Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 983 - Alarmist

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Chapter 983: Alarmist

Translator: CKtalon

The people from Sea Return City realized that something was amiss over the past few days. The dimensional zones on land were fine, but they couldn’t find any dimensional creatures in the dimensional zones in the sea.

All the dimensional creatures in the sea seemed to have vanished.

Sea God Reef, Undersea Blue Hole, Infinite Island, and other places were empty. There was almost no sign of dimensional creatures.

The Hui family had contacted all the families in Sea Return City to discuss a countermeasure. As for the Feng family, they were also troubled by Feng Qiuyan and Qin Ling’s disappearance. They had already sent people to search everywhere, but they were unable to find them.

“The situation in the Seven Dragons Sea is very strange. All the dimensional creatures have vanished. Everyone, let’s discuss. What does this mean?” Old Master Hui swept his gaze across the core members of the various families.

“The disappearance of dimensional creatures is a good thing for us. We don’t rely on dimensional zones in the sea to begin with. All we need to do is guard the dimensional zones and mineral deposits on the shore,” said Liu, a family head.

“That’s true, but I’m afraid that the dimensional creatures in the sea will cause trouble again,” an elder from the Feng family said.

“What can happen? After all, they are dimensional creatures in the sea. Only a small number of them have the ability to leave the sea to fight. Most of them will have their combat strength greatly reduced after they hit land. They won’t be a danger to us.” Family Head Liu paused before saying, “Besides, haven’t we already made preparations? Even if Sea Return City really can’t be defended, we can still retreat into the dimensional zones on land. Everyone has been in business here for so long. There shouldn’t be any problems, right?”

“Brother Liu is right. Those things are from the sea after all. They can only circle the area before leaving. Do you think they can grow legs to snatch our territory?” another family head said.

Everyone immediately began discussing. Most people felt that they should stay behind and continue watching. Even if something really happened, it wouldn’t be too late to retreat when the time came.

“I think we should evacuate immediately.” A different voice sounded. Everyone looked at the person who spoke and saw a young man in his twenties. Most people knew that he was Hui Haifeng from the Hui family.

“Young Master Feng, what do you mean?” Family Head Liu asked Hui Haifeng.

Hui Haifeng took out a small bottle and held it in his hand, allowing everyone to see what was inside.

The bottle wasn’t big, about the same size as a mineral water bottle. There was water inside, but there was something in the water that looked like a mushroom. It was similar to the test subjects he had shown Zhou Wen previously.

However, the thing that should have been white now suffused a faint golden color. It looked very strange.

“What’s this?” Old Master Hui asked Hui Haifeng.

He knew that Hui Haifeng was doing research, and he had supported him. However, he never expected Hui Haifeng to really figure out anything.

“Grandpa, this is a sample of the fungi I extracted from the marine plants to nurture. Originally, the evolution of these fungi took at least a year from a spore to its present state. However, this experimental product was something I just started cultivating this morning, but it has already evolved to such a level. Something must have happened in the Seven Dragons Sea. It’s very likely that the dimensional creatures in the sea will undergo a large-scale evolution, so we have to evacuate immediately,” Hui Haifeng said seriously.

“Young Master Feng, aren’t you being a little too assertive? Perhaps something went wrong with your experiment, or perhaps it’s just an anomaly. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Perhaps you need more experiments,” said Family Head Liu disapprovingly. He wasn’t interested in so-called scientific research.

He even felt that scientific research was useless in this era. It was the era of gods, and science was no longer feasible.

There were quite a number of people who thought that way. Furthermore, most people weren’t willing to give up on Sea Return City and the mineral deposits that they had been running for so many years.

After all, Hui Haifeng was only making an inference. No one knew if his inference would come true.

Even if it were true, it wouldn’t be too late to leave when they really couldn’t stop dimensional creatures. They still had dimensional zones operating on land as an escape route.

“Everyone, perhaps you don’t know what this evolutionary speed means. Let me make an analogy. According to the current evolutionary speed, if an ordinary rat is injected with this element, it will only need three days. In three days, it will evolve to have an elephant-like body and strength. If the creatures in the sea have such an evolutionary speed, are you still confident that you can safely retreat under their attacks? Do you still have the confidence to defend the dimensional zones?” Hui Haifeng said.

“Young Master Feng, this is only your speculation after all. You can’t just rely on your speculation to make us leave our homeland, right?” Family Head Liu pondered for a moment before saying, “Why don’t we do this? We’ll send some capable people into the water to investigate what has happened in the sea. If it’s really as you say, it won’t be too late for everyone to leave when the time comes.”

“That’s right. What Family Head Liu said makes sense. Let’s investigate first.” Many people supported Family Head Liu’s suggestion.

In the end, Hui Haifeng couldn’t convince them. After all, Sea Return City wasn’t under the jurisdiction of Hui Haifeng’s family. Furthermore, many people in the Hui family felt that Hui Haifeng was being overly alarmist.

In fact, many members of the Hui family disapproved of Hui Haifeng’s research.

If Hui Haifeng hadn’t paid for the research funding himself, they definitely wouldn’t have let him do so much.

“How was it?” Li Xuan asked Hui Haifeng after the meeting ended.

Hui Haifeng shook his head and said, “It’s useless. They are blinded by interest and comfort. They won’t believe it unless they see the apocalypse with their own eyes.”

Li Xuan said gloomily, “Then what should we do? Old Zhou and Little Yanyan are missing. Something big must be happening.”

“Let’s return to the laboratory first. I need to make some preparations. We have to move the important things out first. We can’t stay here.” Hui Haifeng quickly rushed to the laboratory. He knew that he didn’t have much time left.

Li Xuan took Ya’er and returned with Hui Haifeng to make preparations.

At the same time, Sea Return City sent some humans with underwater abilities into the Seven Dragons Sea to investigate the disappearance of the dimensional creatures.

“What’s there to investigate? Isn’t this unnecessary? It’s better if the dimensional creatures in the sea leave. It saves us the trouble of them coming ashore to harass us every once in a while,” a middle-aged man said.

“Isn’t it all because of that scion from the Hui family? He said that there will be a huge mutation in the sea and that there will be many mutated dimensional creatures. It’s not like we haven’t seen them before. What’s there to be alarmed about? He even said that he wants us to move out of Sea Return. I think he’s studied too much and has lost his mind. What famous university? He’s ridiculous…”

The others laughed. They felt that a scion like Hui Haifeng only knew how to spout nonsense and give instructions blindly.

“What’s that?” Suddenly, someone realized that there seemed to be something in the seawater ahead.

“Sea snakes? That’s not right. Why do they look like they have claws? The color isn’t right either. Sea snakes should be blue. This one looks blue with some gold in it…”

“It’s just a sea snake. Just kill it and bring it back for research.”

Just as they were about to move, they suddenly saw the strange sea snake rush over. It was much faster than ordinary sea snakes. Before anyone could react, the sea snake had bitten him.

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