Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1334: Analyzing the Source

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Chapter 1334: Analyzing the Source

Ding Xiyao could not help but feel a little ashamed.

That was because the video was right. That was what she had done.

In the past, when she was a real estate agent, Ding Xiyao had either taken the initiative or passively learned the tricks of intermediaries. Even though she had always been working hard and restrained to find a middleman, she had to hide her conscience sometimes in order to facilitate transactions.

It was just like when customers asked if the lighting of this house was good. In fact, they would only answer 'not good' and seriously explain how not good it was. That would be an honest answer.

Answers like 'very good', 'not bad', or 'enough' were all vague, but they were of different levels.

When Ding Xiyao was an intermediary, there were not many cases of her lying through her teeth. However, there were many ambiguous and non-committal situations. In fact, this could be considered a trap, but it was much more restrained.

In the game, even though Ding Xiyao knew in her heart that this was all a game and that they were all fake, telling the truth would not cause the company to close down and the game to fail, she still subconsciously continued the previous work method.

It could even be said that games had a magnifying effect on one's nature.

Perhaps it was precisely because gamers knew that the tenants in the game were all a series of data. They were not real people, and they could not feel the pain of living in a broken house. Thus, it was very difficult to think from another perspective. That was why the gameplay of this "black-hearted intermediary simulator" was created?

Ask yourself, why would gamers choose to play this way?

It was actually very simple, for profit.

The profits in the game would directly affect the level of intermediary companies and the money in the hands of players. The former would allow players to unlock more house types and contact more high-level tenants. The latter would determine how much money players could use to modify their own homes and intermediary shops.

After most players came into contact with this game, their first goal was to earn profits and develop shops.

Thus, according to the video, the first layer of the real estate intermediary simulator was to allow players to play as real estate intermediaries through simulating the work model of real estate intermediaries. They would also choose the way to earn profits. That would let players realize that the chaos in the intermediary industry could be attributed to a fundamental reason: interests.

However, Ding Xiyao's question came very quickly.

From the looks of it, the real estate agent simulator had indeed shown this point very well. However, it was still not enough to analyze social reality, right?

Could this Young Master Tian continue to dig out the second and third points in the game?

What's more, he could ensure that nothing behind would be deeper than the first point.

She perked up and continued reading seriously.

"Some might say that this is an over-interpretation. How else would the promotional video of the real estate agent simulator be explained?"

"The promotional video is obviously emphasizing the hard work of the intermediary and the identity of the intermediary as a 'serviceman'. This is a beautification and praise, not exposing and criticizing?"

"If you think so, you're wrong."

"I can tell from a few obvious facts that this promotional video is not as simple as most people think."

"The key breaking point is with the female lead in the promotional video."

"In fact, Slow Movement Studio has invested a huge sum of money in publicity for this promotional video. This can be seen from the popularity on the internet."

"Logically speaking, it should not be difficult to invite a more down-to-earth and popular celebrity to act as an intermediary in the promotional video with such a huge publicity budget."

"Or we could take a step back and hire a relatively niche actor with superb acting skills to act. The effect and appeal of the movie would definitely be better than this version."

"However, Slow Movement Studio did not do that. They chose a real former real estate agent to film this promotional video. Before this, this female lead had never had any acting experience. She had not even filmed videos or VLOG herself."

"Why is that?

"There's a promotional plan with a higher price-quality ratio that we don't use, but we have to save money in the most critical role? Even ordinary people who don't understand marketing knowledge can see that this choice is unreasonable."

"After eliminating other possibilities, the answer is about to come out: This is what the promoters intended. The goal of this promotional video is not purely to show the difficult and positive side of the intermediary, but to show the two sides and authenticity of the intermediary's job!"

"The promotional video deliberately made a design of 'empty spaces' so that the audience could fill in the image of the intermediary in reality and complete this shape!"

Ding Xiyao was stunned.

That was because Young Master Tian's words had asked the question in her heart at that time.

If they had so much publicity funds, why did they have to invite me to act instead of a celebrity?

If the promotional video was based on the hard work and respectability of the intermediary, hiring actors would obviously be a more cost-effective choice.

Find an influential, down-to-earth, and popular actor to act in it. That would naturally dispel the disgust that intermediary profession and identity would cause to the audience.

It was just like in many movies. Some movie kings would play small roles, and might even play gangsters. However, through their exquisite performance and the reasonable arrangements of the plot, the audience would feel that the gangsters were quite cute. They had a forced side.

If such an image was worn on intermediaries, it would undoubtedly close the gap with the audience.

If a big-name movie king was too expensive, then they could just find a second and third-tier actor with superb acting skills. As long as he could act out this sincere feeling, he would be able to achieve similar effects. It would be enough to move the audience and make everyone's evaluation of this film more positive.

It was just that it would be weaker in terms of spreading. It would not have traffic and fame like big-name movie kings.

However, Meng Chang did not choose it that way. Instead, he chose Ding Xiyao who had no acting skills at all and spent money to promote it.

He chose the least effective and cost-effective plan.

Ding Xiyao's only advantage might be that she acted more realistic. After all, she had really been an intermediary.

However, reality often did not mean strong influence. Sometimes, the two were opposite.

That was why this promotional video had an "empty spaces" effect. The audience was not completely moved after watching it. Instead, they recalled their experiences of being cheated by intermediaries in life.

No matter how he thought about it, this was a choice with a poor price-quality ratio. Ordinary people could tell.

In that case, the only explanation was that it was done deliberately. This promotional video was meant to cause controversy.

"This is the second core of the real estate intermediary simulator: allowing players to leave the first-person perspective of intermediaries and examine their inherent impression of the intermediary industry from an outsider's point of view and realize the crux of the problem."

"In the promotional video, many people vaguely realized the problem. There was even a kind of instinctive resistance and disgust, but they could not tell where this emotion came from."

"In the official content of the game, players can personally experience the daily work of intermediaries and understand the tricks that exist in reality. They can also run up and down and introduce houses to tenants. That way, they can instantly eliminate the image of the intermediary in the promotional video and let players experience the two sides of the intermediary profession."

"In the promotional video that was filmed in reality, it emphasized the hard and busy work of intermediaries; however, in the game, it also vividly displayed the tricks deep in the intermediary industry."

"Those who have been working hard to bring their clients to view the house are intermediaries. They are intermediaries who play tricks one by one."

"It's a simulated game, but it uses a real video as a promotional video. It's equivalent to giving players a special psychological hint, opening up the border between the game and reality."

At that point, Ding Xiyao could not help but nod.

Even though she had personally experienced the entire filming process and instinctively felt that this explanation was a little nonsensical, she had to admit that it was indeed possible.

This promotional video was obviously hinting that the game itself highly reflected reality. What's more, it was not a beautified reality that emphasized a certain side of reality. Instead, it was a comprehensive, overall, and unadjusted reality.

"Combining the first and second layer is the third layer of the core that the game 'Real Estate Agent Simulator' wants to express: the root of this phenomenon."

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