Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon - Chapter 499: Losing Control

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Chapter 499: Losing Control

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As if to verify Han Jun’s jinx, at the second evening self-study the next night, Han Miao was reading a score when Li Ao suddenly poked her arm.

Han Miao put down the violin score and turned to ask Li Ao, “What?”

Li Ao could bring his cell phone to class.

He looked in Lin Yutian’s direction and turned the cell phone to silent before typing.

Han Miao leaned close to Li Ao’s head and stared at him as he typed: [Meow, I just saw a surveillance video in the class’s WeChat group. The person in the video looks a little like...] Li Ao stopped and looked at Lin Yutian.

Han Miao noticed that Li Ao was looking at Lin Yutian. She guessed a possibility and suddenly snatched Li Ao’s cell phone away. Li Ao was shocked, but he quickly tacitly agreed to Han Miao’s rude actions.

Han Miao opened the class’s WeChat group and didn’t see any video. Instead, she saw a classmate delete two messages, two minutes ago.

Han Miao asked Li Ao, “No. Was it withdrawn?”

Li Ao took out his cell phone and wrote: [Su Cheng reposted the video, but she had already deleted it just now.] Although Su Cheng quickly retracted the video, Li Ao still saw it. He believed that he was not the only one in class who secretly played with his cell phone during class. He was also not the only one who saw that video.

Han Miao’s cell phone was switched off during class. She hurriedly turned it on and opened WeChat. She poked Su Cheng and asked him: [Su Cheng, where did you see the video?]

Sitting in the second row, Su Cheng’s heart was still racing.

Su Cheng added a class group chat. The students in the group were all from the same school as her in junior high and high school. During the evening self-study, Su Cheng took out her cell phone to play secretly when the teacher was not paying attention. She entered the class group and saw that video.

The people in the group were discussing that video crazily. Some were guessing if this video was secretly taken or if the main character had purposely taken it to become famous.

Many people in the group were also studying at Wangdong High School. They had a good relationship with Su Cheng and often came to her class to play with her. When they came to Su Cheng, they inevitably saw Lin Yutian. After a while, they found her familiar.

So after seeing that video, someone in the group tagged Su Cheng and asked if the female protagonist in the video looked like Lin Yutian.

The moment Su Cheng opened WeChat, she saw someone tagging him. She opened her classmate group and scrolled through her chat history for a long time before understanding what had happened.

When Su Cheng saw that video, she was shocked and felt that it was ridiculous. Su Cheng forwarded the video to the group and asked everyone: [Some people say that the girl in the video looks a little like the class monitor. Do you think so?]

After sending the video, Su Cheng felt that it was impossible.

The class monitor was a good student and was usually very obedient. She was also amiable and her smile was sweet and pure. She was definitely not the female protagonist in the video!

Su Cheng regretted reposting the video to the WeChat class group. She hurriedly retracted the two videos.

But in that short one to two minutes, several students had already seen that video. At this moment, several students who had seen the video were secretly sizing up the back of the class monitor, who was seriously doing the questions, with a complicated gaze.

Su Cheng received Han Miao’s message and silently turned to look at her.

Han Miao was also looking at her.

Han Miao frowned, her expression sinister and angry.

Su Cheng was slightly frustrated. She felt that she had done something wrong. That incident might ruin the class monitor’s innocence. Su Cheng lowered his head and told Han Miao the source of the video with a red face.

Su Cheng: [I saw it in a classmate group. They also saw it from somewhere else. Han Miao, many people have already seen the video.]

After explaining, Su Cheng asked: [Han Miao, have you seen the video? Do you also think that girl looks like the class monitor?]

Han Miao: [Like what? Baby Tian is much prettier than that girl.]

After replying, Han Miao turned off her cell phone worriedly.

Su Cheng said that that video was forwarded from another group, so how many people had seen that video? Han Miao was slightly afraid and her entire body trembled uncontrollably.

Li Ao realized that Han Miao’s legs were trembling in fear. He thought of Lin Yutian’s abnormality these few days and instantly guessed a possibility. His intuition told him that the girl in Su Cheng’s video was most likely Lin Yutian.

Lin Yutian still didn’t know what had happened. She was clearly in a good mood today because she was about to transfer schools and could get rid of Zhou Heng.

Lin Yutian was completely unaware that there were six to seven lively gazes secretly looking at her in the classroom.

After the evening self-study ended, Han Miao quickly sat down beside Lin Yutian. Sensing that someone had sat down beside her, Lin Yutian turned around with a smile and asked her, “Did you know that I am going to transfer schools and can’t bear to part with me?”

Looking at Lin Yu’s sweet smile, Han Miao’s heart clenched.

Han Miao silently held Lin Yutian’s hand.

Lin Yutian sensed that Han Miao’s fingers were trembling and her fingertips were cold. She looked worried and asked Han Miao, “Miaomiao, are you feeling unwell?”

Han Miao’s eyes reddened. She grabbed Lin Yutian’s hand tightly and told her in a trembling voice, “Baby Tian, something happened...”

“What happened?” Lin Yutian didn’t know that her end was coming.

“Follow me.”

Han Miao pulled Lin Yutian to the underground corridor.

After everyone left, Han Miao grabbed Lin Yutian’s hand and said uneasily, “Baby Tian, there’s something you need to be mentally prepared for.”

Lin Yutian saw that Han Miao’s expression was grave and even slightly pale. She felt vaguely uneasy. “What are you going to tell me?”

Han Miao was about to cry. She held back her tears and told Lin Yutian, “Baby Tian, the video was sent to our WeChat group... Tonight, someone even forwarded it to our class group. This matter can’t be hidden anymore!”

When Lin Yutian heard this, her ears buzzed non-stop. A sharp voice sounded in her head.

Han Miao’s hands quickly turned cold.

Han Miao saw that something was wrong with Lin Yutian and hurriedly shouted worriedly, “Baby Tian?”

Lin Yutian’s eyes widened as her breathing quickened! She couldn’t roll her eyes and fainted.

Li Ao had been silently following behind Han Miao. He stood at a safe position where he could observe their movements but couldn’t hear their voices. Seeing that Lin Yutian had fainted, he hurriedly ran over and helped Han Miao send Lin Yutian to the sickbay.

After the evening self-study ended, many students secretly took out their cell phones. Those who had watched the video had secretly saved the video long ago. Then, they sent it to me and I sent it to you. Soon, almost everyone who had a cell phone received that video.

Everyone had watched that video and were discussing whether the girl in the video was the class monitor of Class 222.

Zhou Heng naturally saw the video as well. He scratched his head in anger. The development of the matter had far exceeded his control, making Zhou Heng slightly frustrated. If Lin Yutian went to report him at the risk of a life and death struggle, he would not be able to clean up the mess.


I have to go and have a good chat with Lin Yutian.

Lin Yutian remained in the infirmary for a long time before being called by the school doctor and sent to the hospital. Lin Yutian’s mother was on a work trip and her grandmother was not in good health at home. No one could come to the infirmary to accompany her.

Han Miao and Li Ao stayed in the hospital for the entire night.

When it was almost dawn, Han Miao and Li Ao were both dozing off. There were three beds in the ward and there was no place for Han Miao and Li Ao to rest at all. The two of them could only lie on the bed to rest.

Lin Yutian woke up the next morning and saw her good friend sleeping beside her bed. She was in a daze for a long time before taking out her cell phone from her bag and turning it on.

Lin Yutian logged into WeChat and received many messages from her classmates.

[Monitor, is the person in the video really you?]

[Monitor, it’s not you, right?]

[Monitor, screenshot.jpg, the girl in this video looks like you. Is it you?]

Lin Yutian’s lips trembled as she read the news.

She threw away her cell phone, lifted the blanket, ran to the toilet, covered her face, and cried bitterly.

Lin Yutian cried in the toilet. When she came out again, Han Miao and Li Ao were still asleep, but there was an unexpected guest in the ward.

It was Zhou Heng.

Zhou Heng was wearing a gray ox-horned coat. His handsome face had turned green from not sleeping the entire night. Seeing Lin Yutian, the corners of Zhou Heng’s lips curled up strangely. He raised a finger to his lips and made a “shh” gesture.

Lin Yutian looked at Zhou Heng’s disgusting face as if she was looking at a cold venomous snake. How much she used to like Zhou Heng was how much she hated him now.

Lin Yutian instantly felt nauseous and convulsed.

Zhou Heng walked over gently and placed his hand on Lin Yutian’s shoulder. He told her in a low voice, “Student Lin Yutian, you definitely don’t want to see our conversation being overheard by your good friend, right?”

Lin Yutian’s expression froze.

She looked at the sleeping Han Miao and Li Ao, clenched her fists, and followed Zhou Heng out of the ward.

There was no one at the escape route to the hospital stairs. Zhou Heng’s destination was there.

Walking into the escape route, Zhou Heng had just closed the metal door behind him when he saw Lin Yutian raise her right hand to slap him.

Zhou Heng steadily caught Lin Yutian’s slap. “You want to hit me?”

Lin Yutian said, “You deserve to die!”

Zhou Heng chuckled softly before revealing a sinister expression. It was somewhat strange for a 17-year-old youth to have such an expression.

Lin Yutian shuddered uncontrollably when she saw Zhou Heng’s smile.

Zhou Heng was very satisfied with Lin Yutian’s reaction when she faced him.

He said, “Lin Sishuang is your mother, right? You were raised by your mother alone. Your house is still on loan and still needs 10 years to pay off, right?”

Hearing her mother’s name from Zhou Heng’s mouth, Lin Yutian’s pretty face instantly turned snow-white. She wanted to break free from Zhou Heng’s palm with her right hand, but with her weak body, she was no match for him at all.

Zhou Heng looked at the insensible Lin Yutian like a cat playing with a mouse and said, “Your grandmother is ill and her medical fees are 20 to 30,000 yuan per year. Your mother works in a foreign company and it is said that she only became a sales manager two years ago. Tell me, if your mother loses her job due to work mistake and is fired, what should we do about your family’s mortgage, your school fees, your grandmother’s medical fees, your family’s food and housing?”

With that, Zhou Heng looked at Lin Yutian with interest, anticipating her answer.

Lin Yutian was completely stunned by Zhou Heng’s words. “You, what are you trying to do!” Lin Yutian panicked and scolded angrily, “Zhou Heng, you destroyed my entire life. Now, you won’t even let my mother off?”

Zhou Heng leaned over and stared into Lin Yutian’s trembling eyes. He said, “Lin Yutian, you have to understand that if I want to deal with you or your mother, it will be as easy as crushing an ant.”

Lin Yutian’s worldview was refreshed by Zhou Heng.

How can there be such an evil person in this world!

“Zhou Heng, you are a beast!” Lin Yutian, a well-mannered good student, couldn’t even think of a vicious word to scold someone. Over and over again, she could only say words like “beast” and “bastard”.

“I am a beast?” Zhou Heng smiled mockingly and said, “You are the cheap one! You should have already heard what kind of person I am. You clearly know that I am not a good person, but you still foolishly ran to fetch me. Lin Yutian, if you can’t afford to play, then don’t play. After playing, you want to establish a chastity memorial arch. You are really a bitch.”

Being slandered by Zhou Heng, Lin Yutian was so angry that there was a hint of rust in her throat. She couldn’t understand why she had blindly liked Zhou Heng for so long!

This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

“Zhou Heng, I must be blind to fall in love with a jerk like you!”

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