Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1333: Young Master Tian Posted a Video Again!

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Chapter 1333: Young Master Tian Posted a Video Again!

Meng Chang kept weighing the pros and cons.

"The timing is fleeting. If it is forced to wait until Friday night before it is released, then it would be very difficult to dismantle and attack Home Corporation at the most suitable point after the public opinion has fermented. It might cause a chain reaction, causing a huge risk of Fan Xiaodong emptying Home Corporation's shares."

"My commission is nothing. Even if it becomes popular in two days and caused my commission to collapse, I would only lose thirty to fifty thousand yuan."

"However, if something goes wrong with the stock, that would be a huge problem. How would I have the face to face Fan Xiaodong?"

"I'm not waiting anymore! Post the video!"

Meng Chang quickly made up his mind. He logged into Young Master Tian's account and posted a video. At the same time, he made the follow-up arrangements as soon as possible!

The popularity would explode two days earlier and would definitely affect Meng Chang's commission.

It would not be to the extent of clearing 0, but it would probably be cut in half or at least evaporate by one-third.

However, Meng Chang had no choice. On one hand, he had to complete the perfect "Pei family publicity method" process once to gain knowledge. On the other hand, he had promised his hard workers, Fan Xiaodong, that it would definitely not be a problem to empty the shares of Home Corporation. He could not mess it up now.

Meng Chang did not know exactly how much Fan Xiaodong had invested. It might not be particularly fatal if he were to strike two days later, but Meng Chang did not want to take the risk.

Everyone knew that villains died from talking too much, and those who were killed were often because of greed.

Therefore, Meng Chang was not greedy at all. He would not do anything fancy. He would deal with it first!

He had to knock him on the head before Home Corporation made the 'thoughtful butler business' successful!

At night, Ding Xiyao went home from work. After making a simple dinner, she watched videos on Aili Island's website while eating.

She had been a little poisoned recently. She had watched many walkthroughs of the real estate agent simulator.

He had to say that the gamers were indeed too talented. They had even thought of many tricks that Ding Xiyao, the previous businessman, had not thought of.

Many players became capitalists and tried all ways and means to increase the rent and fool tenants. There were even players who were already trying to challenge themselves by using the least transaction volume to continuously upgrade and using the money they earned to renovate their houses.

On one hand was renting an old, dilapidated house to tenants, and on the other was a spacious, bright, and expensive house with expensive furniture. It was simply unreal.

Some gamers also noticed that there was a pattern to the houses and tenants in the game. Some people often had good houses and high-quality tenants, while others did not have such good luck.

There was even a saying that 'the starting account is lucky' on the forum. It suggested that players with bad luck would delete their account and train again.

There might be no direct evidence but the account with bad luck had always been bad luck. There was no good solution other than to delete the account.

Some suspected that this was a game mechanism, while others said that this might be a bug.

However, Ding Xiyao had not encountered such a situation yet.

He swiped his hand and a batch of videos about the Real Estate Agent Simulator appeared on the homepage.

Ding Xiyao had watched too many similar videos, so the website kept pushing it to her.

"Eh? This video…"

Ding Xiyao saw the title of this video: "Deeply analyzing social reality with a game: A Brief Intermediary Simulator". This title looked quite serious and serious. It looked out of place among the live-streams.

He clicked on it and saw that it was a new video. It had just been released. Although the viewership was not very high, the popularity, bullet screen comments, and likes were all very high. It looked like a high-quality video.

"An in-depth analysis of social reality? That's a little too much. This game reflects reality at most. How is it dissected?"

Ding Xiyao was a little confused because in her opinion, the real estate agent simulator was just like the game's name. It was mainly a simulation of reality. There did not seem to be any "dissecting" components.

This game did not make anyone reflect?

Ding Xiyao clicked on the video with curiosity.

The author of the video was' Young Master Tian '. The video had been edited well. The material used was mainly the promotional video of' Real Estate Agent Simulator 'and the actual graphics of the game.

However, the content creator did not use his own voice. Instead, he used AEEIS artificial intelligence to automatically generate the entire audio.

The content of the entire video was very refined. There was no opening speech or greeting of the audience. It went straight to the point.

"'Real Estate Agent Simulator', an ordinary-looking VR game."

"Its gameplay is not complicated. It looks not much different from other simulated management games. Its early publicity makes people feel a little strange. It seems to be severely mismatched with the game content."

"However, from publicity to content, this game actually completely replicates the current situation of the domestic rental industry. Through subtle and in-depth methods, players can be brought into the identity of intermediaries, understand the deep secrets of the industry that were originally difficult to come into contact with, and understand the crux of the chaos in many industries."

"Perhaps some people have already felt this while others have not."

"That's normal. After all, an outstanding game would definitely have extremely strong gameplay and rich fun. This fun might temporarily overwhelm players' thinking about the meaning of the game."

"Players who are willing to rack their brains to think about it might as well explore the deeper meaning of this game together."

Ding Xiyao noticed that the tone of this UP Master was different from most UP Masters.

Other UP Masters, in order to increase the affinity of their videos, would often use biased and lifestyle language. They would first get close to the audience, close their relationship, and even insert some interesting paragraphs and emoji packs. Then, they would gradually invoke their own arguments and unfold them.

However, this "Young Master Tian" video was very direct.

He did not seem to care about the audience's ability to accept him. He was not worried that the beginning would dissuade the audience. He also did not care if the audience would think of his video as a sponsored video.

The entire video was written objectively like a textbook.

Whether you believe it or not, so be it.

What's more, for some reason, there was a feeling that 'my video was made for smart people to watch. Stupid people, please consciously withdraw'.

Logically speaking, this attitude itself was not very pleasing. After all, most viewers watched videos for fun. This UP Master seemed to have a sense of IQ superiority. Who could watch it?

However, to Ding Xiyao's surprise, the bullet screen comments on the video did not react this way.

Not only did they not scold him, they looked very excited!

"Wow! Big boss finally uploaded another video! First row!"

"This UP Master is updating monthly now?"

"I feel like the big boss should be very busy. Making videos is just a hobby. Otherwise, he would not be so casual."

"It's alright, as long as the quality is good! The videos produced by the big boss are all top-notch. It's worth watching!"

It was only then that Ding Xiyao realized that the account 'Young Master Tian' had a video with a few million views previously. It talked about Dawn Games platform and caused a warm response.

Many people were paying attention to him, and most of them were gamers.

Thus, when the second video was released, everyone realized that it was a video about the game. Naturally, they came to support it.

Ding Xiyao still felt that the title was a little far-fetched and suspected of being an attention catcher. However, since it was a video made by a big boss, it was still worth watching.

"Talk about the promotional video before you talk about the game 'Real Estate Agent Simulator'."

"When the promotional video was first released, no one knew that it was a promotional video for the real estate agent simulator. Many people questioned the content of the promotional video."

"In many people's view, this promotional video is completely incompatible with the game itself. It is completely mismatched in terms of publicity, but in fact, that is not the case. This promotional video is actually intentional. It is to take care of each other with the content in the game!"

"After watching the promotional video, some people felt sympathy for the intermediaries who worked hard, while others were stimulated by the disgust in their hearts."

"And this superficial sympathy and deep disgust complex mentality is precisely a catalyst. With it, you can better substitute in the identity of tenants and intermediaries in the game 'Real Estate Model' to find the crux of the industry!"

Ding Xiyao's expression was a little blank.

Was this promotional video deliberately trying to make people feel moved and disgusted?

That's not right. I'm the main actor. Why can't I feel it?

I was acting very seriously, hoping to gain everyone's sympathy!

What's more, Director Meng Chang did not mention this. He only asked me to act it out.

Ding Xiyao felt that this' Young Master Tian 'was probably over-interpreting. He would definitely not have been able to say something like that if he had been at the filming location.

However, Ding Xiyao was also very curious about how he would overinterpret it. Thus, she continued watching patiently.

"I believe many players have already noticed that when they were tenants, they always hated the intermediary's cheating behavior. However, after playing the role of a real estate agent, they began to naturally use all sorts of tricks for profits."

"For example, when tenants look at the houses, they try their best to cover up the problems with the houses. They don't even hesitate to deceive customers in order to facilitate the transaction. When renovating the houses, they think of all ways to save money. They don't consider the actual living experience after tenants move in. After all, they don't live in their own houses. When renting tenants into three, six, or nine levels, they spend more time and energy to entertain those who are more likely to pay a high price. Those customers who don't seem to be able to afford the high price are patronizing…"

"Of course, there are also many people who can persevere and operate on their conscience. However, it is undeniable that every player must have experienced this temptation: If removing an armchair would not affect the rent much, why not store this sofa in the storeroom and give the next house to use?"

"This is the first core of the real estate agent simulator: Let players be able to enter the identity of intermediaries and do similar tricks to intermediaries, let both parties have the same motive, and better understand each other."

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