Long Live Summons - Chapter 897 Open Up Your Heart And Embrace Happiness

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Chapter 897: Open Up Your Heart And Embrace Happiness

So be it, then. I’m bound to be taken advantage of by this brat anyways, might as well just throw this night away.

Long-term pains are worse than short-term pains!

Drunken Cat Yu Jie closed her eyes and decided to cooperate with Yue Yang. She would be the first person for the experiment’s test.

After making this decision in her heart, she felt relaxed, void of the resistance and sadness that she had initially thought would occur. Her originally upset emotions and panicking thoughts quickly calmed down as her mind gradually became unified, focusing more of her attention on the plan. Her mentality towards the situation made it seem like everything that was going to happen to her appeared as if they were going to happen to someone else.

As soon as she concentrated, she suddenly felt that she had entered a realm of profoundness and serenity. Her entire being relished in the sense of clarity and wisdom.

She tapped into some form of enlightenment that she had never felt before.

In an instant, she felt as if she could comprehend anything as her brain capacity was infinite.

It seemed like nothing in particular was obtained, but her whole being was in a trance.

“About this, in terms of materials, are you planning to use three kinds of materials? Using pure gold, mithril, and red copper to create them?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie couldn’t help but blurt out. She couldn’t explain why, but she felt that there was something amiss.

“What’s the problem?” Yue Yang turned around and looked into the eyes of Drunken Cat Yu Jie with a bit of curiosity, “This is what I think—If the contracted beast of the martial artist is above the Heaven Rank, then use the Pure Gold Beast Bracelet, whereas contracted beasts below the Heaven Rank should use the Mithril Beast Bracelet; if they were puppet-type beasts or special kinds of non-upgradeable beasts that lived for the sake of being a support member, then they could use the Red Copper Beast Bracelet.”

“Hmm…” After listening, she felt that this logic was quite reasonable. This answer was concluded by Yue Yang, Yue Yu, Wu Hen, Wu Xia, Luo Hua, and Qian Qian. There should be no problems, and yet, Drunken Cat Yu Jie felt that something was missing.

She wanted to speak, but her voice hitched in her throat, not knowing an answer to what she wanted to express.

Yue Yang felt even more curious.

What is this Drunken Cat trying to say?

Although she had also participated in the research experiment of the rune array, her knowledge in this aspect was something like a minor topic for her. At the very least, her level was far from Yue Yu and the others.

However, Yue Yang was the type to listen to a person rather eagerly as he wanted to know about one’s inspiration. Sometimes, a flash of inspiration was much better than working hard for several decades! Yue Yang could never deny that someone with the slightest knowledge of a topic wouldn’t be able to be struck by a sudden wave of inspiration and enlightenment. Bao Er, the big loli of the Golden Elf clan, wouldn’t usually lift a finger to help out or handle thighs. But if she really wanted to do something that was very important to her, letting the occasionally dense and chaotic Bao Er handle that situation would be a hundred times better than leaving it in the hands of someone knowledgeable.

Luck, misfortune, inspiration and comprehension— these things could not be controlled artificially, nor could they be obtained through hard work.

“I think it seems-how do I put it, I don’t know how to say! Just feel it!” Under normal circumstances, Drunken Cat Yu Jie wouldn’t ever let him feel her inner emotions.

Since they went to the World Tree to admire the Gods together, all the girls have acquired the same skill, which was the connection of the spiritual energy that was intertwined into the form of a ribbon. Everyone’s shapes were different and so were the coercions that emitted from it, but the functions remained the same— they were all used to interconnect with one another’s souls for communication purposes and to form a tacit understanding between them. Yue Yu and the Sickly Beauty discussed it and even gave the skill a new name, ‘Linked Heart Knot’.

No matter who it was, one could connect with the other by connecting the hearts and exchanging mental information with spiritual energy.

Usually, everyone was more accustomed to using spoken languages for communication purposes.

After all, small and precious secrets should be kept.

Encountering a situation where her words couldn’t express the way she was feeling, Drunken Cat Yu Jie had to choose to use this ‘Linked Heart Knot’ to solve the problem and let Yue Yang feel her emotions. Of course, if she had not made up her mind before this, to agree to cooperate with his research and be his first experimental subject, she would not have been able to do so.

The rays of light flashed.

Unlike Xue Wu Xia’s soul ribbon, which was a variant of ancient runes, Drunken Cat Yujie’s own Linked Knot also has its own uniqueness.

Her spiritual energy-like ribbon was not as obvious as others, but the starlight on it shone and bloomed even more in a continuous pattern. This scene was different from the harmonious and flower-like blooming of Luo Hua’s pattern; hers was similar to a kind of illuminated spear or an erupting Qi source.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie often felt the illumination, using it to help her in her martial arts skills.

Silently, the ribbon wrapped itself around Yue Yang’s fingers.

And she also instantly felt that an arrogant and reckless guy broke into her heart— all of her secrets seemed to be exposed all at once. The feeling was more uncomfortable and embarrassing than standing in front of him in a naked manner. Drunken Cat Yu Jie forcibly endured her shame, keeping her fingers tied tightly with the Linked Hear Knot. Her heartbeat pounded like a deer prancing around; it was uncontrollable and aggravated. Fortunately, Yue Yang did not appear to be like a robber leaving no stone unturned as he focused solely on the odd enlightenment that couldn’t be described.

Yue Yang’s face was shining.

With the Knowledge Inheritance and the guidance of the countless predecessors of the World Tree, he had the ability to capture any inspiration and insight that ordinary people couldn’t match him up with.

Without even a second, he completely resonated with the sentiment in the heart of Drunken Cat Yu Jie.

Moreover, he felt a stronger tug of the inexpressible feeling with more precision.

He didn’t know how long it took.

When Yue Yang slowly opened his eyes, Drunken Cat Yu Jie saw that there was a flash of divine light gleaming in his eyes. It was as if there was an indescribable light of wisdom, bursting from the bottom of his heart through the window of the soul and to her eyes.

“I get it now, that’s a very great plan!” Yue Yang happily hugged Drunken Cat Yu Jie as he basked in the scent of her fragrant shoulders. He laughed ecstatically before finally calming down, “Wu Xia said before that she felt like there was something missing. She also said that she would return and think about it, but who would have thought that you actually figured it out before us. We thought about the Heaven Ranked Beasts and the non-Heaven Ranked Beasts, but we forgot something very important— which is the potential Beast. In fact, we thought about it in the early stages of our vision, but then we got too busy and too anxious, so we kind of subconsciously ignored it. In fact, the Beast Bracelet is not necessarily used by non-Grimoire Contractors; even those who owned a Grimoire Contract are eligible for it…especially children with relatively weak self-protection ability. If there is a new potential contract beast to grow together with the child or to have it protect the younger ones, the process of growing up and the safety of the contractor would be more ensured compared to those who didn’t have it. Tong Tian Tower isn’t all that big and the Soaring Dragon Continent is quite small in size too. In terms of prodigies and gifted people, the numbers are decreasing steadily with the emergence of a new generation. At this rate, there would practically be no competition in the Heaven Realm; but with this added criteria, things might turn out for the better one day. Kitty, this idea of yours is the first step towards the future generations’ potential!”

“No, I-did I really think of it that way?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie rubbed her hands together. She was very embarrassed as she wasn’t expecting his praise of all things.

“That’s the inspiration in your mind. You really thought of it like that, but you just couldn’t say it out loud,” Yue Yang laughed and shook her shoulder,”You don’t really talk a lot normally, so it was to be expected.”

“W-what are you talking about? I usually like to talk…” Drunken Cat Yu Jie anxiously defended. But when she heard her own voice, which sounded smaller and meeker than usual, she was surprised at the ‘gentleness’ in her heart. Wait, I’m not usually like this? What’s happening? Unless, in front of him, I can’t even be mad anymore? What kind of drastic change is this?

When she realised that her own Linked Heart Knot was still tied to his finger, she became even more bashful.

She quickly retracted the knot and looked at him with slight apprehension, for fear that he would laugh at her gentleness.

Who would have thought that instead of laughing at her, Yue Yang vigorously praised her, “Kitty, this was correct. You have to open your heart and communicate more with everyone. If I’m not free, you can talk to Wu Hen, Sister Yu and Qian Qian— everyone really cares about you!”

Drunken Cat Yu Jie only realized that he was still calling her Kitty. With that, she felt ashamed, “I- I’m not ‘Kitty’ so d-don’t call me that!”

“It’s okay. When there is no one around, I will call you Kitty. This name is something that only the two of us will share,” Yue Yang lowered his head and kissed her lightly, causing Drunken Cat Yu Jie to stand dumbfounded on the spot.

Did I just let this kid kiss me?

Moreover, the kiss was on the lips…this- was this my first kiss?

That was way too fast, I didn’t even get to feel anything and he finished? I didn’t get to prepare myself, even. That kiss just went by way too quickly!

Yue Yang had already turned around, taking away the first kiss of the beauty with smug consciousness; whereas Drunken Cat Yu Jie, who had been standing there for a long time, tried hard to collect her feelings just now. Several times she wanted to stick out her tongue to lick her lips, to try to taste any lingering sensations. But as she was afraid that Yue Yang would see her, her heart thumped loudly in her chest.

“Come on!” Yue Yang turned around, reaching out to hold Drunken Cat Yu Jie’s shoulders.

“Now?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie woke up from the trance of her first kiss.

After throwing away my first kiss, we’re just going to get straight into Double Cultivation now? Was the next step the legendary ‘pushing down’? I’m not ready for that yet; what do I do, what do I do? Next, he’ll take off his nightwear and press himself against me? How do I even cooperate with that? If he kisses me again, what do I do? Will I accidentally bite him too harshly when I return the kiss?

It could be said that her undecided train of thoughts just now was to see whether or not he was worthy of her cooperation, but now, she was thinking of ways to cooperate with him.

If it was not done well and became known to Wu Hen and the others, she wouldn’t ever have the courage to face them…

Just when Drunken Cat Yu Jie was about to gather up the courage to take off her pyjamas, to close her eyes and cooperate with Yue Yang’s Double Cultivation, she suddenly found that Yue Yang was putting a coat on her. Next, he took out the Three Realms Compass, “We have to hurry up, I have a sudden but wonderful idea. If we reform this further, we can use the Sun Jewel, Moon Gem and the Star Stones to make it. Even if it turns out to be at the first level, it could also be compounded with rare ores in the Heaven Realm, such as the Di Yan Ore, Dream Ice, Electric Flower, Call of Thunder and many more. Finally, we can combine them with pure gold, mithril and red bronze— that would be the best case scenario. It would always be in our hands and it would be virtually impossible to be copied or emulated by those who had every intention to. We won’t give them a chance to obtain the materials, let alone draw the rune patterns. We have to solve the problem by dealing with its roots and not let those idiots ever attempt to tarnish it! “

It turned out that the plan was to go to the Heaven Realm to obtain the ores. The ‘pushing down’ would not occur now, at least.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie breathed a sigh of relief.

With a bit of relaxation, she patted her heart lightly as she recalled the past events. When they arrived at the Black Wind City in the Heaven Realm, Drunken Cat Yu Jie found that he did not go directly to the City Lord’s Mansion, nor did he go to the new Emerald Castle. Instead, he soared to a place that was named the Black Flame Canyon.

After flying for a long time without reaching their destination, Drunken Cat Yu Jie, who was caught up in a world that existed of only the two of them, became more and more relaxed. From the beginning, they flew side by side, until she started to slow down. Then, he let her little hands grasp onto his own, eventually lying on his back with a hint of coquettishness, allowing her to soar around the skies of the Heaven Realm on his back. Although her breasts and lower abdomen that were attached to his solid back created an indescribably strange feeling, she wasn’t ashamed at all besides the slight embarrassment that surged within her.

While wiping his sweat, she found that she was talking to him in a gentle tone that she had never used before, “Are you tired? Shall we rest for a while?”

“You are lighter than a cat!” Yue Yang replied.

“I’m not a cat…” Drunken Cat Yu Jie realized that she was acting coquettishly. When she said that, her emotions started to fluctuate. Damn it, I don’t even know what I’m becoming after being by this brat’s side for too long. She immediately reverted to a more serious tone of voice as she explained, “Actually, I can fly too; I’ll just be a bit slower!”

“It’s okay, you can sleep, I will call you up when we get to our destination. Last time I heard that there were Di Yan Ores in the Black Flame Canyon, but I didn’t have time to confirm it. As for Dream Ice, Electric Flower and Call of Thunder, I have them with me. If I can just find the Di Yan Ores, there might be a chance for us to create the Beast Bracelet now,” Yue Yang lifted Drunken Cat Yu Jie behind him once more, patting her backside like how he habitually did to Princess Qian Qian as well.

With that action, the already tired out Drunken Cat Yu Jie softened and relaxed even further.

Although she knew he didn’t mean it, the feeling was still unexplainable to her.

Faintly, she seemed to look forward to the lover-styled double cultivation in her heart. It’s really strange.Two hours ago, I was desperately thinking about rejecting him, but now… I don’t know what will happen if we really do it. The more Drunken Cat Yu Jie thought about things, the more her body started to heat up.

She laid weakly on his back, quietly scenting his warm and masculine man’s breath. Without realising it, she was eventually lulled into sleep.

Because she was in a deep dream, the corners of her lips, once again, lifted and showed a pleasantly sweet smile.

The smile was shallow, but blissful…

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