Immortal Sutra would automatically switch to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra’s circulation method.

Could it be that I need to see the original scriptures for it to be of use? Zhou Wen guessed inwardly.

Zhou Wen put away the USB drive and was about to use his phone to grind the Tiger Cage Pass dungeon when Li Xuan came to him.

“The An family has settled the problem for you. The Special Inspection Bureau won’t dare come again. You can rest easy now. Isn’t it about time we complete the test mission Counselor Wang gave us?” Li Xuan said with a grin.

“Alright,” after some thought, Zhou Wen agreed. After all, they didn’t have much time left. It wasn’t a bad idea to complete the test mission now.

Although Wang Fei had said that they could kill the Demonized General in a team of four, Li Xuan and Zhou Wen had no intention of recruiting others. Just the two of them were good enough.

Sunset College was so large that news of yesterday’s ongoings on hadn’t spread to the others. Those who knew Zhou Wen and what had happened were even fewer. Amongst those students, they didn’t react differently when they saw Zhou Wen either.

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were walking towards Tiger Cage Pass when they suddenly heard a commotion up ahead. Then, they saw many students running back.

A few of them were running and shouting, “Run! There’s a word-engraved Demonized General ahead. It’s rushing over here.”

As the strategy had specially mentioned that even Legendary stage experts were not necessarily able to defeat word-engraved Demonized Generals, none of the freshmen dared to take risks. All of them fled for the Tiger Cage Pass dimensional zone’s exit.

“We sure have bad luck. To think that a word-engraved Demonized General would appear. Let’s head back now and wait until the school eliminates it before coming back.” Although Li Xuan was arrogant, he knew where to draw the line.

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