Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 89 - Blade Demonized General

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Chapter 89 Blade Demonized General

Zhou Wen naturally didn’t mind. Word-engraved Demonized Generals were extremely powerful, pinnacle existences among Legendaries. He was only confident of killing Blade Demonized Generals among the word-engraved Demonized Generals. If he were to encounter a Paper Demonized General, death was certain, so there was no need for him to take the risk.

Just as the two were prepared to leave, they saw the stocky Demonized General riding over on a red horse with spear in hand. A few female students were too close to it and were about to be caught up by it.

“Sis!” Li Xuan took a careful look and immediately, the color in his face drained. He summoned the Jade-Eyed White Tiger and rushed over against the escaping crowd.

Zhou Wen also saw Li Weiyang among the students being pursued by the Demonized General. However, he did not rush over immediately. He was too far away and couldn’t see clearly what the engraved word on the head was.

If it was Blade, he was confident that he could help Li Xuan rescue Li Weiyang. It was even possible to kill it in passing and he might obtain something good.

However, if they had encountered a Paper Demonized General, Zhou Wen would only be sending himself to his death if he rushed over. It would be meaningless.

Li Weiyang had the Legendary Companion Beasts, Black Knight and Jade-Eyed White Tiger. Even if they weren’t a match for the Paper Demonized General, they were enough to rescue Li Weiyang by sacrificing them.

“Isn’t Li Xuan your friend? Why aren’t you going to help him?” Zhou Wen was trying to make out the word engraved on the Demonized General’s helmet when he heard a familiar voice.

He turned around and saw An Jing standing beside him with a deadpan expression. She had walked over at some point in time.

Her tone had a clear hint of mockery. He glanced at her before ignoring her. He turned his head back to scrutinize the Demonized General’s helmet, trying hard to figure out what the word was.

Although Zhou Wen was quite fond of Ouyang Lan, it did not mean that he had a favorable impression of everyone in the An family. At the very least, he didn’t have a favorable impression of An Jing and An Tianzuo, so he didn’t want to have any interaction with them.

Zhou Wen wouldn’t vent his anger on Ouyang Lan because of the An siblings, but he wouldn’t extend his fondness to them just because of her.

An Jing didn’t say anything else. She also knew that it was unrealistic for a Mortal stage student to fight a word-engraved Demonized General. It wouldn’t be a heroic act but a suicide.

However, for some reason, An Jing just found Zhou Wen a sore sight. Even if he did the right thing, she just couldn’t help but poke fun at him.

Although she said that, An Jing’s eyes were peeled at the Demonized General. She was prepared to summon her Companion Beast to engage it in combat.

Firstly, it was because An Jing wouldn’t allow her fellow students to be killed by the Demonized General and secondly, the probability of a word-engraved Demonized General’s appearance was very low. Once it appeared, it became the target of the best students in school.

The Companion Beast and Primordial Energy Skill that the word-engraved Demonized General dropped were extremely rare and very useful.

The Companion Beast needed no explanation. It was a Legendary Companion Beast with exceptional strength and could even be of certain use in battles with Epic creatures. It was a top-grade Legendary Companion Beast that was extremely rare.

The word-engraved Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill was also very useful. The Paper Demonized General’s Astral Suction Palm, the Blade Demonized General’s Astral Slash Blade, and the Fist Demonized General’s Astral Fist were all rare top-grade Primordial Energy Skills among Legendary ones.

Astral Suction Palm could suck things across space. Astral Slash Blade had a blade beam that was as fast as lightning. Astral Fist’s explosive might was unparalleled. All of them were Primordial Energy Skills that Legendary experts yearned for.

Unfortunately, there were too few word-engraved Demonized Generals. The drop rate of Companion Beasts and Primordial Energy Skill crystals were just too low. It had been years since the discovery of the Tiger Cage Pass dimensional zone, but the number of people with word-engraved Demonized General Companion Beasts and Primordial Energy Skills was few in number.

Inside Sunset College, if one could possess a word-engraved Demonized General Companion Beast, or possess a word-engraved Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill, they would be envied by everyone.

It was easy for An Jing to get Companion Beasts and Primordial Energy Skills, but to obtain a word-engraved Demonized General Companion Beast wasn’t an easy endeavor. There were just too few of them and there was practically none on the market for sale.

Furthermore, a Companion Beast that dropped from one’s kill gave one a better sense of achievement than buying one.

Just as An Jing was prepared to take action, she saw Zhou Wen suddenly dash forward like a released arrow as he headed straight for the word-engraved Demonized General.

An Jing was taken aback as she hurriedly rushed over.

Although she found Zhou Wen a sore sight, she didn’t wish to see him die here.

She believed that she could easily catch up to him since she was already at the Legendary stage while he was only at the Mortal stage.

However, shortly after she chased him, she saw Zhou Wen with four translucent silver wings behind his back. Instantly, his speed was elevated significantly and was in no way inferior to a Legendary. He was even faster and prevented An Jing from catching up to him.

A Legendary Companion Beast? An Jing was puzzled. Zhou Wen was only at the Mortal stage which usually meant the impossibility of incubating a Legendary Companion Beast unless Zhou Wen cultivated in Primordial Energy Arts like the Invincible Connate Divine Art.

However, An Jing knew him pretty well. She knew that he only cultivated in Ascetic Meditation which made it impossible for him to incubate a Legendary Companion Beast at the Mortal stage.

Furthermore, she had never seen the Companion Beast he was using. This was quite astonishing to her, considering her background as a member of the illustrious An family.

Even if he has a pinnacle Legendary Companion Beast, it’s impossible to fend against a word-engraved Demonized General. An Jing knew how powerful they were, so she didn’t stop and continued rushing forward.

However, she didn’t plan on overtaking him this time. She wanted to know how strong Zhou Wen currently was. She could take action when he was in danger.

Zhou Wen didn’t think too much. The moment he saw that the Demonized General’s helmet was a Blade, he had rushed forward.

Since he had the ability to help, there was no reason for him to idly stand by. Furthermore, word-engraved Demonized Generals had a low probability of spawning even in-game. Zhou Wen was already hoping to find a Blade Demonized General, so encountering one here was a boon.

Just as Li Xuan had said, he had summoned the Jade-Eyed White Tiger and Black Knight to stop the Demonized General, protecting Li Weiyang and the other girls as they retreated.

The Black Knight rushed right in front of the Demonized General and slammed forward by relying on its heavy armor.


The Demonized General’s strange spear thrust out powerfully with roaring flames, stabbing the Black Knight’s helmet right into the breastplate. Half of the Black Knight’s body was slammed into the ground like a wooden column.

Meanwhile, the Jade-Eyed White Tiger had leaped up, flashing its claws at the Demonized General’s neck. However, before it arrived in front of the Demonized General, the left hand slashed out with a faint, thin blade beam, splitting the Jade-Eyed White Tiger into two.

Li Xuan felt his heart ache. Although Legendary Companion Beasts weren’t much to him, the Jade-Eyed White Tiger was quite a rare Legendary Companion Beast, so finding a second one wasn’t going to be easy.

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