Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1589 - Tengda Is Fishing For Reputation!

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Chapter 1589 Tengda Is Fishing For Reputation!

Zheng Hao spoke about his entrepreneurial experience in front of the camera, including some positive cases and some negative cases.

To Zheng Hao, the setbacks he encountered in the beginning of his entrepreneurship were all because his employees did not work hard or work hard. That caused the company to not have the upper hand in the competition with other companies. That caused a series of butterfly effects!

After the company closed down, these lazy employees would find another job. The failure of entrepreneurship could only be borne by him.

Of course, Zheng Hao had never failed in his entrepreneurship. The worst case scenario would be to sell his company to other large companies. However, in Zheng Hao’s opinion, anything that did not achieve the top of the industry could be said to be a failure!

Even though he had already obtained a huge amount of personal wealth through his previous two entrepreneurs, he still regarded it as a failure and bore a grudge against his employees’ laziness!

Thus, Zheng Hao began to practice various management schools and formulated various KPI and indicators within the company. Through the HR department, he added layers of codes, causing the entire company to operate in an extremely efficient state!

At the same time, Zheng Hao had accumulated a lot of experience in his entrepreneurship the previous two times. He had successfully avoided all the pits that he could step on in all aspects. That was how he achieved the success of home delivery.

Of course, Zheng Hao did not simply preach during the process of explanation. Instead, he used many cases during the process of entrepreneurship. Many cases were rich and detailed, making the audience nod.

Especially the point about lazy employees making the company fail, it was especially convincing because of Zheng Hao’s large number of detailed cases.

It even resonated widely with many entrepreneurs and business owners present!

Actually, would such phenomenons exist? Of course they do.

It was human nature to be lazy, especially when a large number of heavy work tasks were on their bodies and they could not see direct feedback after completing these tasks. Most people would feel lazy.

For the company, employees who were focused on being screws were good employees. Those employees who were overthinking, inefficient, and even affected the atmosphere of the entire team were, of course, those who were dissuaded from talking

There were many entrepreneurs who agreed with this concept. Some economists even saw this requirement and stood up for entrepreneurs publicly.

For example, some economists suggested that employees could exploit companies by being lazy, but companies would find it difficult to effectively manage and counteract employees’ laziness, so companies are actually disadvantaged.

On the surface, it looked like a form of criticism. However, the person who said that knew the target of the audience very well. He was just satisfying the demands of some entrepreneurs.

Thus, Zheng Hao’s similar comments were still very marketable. Especially those failed entrepreneurs who would not think that they had a problem in managing the company, but because their employees had been lazy!

His subordinates were in a state of disunity and did not have any sense of responsibility or responsibility. That was why the company’s entrepreneurship failed.

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting more and more lively, Zheng Hao knew that it was about time.

Thus, he changed the topic and continued on this point.


“I realized that some companies now want to achieve the effect of making fools of the public by promoting some comments. They then deceive other start-ups, put themselves in an advantageous position in the market competition, and finally achieve an unspeakable goal!”

“I think we have to be wary of these companies!”

“What these entrepreneurs say might look right on the surface, so it is more confusing!”

“Every employee who wants to grow must establish the consciousness of a master in the company! We entrepreneurs are taking care of the company like children! If we blindly listen to such wrong comments, the final outcome would be nothing more than the company failing, the entrepreneurship failing, and the employees losing their jobs!”

The audience looked shocked.

That was because the audience subconsciously thought of Tengda Corporation through Zheng Hao’s words.

All along, Tengda Corporation had been famous for not working overtime and other generous employee benefits. This also made Tengda Corporation the dream land for all workers, giving Tengda Corporation an advantage in the battle of public opinion!

After all, most netizens who participated in the public opinion discussions were hitting workers. Of course, they were on the side of hitting workers.

Zheng Hao pointed his spearhead at Tengda Corporation at this time, obviously because of the feud between Home Take-Out and Tengda Corporation!

Fish-Catching Take-Out had dismantled the business model of home take-out twice and had attacked home take-out delivery man many times. This caused both sides to be at odds in the battle of public opinion. Fish-Catching Take-Out had also successfully seized more markets.

Zheng Hao obviously could not accept this!

Zheng Hao had not only targeted Fish-Catching Take-Out, but he had also expanded his influence to the entire Tengda Corporation. He felt that Tengda Corporation had an ulterior motive for advocating benefits for their employees so that they did not have to work overtime and maintain their fighting spirit.

One had to know that this was a public lecture program with a lot of attention. Zheng Hao’s comments here would definitely be widely spread. It might even be edited into material and sent to Aili Island’s website and other major video websites!

Was Home Take-Out going to start a new round of public opinion war online?

However, Zheng Hao’s words were more like crude discredit of Tengda Corporation. Would that really work?

Zheng Hao smiled and continued. “I know, my words will make everyone confused!”

“Now, first-tier big companies are thinking of ways and means to increase employee benefits. If increasing employee benefits is wrong and goes against management knowledge, why are these big companies doing this?”

“For example, Tengda Corporation soared through strictly implementing the eight-hour work system and generous employee benefits. In a few short years, it had developed into a huge giant. If there is a problem with Tengda’s management thinking, how did Tengda develop?”

“Obviously, you only know one thing!”

“They completely confuse and confuse the objective differences between different companies. They ignore the specific situation of each company and forcefully solve the problem in a one-size-fits-all way!”

“Why are top-tier companies thinking of ways and means to increase employee benefits? It’s because these large companies have high profits that can attract outstanding employees through these employee benefits and encourage outstanding employees.”

“Outstanding employees have higher work efficiency and self-awareness. These benefits can make them better display their value!”

“However, big companies often place the most emphasis on business management. They would use many other methods to improve the efficiency of their employees so that their employees would be better suited for the job. The benefits are just one of their many management methods!”

“For a small startup company, it does not have the generous profits of large companies nor the attractiveness of large companies to outstanding employees. However, it forcefully learned the employee benefits of large companies. This is equivalent to not having the life of a large company but having the disease of large companies!”

“Of course, when Tengda Corporation was still a small company, it implemented employee benefits. However, Tengda could obtain its subsequent achievements not only because of employee benefits.”

“Tengda’s development relies on the high profits of the games industry and on a brilliant management model! I don’t know the specific situation but I can be sure that Tengda is not as simple as a high benefit! Otherwise, it would have been eaten up by those lazy employees. How could it have developed to its current scale?”

“However, when Tengda is promoting its so-called Tengda spirit to the outside world, it only promotes the spirit of not working overtime. It doesn’t mention any other management details.” “Why is that?

“Obviously! This is a very smart public opinion tactic by Tengda. It wants to stand on the same side as the workers to obtain widespread public opinion support so that it can win in the battle of public opinion with other companies!”

“However, everyone, think about it carefully. If all the companies were like Tengda, giving employees high benefits, how many companies would be able to persevere? Would small companies that could not afford such good employee benefits not be worthy of survival?”

“A single promotion of such high benefits is to weaken all startup companies through high benefits so that all small companies would no longer pose any threat to Tengda and achieve a market monopoly!”

Zheng Hao’s speech made everyone start whispering.

Obviously, many people did not expect Zheng Hao to target Tengda Corporation at such an occasion!

He had to admit that Zheng Hao’s speech was supported by many people.

As an outstanding entrepreneur, Zheng Hao had a certain amount of influence brought about by his reputation. Coupled with his successful experience in management, his words sounded very convincing!

Many small entrepreneurs present could empathize with what Zheng Hao had said.

Ever since Tengda Corporation appeared, the eight-hour work system, no overtime, high salary benefits, and so on had become a common demand for workers. The popularity of Tengda Corporation’s recruitment examinations was enough to show how much the employees wanted and welcomed it!

However, not everyone could join Tengda Corporation. Those workers who could not join Tengda Corporation for the time being would naturally compare their current companies with Tengda.

How could the comparison not be sour?

In the eyes of the bosses of these small companies, their own employees were greedy for Tengda’s benefits and wanted their companies to implement an eight-hour work system. Or perhaps their employees were dissatisfied with the current situation and were slacking during overtime. Wasn’t that completely in line with the so-called ’employees are exploiting the company’ saying?

How did Tengda maintain its benefits? This had always been an unsolved mystery!

The most likely explanation was that as a games company, Tengda had supported the company’s benefits with its generous profits.

However, it was obvious that other companies did not have the financial strength to support them. They could not completely replicate Tengda’s model.

Thus, even though Zheng Hao’s words seemed to be filled with hostility towards Tengda Corporation on the surface, they did reflect the demands of some bosses. Some workers even felt quite willing!

If the company closed down because of their employees’ laziness, they would lose their jobs. Wouldn’t ordinary employees not even have the chance to work overtime?

Of course, some people started cursing when they heard this argument. They scolded Zheng Hao for being shameless!

As an outstanding entrepreneur, how could he make his exploitation of his employees sound so refreshing?

No matter what, Zheng Hao’s speech in the Entrepreneurial Public Lecture would definitely cause a huge uproar online!

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