Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 981 - A New Plan To Send Lin Wan Away

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Chapter 981: A New Plan To Send Lin Wan Away

Pei Qian arrived at the nameless restaurant on time, waiting for Lin Chang to arrive at noon.

Every weekend, the nameless restaurant would reserve seats for Pei Qian at noon or at night. Today was coincidentally at noon.

To Pei Qian, this timing was very appropriate. If Mission and Choice had not become popular, he would have come here to have a feast and celebrate. If Mission and Choice became popular, he would have come here to have a huge meal. He could turn his sorrow into appetite and comfort his injured heart.

Lin Chang arrived in no time.

“Boss Pei! Congratulations!”

“Before I came, I just learned from the person-in-charge of the cinema chains that the various cinema chains were very surprised by the godly figures of ‘Mission and Choice’. They had already adjusted the screening rate. I believe that the box office will rise steadily soon!”

“However, what surprised me the most was the game. Boss Pei, how did you think of hiding the remade version of ‘Mission and Choice’ in the old game? This was a stroke of genius. Many players were overjoyed, thinking that it was a rebirth from domestic games!”

“Weibo’s top ten hot searches had ‘Mission and Choice’ on five of them, the movie had three, and the game had two! Such a marketing method is really impressive, saving tens of millions of yuan in marketing! Impressive, impressive!”

Lin Chang looked genuinely happy.

As the person-in-charge of Shenhua Film and Television, Lin Chang usually dealt with various producers and directors. He also handled many movies.

Therefore, he was very clear about the current state of domestic sci-fi movies. It could be described as ‘extremely weak’.

It could not be said that the director or producer of the sci-fi film was not good. It could only be said that the entire industry started late and had a weaker foundation. This was a huge problem.

That was why Lin Chang was sincerely happy to see Boss Pei so bold as to invest a huge sum of money into filming a domestic sci-fi movie and achieve a very good response. This meant that the domestic film industry was developing in a very good direction!

Pei Qian forced a smile. “Let’s talk while we eat.”

He could only say that humans’ sorrows and joy were not interlinked. Every time Boss Pei felt sad, the people around him seemed to be very happy…

Soon, various delicacies filled the dining table.

It was not Lin Chang’s first time here, so he did not stand during the ceremony at all. He raised his thumb and praised Mission and Choice as he ate.

“I watched Mission and Choice’s midnight show yesterday. I’m not satisfied yet.”

“Especially the part where ‘realistic elements’ were added in the middle part of the show. Qin Yi’s command gradually relies on the artificial intelligence’s suggestion. It was originally a slightly uncomfortable plot, but it made all the audience take it for granted through clever handling…”

“And the last part…”

Lin Chang did not notice Boss Pei’s pale face at all. He was talking about his impression of Mission and Choice.

Pei Qian ate silently, cursing in his heart.

He was spoiled again!

Lin Chang had revealed the most exciting key points. What the heck!

The main reason was that Lin Chang did not expect Boss Pei to not know the plot of Mission and Choice. Thus, he did not realize that he had become a shameful spoiler dog. Instead, he treated Boss Pei’s silence as a form of enjoyment.

Pei Qian picked up a crab claw and took a bite. “Alright, Boss Lin, let’s get down to business. You said that Old Master Lin’s attitude towards Lin Wan has changed?”

Lin Chang nodded. “That’s right. Today, I went to test the Old Master and found that his attitude had changed again.”

“The previous time, the Old Master said that it was not bad to let Ah Wan train at Tengda. This time, when I met him, he asked me about Ah Wan’s recent situation. I told him the truth and said that Ah Wan was doing well here. The projects she did were very successful.”

“Old Master obviously approves of Ah Wan’s results here. However, I can tell that he misses Ah Wan again.”

At this point, Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.

Could it be that his plan had worked?

Before this, Pei Qian’s idea was to let Lin Wan work on a few more projects in Shang Yang Games and accumulate some resumes. That way, when Old Master saw Lin Wan’s results and saw that she could take charge of things on her own, he might let her go back?

At that thought, Pei Qian said expectantly, “So, Lin Wan is almost done with her training. Is it time to go back?”

Lin Chang was stunned. “Go back? No, no, no. What Old Master means is that he hopes that Shenhua can invest in Shang Yang Games.”

“This way, Ah Wan’s relationship with her family would definitely be better. She will be able to go home more in the future.”

Pei Qian had been happily dissecting a huge crab, but he could not help but freeze when he heard this. His hand that was about to open the crab shell stopped.

What the hell?

Invest in Shang Yang Games?

Get lost!

Pei Qian was speechless. Is your family here to mess with me?

Not only did he not take Lin Wan away, he even wanted to invest in me?

I can’t even finish spending my own money, why do I have to spend your money?

Pei Qian immediately put the crab down. “Absolutely not!”

Lin Chang was stunned. “Why not?”

Pei Qian cleared his throat. “I have a better suggestion.”

“Look, since Lin Wan has already achieved very good results in the game industry and is able to hold her own, isn’t it inappropriate for her to work for me now?”

“Shenhua Corporation is huge. I think Old Master Lin can fork out a huge sum of money to establish a Shenhua games department!”

“That way, Lin Wan would be able to fulfill her dreams. The Old Master’s goal of letting Lin Wan inherit the family business would also be achieved. Shenhua Corporation would also be able to take the opportunity to expand their business. Killing three birds with one stone. Why not?”

Pei Qian felt that what he said made so much sense that he was almost convinced.

Lin Chang hesitated for a moment. “This… To be honest, Boss Pei, I’ve already met Ah Wan before we came to eat.”

“Ah Wan thinks that even though she has made some achievements now, most of the credit does not belong to her. On one hand, the general direction that you set is more critical. On the other hand, her subordinates are working hard together. She is only playing the role of coordination.”

“Therefore, if we ask Ah Wan to go back and take charge of Shenhua’s games department, she would probably reject us…”

Pei Qian: “…”

Lin Wan was a good person. The only problem was that she was not confident!

It was all Lin Wan’s credit, but she insisted on pushing it to Boss Pei. That was too much!

There was an awkward silence.

However, Pei Qian obviously did not want to give up just like that. It was not easy for Old Master Lin’s attitude to change. If he did not send Lin Wan away now, when would he?

Every day that Lin Wan stayed in Shang Yang Games meant more risk!

Pei Qian’s brain worked furiously as he quickly thought of an excellent plan.

“Boss Lin, I have an idea.”

“Shenhua Corporation and Tengda are establishing strategic cooperation.”

“Shenhua Corporation should establish a gaming department. Lin Wan will go back and take charge. Shenhua’s gaming department and Shang Yang Games will jointly develop the game. If the game is successfully developed, we will split the money. If it fails, we will bear the losses together.”

“What do you think?”

Lin Chang was stunned for a moment. “Er… that sounds alright. The key is, can Ah Wan agree to it? She always feels that she’s not capable enough and that she was worried about being in charge of a department.”

Pei Qian smiled. “On one hand, she’ll be working with Shang Yang Games. She’s not fighting alone; the risks are controllable. On the other hand, I can reason with her and move her emotions.”

“I’ll tell Lin Wan that she has been in charge of Shang Yang Games for a long time. It’s about time she gave Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin a chance to take over. She should understand.”

Pei Qian could not help but admire himself.

This plan was perfect!

The main reason why Lin Wan refused to leave was because she felt that she was not capable enough and had many concerns. However, if she continued working with Shang Yang Games, she would be able to dispel her worries.

What’s more, Wang Xiaobin and Ye Zhizhou would not have the opportunity to be promoted if Lin Wan continues to be the person-in-charge of Shang Yang Games. She would probably understand if he persuaded Lin Wan to give the young people a chance.

More importantly, this was killing three birds with one stone for Pei Qian!

First, Lin Wan had left. Now that Shang Yang Games had a new person-in-charge, the risk of making money had decreased. No matter how much it decreased, 1% would still decrease.

Second, if Shenhua Games and Shang Yang Games combined to make money, it would completely cut off Lin Wan’s thoughts of returning to Tengda Corporation. She would be able to serve the Old Master and inherit the family business in peace.

Finally, it would be even better if the game lost money! Pei Qian could not ask for more!

Lin Chang nodded in realization. “If that’s the case, it might really convince Ah Wan!”


“Boss Pei, this is too much of a loss for you. I feel bad!”

“At the end of the day, Shenhua is only going to fork out some money to set up a games department. Shang Yang Games will be the one to guide us in developing games and so on. If the game fails, we’ll have to share the risks. That’s unfair to you!”

“How about this? Shenhua will invest in setting up a branch company and distribute a portion of Tengda’s shares. There’s no need to talk about earning money. Everyone can split the money happily. If we incur losses, we will bear the losses in full. That would be fair!”

Lin Chang sounded very sincere.

Pei Qian quickly raised his hand. “Absolutely not!”

Good fellow, are you trying to steal my losses?

He could give up on other things, but he could not give up on incurring losses!

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. Just do as I say.”

“We are old acquaintances. Boss Lin has helped me a lot before. You were the one who helped to organize Tomorrow is Beautiful when it was sent overseas to be awarded. You also helped me a lot when selling slots for the GPL league. You’re being too polite to me now!”

Pei Qian might still bear a grudge for these two matters but it did not stop him from using them as a front.

Lin Chang was very touched.

“Boss Pei, you’re too enlightening!”

“Alright, I won’t say anything else. I wish us a happy cooperation!”

The two raised their glasses and clinked them together. The cooperation was decided just like that.

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, even though something had happened to Mission and Choice, it was not a loss to use this opportunity to send Lin Wan away!

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