Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1590 - Whose Side Are We On?

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Chapter 1590 Whose Side Are We On?

June 24th, Monday.

At a high-end tea house in Shanghai.

Nie Yunsheng and Zheng Hao sat opposite each other. They sipped their tea nonchalantly and chatted about last Sunday’s’ Founder’s Public Lecture ‘.

“Brother, your speech in the segment has poked a hornet’s nest! I thought you would drop a hint, but I didn’t expect you to directly criticize it!”

“The production team did not stop you?”

Zheng Hao smiled nonchalantly. “Such a program team would at most review the manuscript I submitted. However, I want to improvise on the spot. They can’t directly cut off the live-stream signal.”

That was because such segments would invite reputable entrepreneurs in society, not random people. The program team had to treat the guests like they were big shots. Otherwise, if they were angry and could not come, that would be the program team’s loss!

What’s more, the program team had already clarified that these were the bosses’ personal opinions and had nothing to do with the program.

Even if the audience wanted to rush forward, they would not be able to reach the program team because of the bosses’ personal Weibo.

On the contrary, he could use the outstanding comments of these bosses to gain popularity. Why not?

Nie Yunsheng said with some worry, “Brother, I’m worried about you. If you think about it indirectly, there’s still room to turn things around. However, if you directly name Tengda Corporation, you’ll probably be attacked online for no reason!”

Zheng Hao smiled confidently. “Isn’t it just to get a lot of attention?”

“If no one scolded me, it would mean that our strategy was not successful enough to attract enough attention!”

“What’s more, I have three backup plans waiting for their counterattack!”

“The more they counterattack now, the more we will win after I release my backup plan.”

Nie Yunsheng was a little surprised. “You have a backup plan?”

He had only briefly explained the strategy of the public opinion battle to Zheng Hao previously. He had thought that Zheng Hao had already finished explaining all the content of the strategy in the public lecture.

He did not expect Zheng Hao to have a backup plan.

Zheng Hao explained, “The first backup plan I prepared was to throw out two questions.”

“The first question: If Tengda wants to help other companies, it only needs to guide the operations concept. Why is it forcing its own non-overtime strategy? Is there a need?”

“Second question: Tengda always says that you can increase your employees’ work efficiency if you don’t work overtime. Is there an inevitable connection?”

“If you delve deeper into these two problems, you will be even more certain of what I suggest: Tengda promotes the idea of not working overtime and only uses it as an ideological weapon to expand its territory!”

“When the criticism reaches its peak later, I will throw out these two questions first so that everyone will naturally have doubts.”

“The second backup plan is the current situation and details of Boqun Media.”

“It has been proven that Tengda previously promoted the success of its non overtime model only because he was helping games companies like Sun Strike Studios and Long Yu Corporation. This is a success in business model and not in management model!”

“Once it involves areas that Tengda is not good at, this management model would not be played at all. Boqun Media is a fresh example!”

“Third, I found some information about Boss Pei.”

“According to the information on the internet, he is the absolute controller of Tengda Corporation and has a position of absolute authority. However, after careful investigation, I realized that Boss Pei is only an ordinary student in university.”

“Not only that, Boss Pei has never appeared in front of important events or expressed his thoughts publicly.”

“I think this might be because Boss Pei is worried that he would show his fox tail!”

Nie Yunsheng was a little confused. “What do you mean?”

He had not expected Zheng Hao to start with Boss Pei’s identity.

Zheng Hao explained, “Don’t you think that Tengda Corporation’s behavior doesn’t match Boss Pei’s personal behavior at all? It’s like a person’s head looks left, but their feet are walking right.”

“The impression that Tengda Corporation has left on everyone is that it is showing its edge. It has been promoting and explaining its company’s values to attract talents from all over the world!”

“However, as the leader of Tengda Corporation, Boss Pei never appeared in public, much less revealed his thoughts to everyone. Not only that, he was so low-profile even in school.”

“It’s understandable to keep a low profile, but is there a need to only pass the passing line for the various examinations?”

Nie Yunsheng frowned slightly. He also felt that this matter was unreasonable.

That was because a company’s operating model often displayed the concept of a founder!

Some founders were passionate about giving speeches in society and acting as life coaches. These companies often emphasized values and business spirit.

Some founders kept a low profile and never showed their faces. Then, this company would often be humble, down-to-earth, and pragmatic.

At the very least, he would be cautious and make huge profits silently.

That was very easy to understand. After all, the founder had absolute control over the company. It would maintain the state of the company with him.

However, Tengda Corporation was completely different. If Tengda Corporation was compared to a person, it should be completely different from Pei Qian.

Nie Yunsheng asked, “What does that mean?”

After a moment of silence, Zheng Hao said, “I think Tengda Corporation is not reflecting Boss Pei’s inner thoughts. Or perhaps Boss Pei doesn’t approve of Tengda Corporation’s performance in front of everyone!”

“All of Tengda Corporation’s actions are just a high profile posture that Boss Pei made in order to hide some deep secret!”

“Boss Pei refused to show his face in order to better build his character.”

“That’s because he can only boast about himself without any worries if he doesn’t appear in front of the public. Only then would the public imagine him as a perfect entrepreneurial image. Once he expresses his views in public, his character might collapse!”

“Boss Pei’s true image in school is our most advantageous weapon!”

“No matter what, breaking Boss Pei’s godly state and pulling him down from the altar proves that he is actually just a person fishing for fame. It is definitely a huge benefit for


At the same time, at Boqun Media.

Wei Jinghui looked at the discussions online and knew very well that his task was almost completed.

Zheng Hao must have obtained first-hand information on Boqun Media and thought that he was well-prepared. That was why he attacked Tengda’s public opinion in the entrepreneur’s public lecture!

Wu Bin might have caused a mess in Boqun Media but it was not a big deal to Wei Jinghui.

As long as he could obtain enough funds and resources from the anti-Tengda Alliance, the Bo Qun Media would be able to develop very quickly and better than before!

Therefore, Wei Jinghui was watching the battle of public opinion online with the mentality of watching a show.

As expected, his Weibo exploded that day after Zheng Hao posted this comment!

Tengda’s fans and many angry netizens were not the only ones who went to attack him.

No worker would be able to accept Zheng Hao’s words!


What did he mean by the company’s collapse was caused by ordinary employees slacking? What did he mean by employees could exploit the company’s salary by slacking?

Such comments were practically making complaints and turning the boss into a disadvantaged group. To most ordinary netizens, it was nonsense!

However, Zheng Hao was not unprepared. He argued with the netizens while releasing the materials that he had prepared in an orderly


Zheng Hao’s first move was to ask the netizens two questions.

First, if Tengda wanted to help other companies, it only had to help them in the operations business. Why did they have to force Tengda’s working model?

Second, why did not working overtime necessarily increase work efficiency? Was there any inevitable connection?

These were all necessary to deny Tengda’s working model!

Until now, many UP Masters had refuted Zheng Hao’s words online, but not enough public opinion had been formed.

The reason was simple. Pei Qian had given orders not to let the heads of the various departments participate in the ‘person-in-charge said’ dismantle the business plan of other companies.

Netizens would not be able to generate representative comments and enough popularity in a short period of time just by spontaneously rebuking.

Wei Jinghui felt that this scene was quite strange. The anti-Tengda Alliance and Tengda Corporation were in a deadlock in the battle of public opinion! This was something he had never imagined.

It was enough to prove that Zheng Hao had come prepared and found a good breakthrough point.

Wei Jinghui was praising Zheng Hao’s foresight when he heard a knock on his office door.

The editor-in-chief of Boqun Media, Old Deng, pushed the door open and entered.

Boqun Media was a media company. Naturally, there was a large amount of content that needed the editor-in-chief to write and review. Previously, Old Deng had been the main author of several 100,000 + chapters and was deeply valued by Wei Jinghui.

Wu Bin’s arrival had made a huge transformation of Bo Qun Media from top to bottom. Naturally, Old Deng could not write anymore articles to freeload on traffic. Instead, he wrote some current problems and hot topics according to Wu Bin’s idea. The traffic was greatly reduced because of this.

Wei Jinghui did not ask about Old Deng’s article because he was focused on executing the spy plan.

He was thinking that once the public opinion war in front of him ended and Wu Bin left, Boqun Media would return to its previous working state and pretend that nothing had happened!

“What’s wrong, Old Deng, what’s the matter?” Wei Jinghui asked with concern seeing Old Deng’s somber expression.

Old Deng looked worried. He wanted to say something but hesitated. “Boss Wei, there is not much traffic in what I write recently. I want to write…”

Wei Jinghui smiled and interrupted Old Deng. “Do you feel that you’re not used to the current working model? You don’t like the content of the manuscript that you wrote? It’s alright. It should be back to normal after some time. Just bear with it!”

Old Deng was stunned for a moment before he quickly shook his head. “No, no, no. Boss Wei, that’s not what I mean.”

“I want to write an article to refute Zheng Hao’s speech in the entrepreneurial class!”

Wei Jinghui was stunned. “Huh?”

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