Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon - Chapter 500: Wait for Me to Get Out of Prison to Listen to Your Performance

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Chapter 500: Wait for Me to Get Out of Prison to Listen to Your Performance

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Zhou Heng was not exasperated at being called a beast by Lin Yutian. He chuckled and revealed an even more disgusting face. “I, this beast, can control the life and death of your family.”

Lin Yutian was so disgusted by Zhou Heng that she couldn’t speak. “Zhou Heng, calling you a beast is an insult to a beast! You’re not a thing at all!”


Zhou Heng’s expression darkened. He grabbed Lin Yutian’s wrist tightly and warned her in a low voice, “Lin Yutian, if someone investigates this matter, finds you, and asks you about what happened in the video. As long as you obediently admit that you and I were a couple at that time and that the video was just taken for fun, I will let you and your mother off.”

“Dream on!”

It was impossible for Lin Yutian to yield to Zhou Heng.

She was clearly the one who was being bullied. No matter what, she would never help Zhou Heng testify and protect him.

Seeing that Lin Yutian was unwilling to compromise, Zhou Heng’s last bit of mercy towards her disappeared. He took out his cell phone, opened his contact list, and said to Lin Yutian, “Your mother’s superior is my cousin’s good brother. As long as I make a call, your mother will lose her job.”

“Once your mother loses her job, your family will be finished!”

Zhou Heng shook his cell phone and asked her with a smile, “Lin Yutian, are you willing to be obedient now?”

Lin Yutian stared fixedly at the number in the contact list. She knew that Zhou Heng was serious and that he also had the ability. She bit her lip and turned pale. Her frail body swayed as if she could collapse at any time.

Zhou Heng knew that his goal had been achieved.

This obedient and sensible girl couldn’t bear to implicate her mother. Zhou Heng pressed Lin Yutian’s shoulder and patted it threateningly. “I’m waiting for your good news, girlfriend.” Zhou Heng pulled open the metal door and left gracefully.

Lin Yutian stared at his arrogant back view. A wave of hatred and indignation churned in her heart!

Zhou Heng was going too far!

He had hurt me and even shamelessly asked me to act with him and lie to protect his reputation and innocence!

What right does he have to bully me like this!

I am a human!

Not a weak ant!

Lin Yutian suddenly ran into the ward, snatched the fruit knife from the bedside table beside her bed, and chased after Zhou Heng’s back.

The patient on the bed was terrified. He sat up in shock and shouted at Lin Yutian’s back. “Little girl, why did you snatch my fruit knife!”

That patient’s shout woke Han Miao and Li Ao up. The two of them rubbed their eyes and looked up. The patient in the bed next door saw that they were awake and hurriedly said to them, “That classmate of yours snatched my fruit knife just now! He’s probably going to do something stupid!”

Hearing this, Han Miao and Li Ao rushed out of the ward and ran towards the lift lobby.

Zhou Heng stood in the lift lobby waiting for the lift. It was still parked on the 12th floor and wouldn’t come down anytime soon. Zhou Heng twirled his fingers and thought to himself that Lin Yutian was really easy to bully, as she was scared off with just a few words.

Zhou Heng was in a good mood after successfully getting rid of an annoying fly.

He opened WeChat on his cell phone and wanted to ask his friends to skip class and go out to have fun. Just as he sent the voice message, he heard the people beside him clamor loudly, as if they were shouting words like “knife”, “lunatic”.

Zhou Heng turned around in confusion.

Before he could see clearly who the person called a “lunatic” was, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Zhou Heng knelt on the ground in pain. He looked up at the hatred-filled girl, his face and eyes filled with disbelief and fear.


Everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them. Returning to their senses, they screamed and ran away. No one dared to step forward to stop Lin Yutian’s atrocities!

Han Miao and Li Ao heard the screams and rushed to the lift. What they saw was Zhou Heng lying on the ground, dying. Lin Yutian was as if possessed, as she continued to hurt Zhou Heng!

Lin Yutian’s eyes were red with anger. She had completely lost control. “Zhou Heng, you beast! You hurt me! You bullied me! You actually bullied my mother! A bastard like you should go to hell!”

Han Miao’s legs went limp from the shock and she nearly collapsed. Li Ao supported her. Han Miao leaned into Li Ao’s arms and shouted at Lin Yutian, “Baby Tian! Baby Tian, stop! Zhou Heng is already dead!”

Zhou Heng was dead!

When these words reached Lin Yutian’s mind, she felt like she had just woken up from a dream. Her groggy mind instantly became much clearer.

Lin Yutian stared at Zhou Heng in a daze for a long while before opening her mouth and laughing maniacally. She turned and laughed at Han Miao. “Hahaha! Miaoyi! Miaoyi, did you see that? He’s dead. He can forget about bullying me in the future!” Lin Yutian regretted the most when she didn’t listen to Han Miao and obediently stayed away from that bastard Zhou Heng. She foolishly liked to believe a demon.

Han Miao couldn’t help shaking her head. Tears wetted her fair and beautiful face. “Baby Tian...”

In the second semester of her second year in high school, Han Miao’s best friend taught her a lesson at the most painful cost. It made her understand that a crush was a fantasy feast to look at flowers in the fog. When the fog was peeled open, what you saw might not be beautiful flowers, but might be mud.

In one’s youth, there were some mistakes that one couldn’t make. If one did, one would have to pay with his life.

Zhou Heng was gone.

On that day, Lin Yutian was brought to the police station by the police from the hospital. By the time Han Miao found Han Zhan to use his connections to go see Lin Yutian, Lin Yutian was already locked up in the detention center.

She was already 16 years old and not yet 18 years old. If nothing went wrong, she would be sentenced to deliberate murder and be jailed. As she was underage, the judge might reduce the punishment for her, but she would inevitably be jailed.

It had only been two months since they last met. Han Miao almost didn’t recognize Lin Yutian.

She, who was originally only over 80 pounds, was even thinner now. The words “as thin as dry wood” could not be more appropriate on her body.

Lin Yutian and Han Miao looked at each other silently through the glass window. After a long while, Lin Yutian’s eyes were filled with tears. Han Miao took out a handful of white rabbit milk candy from her pocket and asked the guard to send it to Lin Yutian for her to try.

Lin Yutian had a big white rabbit in her mouth. As she cried, she sipped the candy. After eating a candy, Lin Yutian picked up the microphone and shouted, “Miaoyi.”

Hearing this, Han Miao finally broke down and cried. She cried, and so did Lin Yutian.

After crying for a long while, Lin Yutian said in a choked voice, “Miaoyi, it’s almost the mid-term exam, right? Don’t get distracted because of me and get a good result.”

Han Miao wiped her tears and said, “I’ve already taken the exam. I just finished it yesterday.”

Lin Yutian asked her, “What do you think of your results?”

“I might pass.”

Lin Yutian smiled through her tears. “Poor student!”

Han Miao also smiled.

After laughing, the two of them were suddenly speechless. After a long while, Han Miao said, “Tomorrow is the first trial.”

Lin Yutian nodded. “I know.”

“Your mother has been to my house a few times and begged my mother to help you find some connections. She even brought many gifts. My mother didn’t accept any gifts, but she promised her that she wouldn’t watch the Zhou Family make things difficult for her.”

“Miaoyi, don’t worry. After you go in, the Zhou Family won’t really dare to do anything rash. My family is watching. It’s just hard on you. You will be locked up for a few years.”

Lin Yutian was not an ungrateful person. She said, “Help me thank Uncle and Auntie.”

“You are my best friend. This is what we should do.”

“Nothing is what one should do.” Lin Yutian had matured a lot in the past two months. Her smile was no longer as innocent and pure as before. Presumably, she had also learned a lot in the detention center these two months.

“Baby Tian, you are so silly.” Han Miao recalled what happened that day at the hospital and felt that it was not worth it for Lin Yutian. Lin Yutian’s grades were good. If she went to school as usual, she would definitely go to a good university in the future. She would also have a bright future after graduating.

But her life was all wasted on Zhou Heng.

The Zhou Family had lost their most precious youngest son and would definitely hate Lin Yutian and her family to death. Lin Yutian’s mother’s job would definitely not be preserved. After Lin Yutian was released from prison, she could forget about having a good future.

Meanwhile, Song Ci was already being very kind by agreeing to Mother Lin’s request to protect Lin Yutian inside. The Han Family could never give Mother Lin another decent job and give Lin Yutian a bright future.

It could be said that Lin Yutian’s family was destroyed just like that.

Lin Yutian knew that she was foolish, but she had already reached the end of her rope and had no choice. “Miaoyi, what I regret the most now is liking the wrong person and trusting the wrong person.”

“I thought Zhou Heng was at most a playboy. I thought I would be his special one. I was the foolish one who pushed myself into a hopeless situation. Miaoyi, I should have listened to you long ago.”

When Han Miao told her about Zhou Heng causing another girl to miscarry, she should have deleted Zhou Heng’s WeChat and pulled out his figure from her heart.

At the end of the day, it was all her fault for being foolish.

“Miaoyi, listen to me.”

Han Miao nodded. “Go ahead.”

Lin Yutian said, “Before you love someone, you must love yourself first.” Only those who loved themselves well would meet someone who truly loved them.

Han Miao nodded. “Alright, I’ll remember.”

The time was up. Han Miao and Lin Yutian’s meeting was over.

Song Ci’s car was parked outside the detention center. Han Miao walked out with reddened eyes. When she saw Song Ci, Han Miao hugged her.

Song Ci patted her back gently and told her, “Miaomiao, this is the path that Baby Ci chose herself. No one can change it for her. She can only bear her own mistake.”

Han Miao hugged Song Ci tightly. She said, “Mother, thank you and Father for giving us a shelter from the wind and rain.” Because this family was strong enough, the three children had received the best education since they were young. They grew up surrounded by love and could make fewer mistakes and take fewer detours in their youth.

Song Ci was very grateful to hear such gratitude from Han Miao. “You’ve grown up.”

“No way. I will always be your big baby.”

Considering that Lin Yutian was a minor and had killed a rapist, Lin Yutian was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Lin Yutian was locked up in Wangdong City’s Youth Detention Center. During the summer break, Han Miao went to visit her, but Lin Yutian refused to see her. She only asked the prison guard to tell Han Miao—

[Play well. Wait for me to come out and attend your concert.]

Hearing this, Han Miao stood outside the prison door in silence for a long time before turning to leave.

During that summer vacation, Han Miao didn’t lose her will to play. Most of the time, she stayed at home to play the piano. Li Ao stayed at their house the entire summer vacation.

Song Ci and the rest were not blind and had long seen through Li Ao and Han Miao’s relationship.

Li Ao was the child they had watched grow up and knew everything about. He was a young artist, his father was Zeus Corporation’s second boss, and his mother was a famous Hollywood screenwriter. Li Ao was compatible with Han Miao in terms of talent, appearance, and family background.

Song Ci and the rest didn’t object to Han Miao dating Li Ao.

There was only one thing Song Ci was worried about: Han Miao and Li Ao would have sex too early. As a result, she specially called Han Miao and Han Jun to swim in the pool on a hot August night.

As she swam, Song Ci chatted with her two daughters. They talked about the man they liked and other things like bosom friends.

Song Ci purposely led the topic to “sexual behavior.”

Han Miao and Han Jun both guessed Song Ci’s true motive. Without waiting for Song Ci to make a long speech, Han Jun said, “Xu Qian and I plan to get married at the age of 20 and have children at the age of 25. We won’t sleep together before we get married.”

This was Han Jun. She never knew how to beat around the bush.

Han Miao’s feet stepped on the water and floated on it. She said, “Before Li Ao and I confirm our engagement, we won’t mess around. This is our agreement.”

Song Ci was rather gratified to hear the children’s reply. “It’s good that you understand.”

Han Miao and Han Jun were almost 18 years old. Han Miao’s figure was very well-developed and was comparable to Song Ci’s. Han Jun was a queen. Her figure was not as arrogant as Han Miao’s, but she was also slightly sexy.

The three beautiful women swimming together was very eye-catching.

Han Zhan returned from work and saw that his daughters were swimming with his wife. He didn’t look at them before entering the house. His daughters were all grown up and as a father, he should avoid arousing suspicion.

The weather was hot and Han Zhan also wanted to swim.

He was wearing a loose t-shirt and knee-length shorts when he arrived at the indoor pool. He stood by the pool and was about to take off the hem of his t-shirt when he heard a splash in the water.

Han Zhan looked out at the sound of water and saw Han Zheng emerging from the water.

Han Zheng graduated from junior high school and was preparing to go to the capital to study and live with his godfather, Zhou Baoguo. If Zhou Baoguo wanted to groom Han Zheng into his successor, Han Zheng’s life would not be easy from high school.

So this summer vacation was Han Zheng’s last party.

Han Zheng took off the goggles on his face and wiped the water. After his vision cleared, he saw a burly man standing on the shore. Han Zhan had never stopped training all these years and his muscles were still very beautiful. The 1.89m tall Han Zhan stood on the shore like a Mount Everest and Han Zheng looked up at him.


Han Zheng flaunted his arm to Han Zhan and said, “Look, I have muscles.”

Han Zhan snorted and casually raised his left arm. Instantly, the muscles on his arm and arm defeated the drumstick-sized muscles on Han Zheng’s arm.

Han Zheng rolled his eyes. “Just wait. When I grow up, my figure will definitely be better than yours.”

Han Zhan took it as he heard Han Zheng fart.

Two days before school started, Han Zheng had to set off for the capital. Han Jun put it nicely, she sent her brother to the capital, but she actually went to the capital to meet her boyfriend.

Han Zheng went to see Xu Qian with Han Jun and got Xu Qian to treat him to a meal before going to Zhou Baoguo’s residence.

Xu Qian carried Han Jun home.

Xu Qian knew that Han Jun would still come over and had already prepared slippers for her. A pair for winter and a pair for summer. Xu Qian liked black and white. She bought a pair of black cold slippers and white fluffy cotton slippers for Han Jun.

Han Jun changed into her black slippers and said to Xu Qian, “Do you have any ice drinks? I want to drink them.”

Xu Qian remembered that there were still small golden oranges and honey in the kitchen. He walked over to open the refrigerator, took the honey jar, and asked Han Jun, “Do you want the honey golden orange water?”

“Is it cold?”

“There’s ice water.”


Xu Qian cut the orange into four pieces with a slender fruit knife. He was focused on preparing the iced drink and didn’t notice Han Jun’s small actions.

Han Jun ran to the guest room and realized that the bedsheets in the guest room were not laid. She walked to the kitchen door and asked Xu Qian, “Brother, you knew that I was coming. Your guest room didn’t have bedsheets. Do you want to invite me to the master bedroom to stay?”

Xu Qian used a small spoon to drip the honey into the glass. He took out a bottle of mineral water from the fridge and poured it into the glass. Only then did he bring the glass of ice drink to Han Jun.

Xu Qian handed the ice drink to Han Jun and watched as she drank it. He asked, “Do you want to sleep with me or stay in a room alone?”

Han Jun said, “That depends on whether you prepared a bed for me.”

“Follow me.”

Xu Qian pulled Han Jun to the guest room. He opened the locker and pointed at the neatly folded bedsheets in the locker. He told Han Jun, “I don’t know what color and style of beds you like. I just bought more than 20 sets. I’ll lay out whichever one you like.”

As a result, the guest bed was empty because Xu Qian didn’t know which bedsheets to use.

Han Jun realized that she was overthinking and was slightly disappointed.

I thought I could sleep with Xu Qian.

Han Jun pointed at a bed of four light green silk bedsheets. “This one.”

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