Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon - Chapter 94: Pervert, Old Pervert

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Chapter 94: Pervert, Old Pervert

Thinking of something, Song Ci checked both the violin and the microphone. As expected, each item had the words “Baby Ci” on it.

Song Ci stroked the strings on the violin, feeling warm inside.

She adjusted the sound of the violin and couldn’t resist playing a tune.

It was a melodious tune.

After Song Ci was done, she looked up and saw that Han Zhan had already finished bathing and was leaning against the piano, drinking tea with a glass in his hand. The tea was filled with Scaphium affine.

Nourishing big boss.

Song Ci hugged the violin and asked Han Zhan, “It must have cost a lot of money, right?” Song Ci knew about this sapphire blue piano. It was specially custom-made by Shi Tanwei to commemorate his 20th anniversary in Boston. There were only 20 of them in the world.

This isn’t a piano. It’s a work of art.

It definitely cost a lot to get this piano.

Han Zhan said, “I will return the favor. This is my wedding gift to you.” She gave him a tie, so he gave her a top-grade musical instrument.

“Then I have profited greatly.” Song Ci didn’t reject Han Zhan’s kind intentions and accepted this big gift.

“Aish.” Song Ci suddenly sighed.

“Why are you sighing?” Han Zhan asked her.

Song Ci was slightly indignant. “I really want to flaunt my wealth but I’m afraid of exposing your identity.”

Han Zhan reached out and caressed her head. “Aren’t you going to try the piano?”

Song Ci immediately perked up. She hung the violin on the wall, walked over to the piano, sat down, and said to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, let me play. You sing.”

Han Zhan sat down and remained silent.

Song Ci asked him, “What songs do you know?”

Han Zhan said hesitantly, “Military songs.”

Song Ci was slightly stunned. She then smiled radiantly and said ingratiatingly, “...A national anthem is good. A national anthem is very inspiring.”

As a result, Song Ci played a song from the volunteer army. Han Zhan sang in a deep voice, as if he was singing in the army.

After she finished playing the song, Song Ci suddenly waved her cell phone and said to Han Zhan, “I’ve recorded it.”

“Give it to me.” Han Zhan wanted to snatch the phone away, but Song Ci wasn’t willing to return it. She quickly got up and ran to the sofa to sit down, without even putting on her slippers.

Song Ci hurriedly opened her Weibo account and said, “It will be National Day soon. We will sing our national anthem in advance to bless our country and its people.”

Han Zhan also walked over. Hearing this, he actually stopped snatching her phone, turned around, walked back to the sofa, and sat down.

Song Ci posted on Weibo. “Done.”

Song Ci’s fans’ comments were all very interesting. Some praised Han Zhan for being manly, while others praised him for having a nice voice.

]”Brother Han, someone said that you have the voice of a male idol and you’re suitable to be a broadcaster.”

Not hearing Han Zhan’s reply, Song Ci put down her cell phone and turned to stare at Han Zhan. Han Zhan sat on the sofa, eating the dried sweet potato that his grandfather sent him, while watching the international news on television.

His Adam’s apple kept moving up and down when he swallowed his food.

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan’s sexy collarbone. Thinking of how he had moved his Adam’s apple on top of her head yesterday afternoon, she couldn’t help but swallow, as she let out a low, magnetic sigh of satisfaction.

Her thoughts were too exciting. Song Ci suddenly got up and walked towards the kitchen with quick steps.

Han Zhan averted his eyes from the television and followed Song Ci’s back view to the kitchen. His face darkened when he saw her pour herself a glass of ice water.

Throwing the dried sweet potato away, Han Zhan got up, walked to the kitchen, and retrieved the ice water from Song Ci’s hands. “How many times have I told you not to drink ice water?” He poured the ice water into the pond.

Song Ci turned around helplessly when her palm was empty. She stared at the empty glass in Han Zhan’s hand with a complicated expression. “I feel a little warm.”

Han Zhan said, “24 degree celsius. Why are you feeling hot?” Did she think that I’m a fool?

Song Ci couldn’t possibly tell Han Zhan that whenever she saw him and thought of certain things, she would feel hot all over.

Glaring at Han Zhan, Song Ci scolded in a low voice. “It’s all your fault!” Stomping her feet, Song Ci ran upstairs angrily. As expected of an old man, heat can only be found in the body but not his heart.

Staring at Song Ci’s swaying hips, Han Zhan was confused. How was it my fault? Unable to figure out how he had provoked Song Ci, Han Zhan still followed her upstairs, wanting to clarify things.

Song Ci was already taking a shower. She had removed her neck brace and placed it at the corner of the bed. As Song Ci had just turned on the shower head, the steam had yet to dissipate and Han Zhan could see Song Ci’s every movement behind the translucent glass wall.

He turned around and waited quietly.

Song Ci took a quick shower and came out with only a towel wrapped around her. She opened the door and was shocked to see Han Zhan. She patted her chest and asked unhappily, “What are you doing here?”

Han Zhan turned around and asked humbly, “Are you angry?”

Song Ci replied, “No.”

Han Zhan said, “But your expression tells me that you are angry.”

Song Ci decided to go all out. She said, “Yes, I am angry. I received a gift from you and I am very emotional. I just want to sleep with you, when I see you sitting beside me all prim and proper.”

“I blame you, I blame you for being so manly and charming but not knowing it!” Song Ci took off the towel that wrapped her wet hair and threw it into the arms of the shocked Han Zhan. She asked him angrily, “Are you satisfied after hearing my explanation?”

Song Ci held her breath as she spoke. By the time she was done, she was panting so hard that her collarbones and neck were moving. Her face was also red from embarrassment, making her look like a fat little puffer fish.

Han Zhan pinched that moist towel and said in a daze, “Oh, so you don’t want ice water, but me.”

Han Zhan concluded very precisely.

Song Ci said, “... Were you a language class representative when you were in school? Your summary skills are so good.” Her cheeks burned even more. She decided to ignore Han Zhan, as she walked past him to get her neck brace.

As they brushed past each other, Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand.

Song Ci glared at him. “What?”

Han Zhan looked down at her with a calm expression but said, “To be honest, I already thought about it when you were playing the piano previously. But I was afraid that you would think I was a pervert, so I didn’t mention it.”

When he saw the sapphire blue piano, he thought about how mesmerizing it would be to see a fair Song Ci lying on it. Just thinking about it made Han Zhan want to give up being a human.

He just wanted to be a beast.

Song Ci was slightly stunned.

She stared at Han Zhan’s pretentious calmness and was silent for a moment, before saying with a cold smile, “You’re indeed a pervert.” Feeling that it wasn’t enough to vent her anger, she added. “Old pervert.”

He was truly a pervert and truly old.

Han Zhan felt somewhat helpless after being criticized as being old again. He picked up the neck brace and personally put it on for Song Ci. Song Ci stood obediently and accommodated him, without acting stubbornly. She recalled her scolding Han Zhan just now and felt that something was amiss.

If Han Zhan is an old pervert, what am I?

Song Ci was slightly embarrassed.

After putting on the neck brace, Han Zhan didn’t retract his hand. His left hand gently stroked the edge of Song Ci’s collarbone. Song Ci’s neck was actually very beautiful with beautiful lines. When she looked up, her collarbone and neck were very sexy. Han Zhan had never left his mark there before.

Han Zhan suddenly asked Song Ci, “When can you remove your neck brace?”

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