Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 507 - How Can There Be a Reunion?

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Chapter 507: How Can There Be a Reunion?

Peak Master Ji shook his head and smiled. He did not speak further.

“Even if you want to say more, at least tell us the location so that Senior Brother can send a few people to guard it, right?”

Peak Master Che looked a bit rough and his voice was very loud.

Lu Zhou’s face darkened.

“Senior Brother Che, if you’re afraid that the Emperor Ghost can’t hear you, just raise your voice.”

When Peak Master Che heard that, he hurriedly covered his mouth. He subconsciously glanced at Sect Master Kong, like a child who did something wrong and was afraid of being scolded by his parents.

When Lu Sheng saw this, she only found it a little funny and could not help but secretly laugh.

“Your Senior Brother Che is right.” Sect Master Kong agreed. “Tell me the exact location first so that I can send someone to guard it in case that fellow escapes again.”

Lu Zhou thought and felt that it made sense.

He hurriedly told them the exact location. Before they sent out their disciples, he specially reminded them, “Remember, don’t get too close. If it escapes again, it won’t be easy to find it again.”

“Don’t worry. Do I look like someone who doesn’t know my limits?”

Sect Master Kong snorted coldly and waved his sleeve at the people outside the door, hinting for them to go over now.

“Ah Dian, prepare yourself tonight. Don’t let those puppets come in and hurt people.”

Lu Zhou said this to Shangguan Dian.

Shangguan Dian nodded. “Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded.

“What about us?” Lu Sheng asked.

“You?” Lu Zhou raised an eyebrow. “Of course, you have to follow me. Where else do you want to go?”

“But… Aren’t you going to catch the Emperor Ghost with Grandmaster and Uncle-Masters?”


Lu Zhou shook his head. “With the capabilities of the Emperor Ghost, if even your grandmaster can’t do anything to it, I’ll only add to the trouble.”

“When did Junior Brother Lu become so humble?” Peak Master Luo raised his eyebrows. “If you add to the trouble with your strength, won’t we be ashamed of our inferiority?”

Although Lu Zhou was the youngest of the Five Peaks, his capabilities far exceeded theirs.

Other than Chunyu Dong, who could tie with him, no one among the Senior Brothers could defeat him.

“He can’t go.” Sect Master Kong glanced at Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan and said in a deep voice, “He has more important things to do.”

Although Peak Master Luo did not know what it was, seeing Sect Master Kong’s expression, he knew that what Lu Zhou needed to do was definitely not a small matter.

“Master, actually, we can protect ourselves.”

Lu Sheng said in a low voice, “Did you forget that I have an Invisibility Talisman?”

When Lu Zhou heard that, he paused and suddenly understood. He immediately sat up straight and asked Lu Sheng, “Disciple, do you still have extra Invisibility Talismans?”

Lu Sheng liked to fiddle with these strange things. Although he was not completely ignorant in talisman magic, he couldn’t compare to his daughter.

He did not know who his daughter had inherited her talent from. In short, it was definitely not him or that mortal woman.

It was said that there was once an ancestor of the Lu family who made talismans. However, that was more than ten generations ago.

Perhaps, this little girl had inherited it from her ancestors.

The little girl could not use what he taught.

He had no choice. After all, she had a mortal body.

Of course, if the little girl could return to her original body, she might be able to cultivate immortal techniques.

Lu Sheng nodded. “There’s a hundred.”

“Give me twenty.”

Lu Sheng nodded and handed over twenty Invisibility Talismans.

After Lu Zhou received the Invisibility Talismans, he returned the whip to Lu Sheng.

“Where did you get this Invisibility Talisman from?” Chunyu Dong asked curiously.

Sect Master Kong also looked over curiously. “Who drew the Invisibility Talisman?”

It was not that no one knew how to create talismans in the Five Peaks. For example, Lu Zhou knew how to create Communications Talismans.

Everyone knew how to exorcise evil spirits, catch ghosts, and understand runes. However, it had been a long time since anyone had drawn Invisibility Talismans.

Lu Sheng blinked a few times and asked Lu Zhou, “Master, is the Invisibility Talisman… difficult to draw?”

Why was everyone so surprised by the Invisibility Talisman?

“Of course.”

Chunyu Dong said warmly, “The drawing method of this Invisibility Talisman has been lost for a long time. Until now, no one knows how to draw it anymore. There is an ancient book recorded in the Five Peaks, but the drawing method is wrong.”

Lu Zhou looked down guiltily.

“No way?” Lu Sheng frowned. “Master gave it to me…”


Before Lu Sheng could finish, Lu Zhou suddenly coughed and changed the topic. “Master, this is for you and the Senior Brothers. We still have some matters to attend to, so we’ll go back first. I’ll leave tonight’s matters to you and the Uncle-Masters.”

Lu Sheng looked at him suspiciously, but Chunyu Dong smiled.

It seemed like the drawing method recorded in the ancient book was not wrong. Instead, the ancient book was a fake, right?

If he guessed correctly, the real ancient book should be with Lu Sheng.

However, even if ordinary people could draw this Invisibility Talisman, they might not be able to use it.

After all, this ancient book had a book spirit. If it did not acknowledge someone, even if they knew how to draw, the talisman would not take effect.

It seemed like Lu Sheng was very talented in this aspect and was liked by the book spirit.

Lu Sheng was pulled out of the inn by Lu Zhou, and Chu Sihan and the rest followed behind them.

“Master, could that talisman crafting book be from the Five Peaks?”

“So what if it was?” Lu Zhou raised an eyebrow. “It’s a waste to place it on the Five Peaks anyway. You have talent in talisman crafting, so it’s good that I gave it to you.”

Lu Sheng chuckled. “I think I’m talented too.”

Lu Zhou: “…You climbed up after I gave you a bamboo pole?”

Lu Sheng raised an eyebrow. “Am I wrong?”

Lu Zhou was speechless.

He had to admit that the little girl was right.

Regarding talisman crafting, he dared to say that even his grandmaster might not be able to compare to the little girl.

Seeing that he did not speak, Lu Sheng hurriedly turned back and held Chu Sihan’s arm. She asked, “Ah Han, do you think I’m right?”

Chu Sihan was stunned. Then, he nodded and said gently, “Yes!”

“Yes what?” Lu Zhou sneered. “Do you know what she is saying? Would it be right?”

Chu Sihan said coldly, “Sheng Sheng is always right.”

When Lu Sheng heard that, she raised her chin proudly at Lu Zhou.


Lu Zhou snorted.

The King of Hades, Lu Ying, and Shangguan Dian smiled silently.

When they passed by a restaurant, they stopped in their tracks. However, they quickly returned to normal and passed by that restaurant naturally.

Xian Jing and Xian Ya looked down the window. Their expressions darkened when they saw them.

“Let’s see how you still have the leisure to continue walking around after tonight,” Xian Ya said coldly.

Xian Jing looked at her and said lightly, “Don’t let them discover us.”

“It’s so far away. They probably can’t hear me.”

Xian Ya scanned the crowd and could not help but frown when she did not see that person.

“Brother, didn’t you say that Chunyu Dong, Wen Yin, and the rest are here too? Why didn’t I see them?”

Chunyu Dong and Wen Yin liked Lu Zhou the most and followed him everywhere.

If they were in Lin Jiang Mansion, there was no reason for them not to follow him out.

“They might have gone elsewhere.”

Xian Jing looked gloomily in the direction where Lu Zhou and the rest left and spoke faintly.

“Brother, are you still thinking about that b*tch, Wen Yin?”

After knowing that Chunyu Dong and Wen Yin had reconciled, Xian Ya’s hatred for Wen Yin increased.

Xian Jing snorted coldly. “Same to you.”

He was still thinking about Wen Yin, but she was also thinking about Chunyu Dong.

“I’ve already let him go. Since Chunyu Dong doesn’t know what’s good for him, why should I continue to miss him?”

Xian Ya snorted coldly and turned to go downstairs.

Xian Jing smiled faintly but did not say anything.

On the other hand, after they could not see the restaurant at all, Lu Sheng frowned and asked, “Master, why didn’t you capture those two people just now?”

“What’s the hurry?”

Lu Zhou said lightly, “Let them be carefree for a while.”


The sky tonight was a bit strange.

The stars and moon in the sky were covered by thick clouds. Those clouds seemed to have been splashed with blood, looking very scary.

As the magistrate court’s notice had not been canceled, the streets were cold and empty at night.

“It seems like the sky has changed.”

Lu Zhou looked at the strange sky through the window and mumbled.

Shangguan Dian stood beside him. After looking at the sky, he said to him, “I’ll leave first.”

“Bring this along.”

Lu Zhou took out an Invisibility Talisman and passed it to him.


After Shangguan Dian received the Invisibility Talisman, he jumped out of the window and disappeared instantly.

“Master, go and help too. At most, when they find us, Ah Han and I will hide in the Netherworld.”

After hearing about the power of the Emperor Ghost, Lu Sheng had always felt that Sect Master Kong and the rest might not be its match.

“Sheng Sheng is right.”

Chu Sihan agreed. “Father, Mother, go and help too. We’ll protect ourselves.”

When the King of Hades and Lu Ying heard that, they looked at Lu Zhou at the same time.

Lu Zhou was silent for a moment before he nodded. “Okay, be careful.”

Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan nodded at the same time.

After Lu Zhou and the rest left, only the two of them were left in the huge guest hall.

Lu Sheng looked at Chu Sihan and said softly, “Ah Han, what are your plans?”

They could not defeat the Emperor Ghost. If they fought it, they would only cause trouble for everyone.

However, although they could not help much, they could help a little.

For example, helping Shangguan Dian deal with those puppets.

Chu Sihan smiled and said softly, “It depends on your decision. I’ll listen to you.”


Lu Sheng took out two Invisibility Talismans and passed one to him. “Here, we’ll find Uncle Demon King.”


Chu Sihan received the Invisibility Talisman and nodded slightly.

On the street.

Listening to the roars, those who had not fallen asleep yet were terrified.

Some bold people secretly opened the window to observe. When they saw the scene on the street, they were so scared that their faces lost their color. Some even fainted on the spot.

Shangguan Dian thought that there would not be so many puppets. When he saw them, he was secretly shocked.

However, he was only shocked for a moment. Soon, he entered the battle.

Those puppets were not his match to begin with. In addition to the Invisibility Talisman Lu Zhou gave him, those puppets were not his match at all and were completely at his mercy.

On the other hand, Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan had just left the magistrate court when a red figure happened to enter.

Xian Ya had long been hiding outside the magistrate court. She had watched Lu Zhou and the rest leave with her own eyes before sneaking in.

However, after searching the entire magistrate court, she still did not see Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng.

“Could they have returned to Huang Yang Town?” She narrowed her eyes, thinking that this was highly possible.

“Xian Ya.”

Xian Ya had just left the magistrate court and was about to report the situation to Xian Jing when a cold voice suddenly called out to her.

Her body stiffened and she stood rooted to the ground.

Under the weak street lamp, Lu Zhou, the King of Hades, and Lu Ying, who had left, stood at their original spots and looked at her coldly.

Xian Ya retreated in fear. Her gaze quickly scanned the surroundings, and she prepared to find an opportunity to escape.

She could not even defeat Lu Zhou alone, let alone the King of Hades and Lu Ying.

Lu Zhou casually set up a boundary and walked towards her calmly.

“Indeed, the same kind of children are born to the same kind of parents.” Lu Zhou smiled coldly and said, “Your parents were heartless and treacherous when they were alive. Their children are also ingrates.”

“You have no right to criticize my parents!”

At the mention of her parents, Xian Ya’s originally terrified gaze instantly became filled with hatred, and her face became extremely ferocious.

“Why not?”

Lu Zhou smiled coldly. “How much did your parents benefit from the Five Peaks? What happened in the end? Are they worthy of being the Sect Master?”

“Also, if not for Uncle-Master Yan’s pleading back then, you would have long dissipated with your parents. How would you still be where you are today? Not only are you not grateful, but you even want to repay kindness with ingratitude!”

“What a joke!”

Xian Ya smiled coldly. “The weak are prey to the strong. What’s wrong with my parents wanting to rule the Five Peaks?”

“Well said!”

Lu Zhou clapped twice and smiled faintly. “The weak are prey to the strong. Your parents couldn’t defeat the rest of the Five Peaks and didn’t get what they wanted. In the end, they died tragically. That’s because they were inferior and deserved to have their souls dissipated. Then, what right do you have to talk about revenge?”


Xian Ya was rendered speechless.

“Uncle-Master Yan is a kind person. Even though he knew that you siblings secretly practiced a forbidden technique, framed my Senior Brother, and even secretly refined living puppets, he still knelt down and begged my master to spare your lives.”

Lu Zhou looked at her expressionlessly and continued, “If not for Uncle-Master Yan, do you think the two of you would have walked out of the Five Peaks alive? Not only did you not know how to be grateful, but you even released the Imperial Ghost. It’s not enough even if you die ten thousand times!”

Xian Ya’s face paled, and her entire body trembled from fear. She took a step back unconsciously.

“Lu Zhou, if… if you dare to kill me, Lord Emperor Ghost and my brother will not let you off!”

“You still dare to be stubborn at the brink of death?”

Lu Zhou raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile, “Don’t worry. Your brother and Lord Emperor Ghost are probably in trouble now, like you, right?”


Xian Ya smiled coldly. “You think you can deal with Lord Emperor Ghost? Dream on!”

“Regardless of whether I’m dreaming or not, you’ve already fallen into my hands.”

Lu Zhou smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you now. After your brother comes over to meet you, I’ll send the both of you off to reunite with your family.”

“I’m afraid they won’t be able to reunite.”

The King of Hades spoke expressionlessly.

“That’s true.”

Lu Zhou chuckled. “Their souls have dissipated. How can there be a reunion?”

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