Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 98 - Fairy Monkey

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Chapter 98 Fairy Monkey

There were no real lotus flowers inside the Lotus Flower Cave. Instead, there was a huge lotus stone sculpture carved on the ceiling. Around the stone statue were many graceful flying fairies.

According to the school database, the gigantic lotus flower sculpture was where a dimensional rift was located. Occasionally, a dimensional creature would burrow out of the dimensional rift, looking as though it had flown out of a lotus flower.

Dimensional creatures that appeared in the Lotus Flower Cave were currently limited to creatures known as Fairy Beasts. However, they were different from the fairies in the murals. Dimensional creatures called Flying Beasts didn’t look beautiful. Instead, they were like monkeys, so Fairy Beasts were also known as Fairy Monkeys.

The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill that Zhou Wen needed was a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal that dropped from Fairy Monkeys. However, there were very few Fairy Monkeys. The chances of it dropping a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal were even lower.

Before the dimensional storms happened, the Lotus Flower Cave had been an individual cave, but now, there were many caves that connected to it. Each cave had a lotus flower ceiling and fairies. There were also many sculptures of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Malla, and monks.

Lotus Flower Cave had been sealed for a period of time, so it would have accumulated quite a lot of Fairy Beasts. However, the numbers were only enough for special admissions students. Therefore, every special admissions student only had two chances. If they couldn’t obtain their ideal results after killing two Fairy Monkeys, they were not allowed to continue killing them.

Zhou Wen followed Wang Lu through the different lotus flower caves and finally found a Fairy Monkey.

The Fairy Monkey was somewhat different from what Zhou Wen had imagined. Zhou Wen’s impression of a monkey was an animal with brown fur, but it was actually covered in white fur. Its eyes were bloodshot with a pair of white wings on its back.

When the Fairy Monkey noticed Zhou Wen and Wang Lu, it immediately bared its teeth and charged over.

“Do you know how to use this? Help me take a good shot. You have to keep up with my speed. Make sure that I look good in it.” Wang Lu handed a special camera to Zhou Wen.

“Don’t tell me you hired me just to film you?” Zhou Wen said as he took the camera.

“That’s right. What other reason would there be?” Wang Lu said as she charged at Fairy Monkey.

Rich people are really willful! Spending 150,000 bucks for a videographer? Zhou Wen couldn’t understand the thought process of rich people.

However, he quickly learned why Wang Lu was hiring.

The Fairy Monkey’s Speed was extremely fast and it was good at flying. It moved like a ghost in the sky, making it impossible for an ordinary person to keep up with it.

Wang Lu changed her movement technique as a pair of butterfly-like wings spread open on her back, allowing her to actually keep up with Fairy Monkey’s speed.

If it were any ordinary person to do the filming, they would only be able to shoot from afar. They wouldn’t be able to follow Wang Lu’s figure. Zhou Wen summoned the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and kept filming while riding on its back. He could barely keep up with Wang Lu.

Before long, Wang Lu’s saber beam flashed as the Fairy Monkey was struck down. It fell to the ground and died.

“How long did it take?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen without looking at the Fairy Monkey’s corpse.

“One minute and five seconds.” Zhou Wen looked at the time of the camera and gave an accurate account of the time.

“Did I take that long? It’s still quite a distance from Huang Ji’s record.” Wang Lu frowned slightly. Clearly, her results were not satisfactory.

However, Wang Lu only had two chances, so she wasn’t in a rush to find another Fairy Monkey. She called out to Zhou Wen and they left Lotus Flower Cave together.

“If I want to break the record, it looks like I still need a more detailed plan. Let’s end it here for today. Let’s do it again next time.” Wang Lu took back the camera and watched her battle with the Fairy Monkey.

“Call me when you need me,” Zhou Wen said.

“Of course, you only have to help me do the filming.” Wang Lu had no intention of letting Zhou Wen help her. She had to break Huang Ji’s record alone, or it would be meaningless.

After separating from Wang Lu, Zhou Wen continued following the stone stairs and looking around Dragon Gate Grotto, hoping to find the tiny palm symbol.

There were many palm imprints within Dragon Gate Grotto. The Fairies, Buddhas, Malla, and Monks had different palm symbols, but they were different from the ones Zhou Wen remembered.

Zhou Wen was beginning to wonder if the Dragon Gate Grotto didn’t have any tiny palm symbol when he suddenly felt his mysterious phone vibrate. He took it out and switched on the camera. Soon, he found a tiny hand symbol in some inconspicuous spot on the mountain wall. It then locked onto the symbol.

I’ve finally found it! Zhou Wen was overjoyed when he saw the tiny palm symbol.

The position of the tiny palm symbol was very inconspicuous. It wasn’t as beautiful and eye-catching as the other Buddha palm imprints. It simply extended its five fingers and held a picture of a sitting Buddha.

If one took a closer look, one would realize that the Buddha pattern in the hand was very similar to the biggest Buddha statue at Dragon Gate Grotto. However, it was just several times smaller.

Zhou Wen used the camera function and aimed it at the tiny palm symbol. Indeed, a scene was locked onto it.

In that case, I can grind Lotus Flower Cave without any qualms. Zhou Wen only wished to obtain Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and then attempt to rush up Fire God Platform.

Very quickly, Dragon Gate Grotto was downloaded onto his phone, forming a Buddhist icon.

Zhou Wen tapped on the Dragon Gate Grotto’s icon. This time, he didn’t enter the game like before. Instead, many options appeared.

Ancient Yang Cave, Myriad Buddha Cave, Old Dragon Cave, Lotus Flower Cave, Inferno Cave. There were plenty of options.

After he chose the Lotus Flower Cave, the blood-colored avatar entered the game interface of Lotus Flower Cave. Inside the cave filled with mysterious colors, a gigantic lotus flower sculpture was situated in the middle of the dome, surrounded by symbols of Fairies, Monks, and Malla.

A Fairy Monkey burrowed its head out of the stone lotus flower and pounced at the blood-colored avatar while screaming with its teeth bared.

Zhou Wen controlled the Silver-Winged Flying Ant to face the Fairy Monkey. Instantly, the two dimensional creatures—which were equally outstanding at flight-began having an aerial battle in Lotus Flower Cave.

Finally, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant took nearly ten minutes to slay the Fairy Monkey, but nothing dropped.

Zhou Wen continued walking deeper into the Lotus Flower Cave with the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant summoned. He hoped to test it to know how strong it was after becoming a Legendary through the fusion.

Seeing a Fairy Monkey charge at him, the lotus flower on the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant’s head suddenly bloomed, revealing a venomous toad. It spewed venom at the Fairy Monkey, instantly drenching it.

The Fairy Monkey yelled as it rolled on the ground, its fur and skin corroded as blood gushed out.

The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant charged forward without any hesitation and stabbed at the Fairy Monkey with its bone-spiked front claws, impaling its head and chest.

47 seconds! Zhou Wen looked at the time. From the beginning of the battle to the system’s indication of the Fairy Beast’s death, it took a total of 47 seconds. He had already broken Huang Ji’s record.

The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant is really powerful! Zhou Wen was delighted. The more he looked at it, the more adorable it looked.

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