Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 94 - Unwinding Monument

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Chapter 94 Unwinding Monument

Wang Fei clearly didn’t plan on giving up just like that. Regardless of her being a counselor or Ouyang Lan’s good friend, she believed that she had the obligation to rescue Zhou Wen who was a gaming addict who had excellent talent.

Since you have no intention of improving yourself, I’ll make you realize the importance with the help of external forces. Wang Fei’s eyes darted about as she came up with an idea.

However, her idea couldn’t be carried out immediately. She needed to wait for the Demonized General slaying mission to end before she could use a new homework mission and force Zhou Wen to face the difficulty.

In the next homework mission, it appears I need to get that little fellow to make a trip to Jingshi Mountain. Wang Fei’s eyes flickered with excitement.

Jingshi Mountain was also known as Mount Laojun. It was the main peak in the of the Funiu Mountain Range that spanned 400 kilometers. Legend had it that this was the place the founder of Daoism, Li Er, had hidden himself. Although the legend’s veracity couldn’t be confirmed, Mount Laojun also became a dimensional storms zone after the dimensional storms. Furthermore, it became rather strange.

The other dimensional zones were fraught with danger with dimensional creatures extremely ferocious. However, Mount Laojun’s dimensional creatures wouldn’t attack humans without reason. They almost never injured anyone.

Mount Laojun’s Golden Peak had many Daoist temples, but to date, no one had been able to conquer the Golden Peak.

Beneath the Golden Peak was a Wordless Monument. Although there were no words engraved on it, whoever viewed it would feel inspired and refreshed. They wouldn’t be frustrated by trivialities of the human world. Therefore, the Wordless Monument was named Unwinding Monument.

However, looking at Unwinding Monument for a while was good, but if one looked at it for too long, one’s mind would be so stimulated that not only couldn’t they sleep, they would even be in a hyperactive state, as though they had infinite energy and were eager to do something.

Some people who looked at Unwinding Monument for too long would begin boxing with all their might for three full days. Others would begin running until they were exhausted and unable to crawl.

In short, as long as one looked at the Unwinding Monument, they would become extremely inspired and diligent no matter how lazy they were.

The amount of time one looked at Unwinding Monument had to be controlled. If one were to stare at it for too long, they might die from overstimulation. It was something that had happened before.

Although Mount Laojun was in Luoyang, it wasn’t inside Sunset College. Therefore, Wang Fei planned on leading the class to Mount Laojun after the Demonized General homework mission was over.

Zhou Wen continued grinding in his form, but he wasn’t just mindlessly grinding.

He had planned on rushing into Ant City, Fire God Platform, and Tiger Cage Pass to see if there were any places similar to Small Buddha Temple. Unfortunately, he met with repeated failures.

Zhou Wen had a suspicion that the reason the Lost Immortal Sutra couldn’t advance him to Legendary had to do with his mastery of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra in Small Buddha Temple.

Due to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, Zhou Wen’s stat had broken through to 11 points while the other stats remained at 10.

Therefore, Zhou Wen believed that the Lost Immortal Sutra allowed him to master other Primordial Energy Arts and they also could perhaps raise his other stats to 11.

He didn’t know if the Lost Immortal Sutra had such a feature, nor did he know if he could advance to the Legendary stage when all his stats reached 11. However, it brought him some hope, far better than not having any clue at all.

It was a pity that Zhou Wen didn’t find any places similar to Small Buddha Temple. There was a monument above the Fire God Platform, but there were firebirds protecting it, preventing him from rushing up and seeing what the monument with the word “Imperial” engraved on it was.

Truth Listener is said to be a Mythical Companion Beast, so all its beginning stats are at 11. Perhaps the value 11 has some specialness. Zhou Wen thought about rushing to the Fire God Platform again, but before he could rush to its peak, he died under the ever-increasing horde of firebirds.

From the looks of it, I need to obtain a Primordial Energy Art that imbues alacrity. It’s impossible to reach the top of Fire God Platform by simply relying on the Silver-Winged Flying Ant. Zhou Wen switched off the phone and began researching on the school’s website.

Currently, his phone had Ant Nest, Ancient Imperial City, Underground Buddha City, and Tiger Cage Pass. None of these dungeons produced Primordial Energy Skills that imbued alacrity. Therefore, Zhou Wen had to find new dungeons.

The school’s data was very comprehensive. When he searched for Primordial Energy Skills that imbued alacrity, he quickly found an answer.

Sunset College had many dimensional zones that produced such skills. And the most famous one was at Dragon Gate Grotto.

There were two from Dragon Gate Grotto. One of them was the Mount Dragon Gate’s Fish Dragon Transformation while the other was the Dragon Gate Grotto’s Dragon Gate Fairy Skill.

Mount Dragon Gate’s Fish Dragon Transformation stemmed from the legend of carps jumping through a dragon gate to transform into a dragon. It was a Primordial Energy Skill that allowed one to soar straight up to a height of hundreds of feet as though one was flying in the sky.

However, a single leap of Fish Dragon Transformation was enough to drain all of one’s Primordial Energy. Such massive expenditure wasn’t one that Zhou Wen needed. Furthermore, Mount Dragon Gate wasn’t in Sunset College.

Dragon Gate Fairy Skill was the complete opposite of Fish Dragon Transformation. It was a long-lasting Primordial Energy Skill that imbued alacrity. It used one’s changes in motion to fly and dance in the sky like a fairy. Although it needed a point to leverage upon, making it not true flight, it was good enough.

However, obtaining the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill wasn’t simple. This was only produced by the Lotus Flower Cave in Dragon Gate Grotto. Furthermore, the drop rate was very low. People could spend more than a year inside without having it drop.

Firstly, Dragon Gate Fairy Skill’s drop rate was very low and secondly, there were very few dimensional creatures in Lotus Flower Cave.

Zhou Wen naturally didn’t have any qualms about that. All he needed to do was head to Dragon Gate Grotto and download the dungeon before being able to grind it infinitely. He didn’t need to worry about not having dimensional creatures to clear.

Of course, that was on the premise that he had enough blood to support such an action.

Thinking of how great his recent blood loss was, he drank a mouthful of his self-brewed blood replenishing tea. Although it didn’t seem to be of any use, it gave him a placebo effect.

He was about to head to Dragon Gate Grotto and see if he could download it, but to his surprise, just as he left his building, he saw the young white-gloved military officer standing at his yard’s entrance, instructing two soldiers to carry a crate in.

Zhou Wen recognized the young military officer. He was An Tianzuo’s adjutant and driver who he had met before.

Zhou Wen didn’t know why he was here. Just as he was about to ask, the adjutant said, “Young Master Wen, Madam has requested me to bring this crate to you. Please acknowledge receipt.”

Zhou Wen frowned slightly and walked over to the crate and opened it up a little. Immediately, he saw all kinds of dazzling dimensional crystals inside.

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