Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 97 - Mobile Game

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Chapter 97 Mobile Game

Zhou Wen circled the nearby stalls and used his mysterious phone’s camera to take a look at all the Stone Qilin Companion Eggs. As Wang Lu and the boss said, there were very few Stone Qilins that possessed the Qilin Dominance Body, so he didn’t discover a second one.

It was common for students to use their phones to take photos. Zhou Wen’s actions were not out of the blue, nor did he attract the attention of others.

The mysterious phone’s functions are impressive, but unfortunately, I’m too poor. Even if I can discover excellent-grade Companion Eggs, I wouldn’t have the money to buy them. Zhou Wen felt vexed.

It was impossible to sell the Companion Egg to earn money because although he knew that the Companion Egg was an excellent-grade egg, others didn’t know that. It was impossible for others to buy an unknown Companion Egg at the price of an excellent-grade Companion Beast.

The dimensional crystals in the game could not be used, so they could not be exchanged for money.

Zhou Wen realized that unless he sacrificed some gaming time, it would be difficult for him to obtain money.

“Hey there, hey there, you are a freshman this year, right?” As Zhou Wen walked, a stall owner held him back.

Zhou Wen realized that the stall owner was about the same age as him and was wearing Sunset College’s uniform. He was also probably a student from Sunset College, so he asked, “I’m a freshman who recently matriculated. What’s the matter?”

“Junior, you came to Dragon Gate Grotto right after you matriculated. It’s obvious that you are a diligent student. However, dimensional zones are dangerous and you don’t know much about the dimensional zones in Dragon Gate Grotto. Entering like that is extremely dangerous. I have something good here that can allow you to understand the dimensional zone before entering,” the student-like stall owner said.

“I’ve already seen all the information available from the school.” Zhou Wen prepared to continue walking forward.

Upon seeing Zhou Wen about to leave, the young stall owner hurriedly peddled his service. “Junior, don’t leave. It’s useless just reading that information. Those things are dead after all. No matter how much you read them, it doesn’t imbue you with deeper memory from experiencing it yourself. I have something here that can make you faster than others. You will be able to understand the situation inside deeply before entering.”

“What is it? Show it to me.” Zhou Wen sized up the young stall owner curiously.

Seeing Zhou Wen’s interest, the young stall owner hurriedly took out his cell phone and opened a game app on his phone. Then, an extremely simple game interface appeared.

“Junior, this is a mobile game app I created. Don’t write it off just because of its graphics. The map and monsters here are designed according to Dragon Gate Grotto’s actual terrain and dimensional creatures. After playing this mobile game, you will have a full understanding of the Dragon Gate Grotto dimensional zone…”

The graphics of the mobile game were very simple, but this student’s creativity made Zhou Wen’s eyes light up.

“Senior, did you make this game yourself?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at the game interface.

“That’s right. A person’s time and capabilities are limited after all, so it’s a little crude. However, I can guarantee that the content is absolutely real. They are places that I have personally been to. Those dimensional creatures were also seen with my own eyes.” The young stall owner came close to Zhou Wen and said, “Junior, download it. It’s absolutely beneficial for you. You can download it from the official app store. It’s only a hundred bucks.”

“Alright, I’ll download it to take a look. What’s your name, Senior?” Zhou Wen found the game app on the app store according to the name he was told.

“My name is Huang Ji. Junior, you have good taste. Work hard.” Seeing Zhou Wen download his game, Huang Ji was overjoyed.

Zhou Wen launched on the game and played. He realized that the controls were smooth and the graphics were crude. The avatars’ and dimensional creatures’ actions were stiff like robots.

“Senior Huang, can you improve this game and make it more real?” Zhou Wen asked as he played.

“Of course I can. However, that requires a professional team and a large amount of money. I don’t have that much time or money right now, so I can only make it like this for the time being.” Huang Ji said regretfully.

“If given a professional team and funding, what level of development could you push it to?” Zhou Wen asked.

He was really interested in this game. If such mobile games became popular in the future, then no one would be suspicious of him if he kept gaming on his phone.

Huang Ji said, “The technology these days is actually very mature. However, gaming is gaming after all. It’s different from real battles. The officials haven’t invested too much in this area. If a person wants to do it, the amount of technical support and resources needed is too much. It’s especially so when it comes to funding. The average person would find it difficult to obtain the huge sums needed. Furthermore, even if one really developed it, they wouldn’t be able to provide precise information to the experts who could venture deep into the dimensional zones. That would make the game meaningless as it would be better to just watch videos.”

Zhou Wen pondered for a moment before asking, “Senior, if I can obtain a large amount of funds, are you willing to make this game better?”

“Do you have money to invest? How much can you invest?” Huang Ji’s eyes lit up as he asked Zhou Wen.

“I don’t have money for the time being,” Zhou Wen said as he shrugged.

“Then let’s wait until you have money.” Huang Jing was very disappointed.

Zhou Wen thought that it made sense. He didn’t have any money, so there was no point in saying anything. All he could do was ask Huang Ji for a contact number before seeking him out when he had money.

After separating from Huang Ji, Zhou Wen continued walking forward in search of the tiny palm symbol that might exist. However, he failed to discover it despite nearly reaching Lotus Flower Cave.

“Zhou Wen, why haven’t you reached Lotus Flower Cave?” Wang Lu called him and urged him to meet up at the entrance.

“Didn’t you go to Old Dragon Cave?” Zhou Wen asked casually as he continued walking forward slowly.

“I waited inside Old Dragon Cave for quite some time, but I didn’t see any treasure light, nor did I hear any dragon roars. I had no choice but to head to the Lotus Flower Cave now. Come quickly,” Wang Lu said.

Zhou Wen wasn’t far from Lotus Flower Cave, so as he walked he carried on searching. Soon, he arrived at the entrance of Lotus Flower Cave and saw Wang Lu waiting for him outside.

There were soldiers guarding outside Lotus Flower Cave, preventing ordinary people from entering. Wang Lu took out two passes before leading Zhou Wen inside.

“I don’t have the same counselor as you. Is it really fine for me to participate in your homework mission?” Zhou Wen asked while examining the situation inside Lotus Flower Cave.

“No problem, as long as it’s a student from our school,” Wang Lu said nonchalantly before continuing. “The record for Lotus Flower Cave was maintained by a fourth-year named Huang Ji. We have to break his record this time, so I need to ensure that all the steps are done well. I’ll leave the recording to you later. You must do a good job filming me…’

“What’s the name of the senior that maintained the record?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown.

“Huang Ji,” Wang Lu repeated.

It couldn’t be the same person, right? Zhou Wen recalled Huang Ji who had used rather pushy sales tactics to promote his game app. He felt that it was probably just two people who shared the same name.

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