Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 982 - Congratulations (Throwing The Blame) By The Guiding Lantern

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Chapter 982: Congratulations (Throwing The Blame) By The Guiding Lantern

Pei Qian and Lin Chang quickly reached a consensus on Lin Wan’s problem. They chatted happily.

After the meal, Lin Chang planned to call the Old Master immediately to report this matter. If everything went well, he believed that Shenhua’s gaming department would be established soon.

Pei Qian, on the other hand, had to bluff Lin Wan and arrange for Shang Yang Games to work.

Other than Pei Qian, no one else would be able to bluff Lin Wan. The few people from the Lin family wanted Lin Wan to go east, but she had to go west. She was filled with reverse psychology. Only someone like Pei Qian, who had his own halo and could understand Lin Wan’s temper and was intelligent enough to successfully hoodwink her.

Pei Qian had no qualms about this.

At first, he had only wanted Sun Strike Studios to go on a public holiday. However, due to a freak combination of factors, he had managed to attract Lin Wan over. Then, things got out of hand.

Pei Qian had always hoped to get rid of this threat as soon as possible. Now, he has finally found a suitable opportunity!

Of course, this could not be rushed.

Lin Chang had just arrived in Jingzhou and met Lin Wan. If Pei Qian went to look for Lin Wan to discuss Shenhua’s gaming department immediately after that, it could easily arouse Lin Wan’s suspicion.

What’s more, even though Shenhua Corporation had a huge business, they had never had any relevant experience in the game industry. It would take more than a couple of days for the games department to organize everything.

It was just like many big companies in the country. They said that they wanted to do online literature and games, but in the end, they still did not manage to achieve anything. It was obvious that different professions were different worlds. Big corporations could not do anything casually. They had to take their time to think about it.

Thus, the two of them split up.

Lin Chang went to persuade Old Master Lin to plan the early stages first. On Pei Qian’s side, he remained calm and collected, stabilizing Lin Wan so that she would not have too many doubts. Once Lin Chang’s preparations were more or less done, he would make the final decision!

After the meal, Pei Qian received a message from He An not long after sending Lin Chang off.

There was only one word: “Admirable!”

Pei Qian was furious when he saw He An’s message.

Admirable my a*s!

This old man was really interesting. I haven’t even settled the score with you and you came to provoke me on your own!

Speaking of this, Pei Qian was speechless. Back then, he had racked his brains for ways to incur losses in the game. However, he had failed time and time again. He had almost given up.

At that moment, He An, the Guiding Lantern appeared!

Pei Qian had followed He An’s theory and created Struggle. He had thought that it would be a sure win, but he did not expect it to be a positive loss. At the same time, he overturned He An’s game design theory.

In the end, He An did not believe him. Pei Qian asked him to design a game that would definitely fail. That was how Mission and Choice came about.

He An had confirmed everything from the genre of the game, the background of the world, and the details of the gameplay!

Pei Qian’s free play had only given the game the name ‘Mission and Choice’, which was the same name as’ the shame of the game. ‘

Given the current situation, wouldn’t He An be the scapegoat?!

Pei Qian did not understand the current situation of Mission and Choice yet.

For such a huge investment game, a good reputation did not necessarily mean that it could make money. Small sales would not be enough. It had to make a huge hit and exit the industry in order to make money.

It had only been released not long ago. Many people did not know about this game. It was still too early to say that it was profitable.

However, the current momentum of the game was definitely not good.

There were five hot searches on Weibo regarding ‘Mission and Choice’. Three were about movies and two were about games. From the feedback of the first wave of players, they seemed to approve of the contents of ‘Mission and Choice’.

That was enough to make Pei Qian feel like he could not eat or sleep!

He An’s message only said ‘admirable’ but it made Pei Qian panic even more.

Did that mean that He An had already played Mission and Choice and was also conquered by this game?

What’s the point of playing then!

Pei Qian was speechless. He replied, “Teacher He, that’s not what you said before! Didn’t you say that Mission and Choice would lose everything? Didn’t you say that I would quickly use the peripheral materials of the game to develop a new game to recover some losses? What’s going on now!”

He An looked like a liar to Pei Qian!

More importantly, he had lied to him more than once.

Pei Qian had asked He An about these details before setting up the project. He An had patted his chest and guaranteed that it would be unpopular. He had even been worried that the toxicity would be too strong. He had advised Pei Qian to only take one or two suggestions.

He An came to Jingzhou to take a look and try out the game’s DEMO during the development process of the game. Then, he asserted that the game was not good and persuaded Pei Qian to use the cornerstone to stop losses.

He An specially reminded Pei Qian that Fantasy Battle Remake was going to be released before the game was officially released. He told Pei Qian to avoid the release date of Fantasy Battle Remake.

He An repeatedly strengthened Pei Qian’s impression that Mission and Choice would definitely lose everything over and over again. That was why Pei Qian was so confident when the game was released.

He thought about it. No matter what, He An was a veteran in the domestic games industry. He was a person of great stature. He must still have a deep understanding of games even though he was getting old, right?

Unexpectedly, not a single word was accurate!

That made Pei Qian feel like he had been cheated. That was why he replied.

However, to He An, the meaning behind those words was completely different.

He An replied quickly. “Eh? Boss Pei, you’re panting even though I praised you for doing well?”

“I really did not think that Mission and Choice would obtain such a reputation after being released. I only congratulated you out of encouragement!”

“However, don’t think that this is stable. Fantasy Battle Remake will be released in the afternoon!”

“To be honest, even though I haven’t gotten through Mission and Choice, I can already tell that you’re playing tricks and taking a shortcut.”

“You did not follow the traditional RTS gameplay at all. Instead, you snatched the fusion of the RTS game and the plot to become a AAA game masterpiece. What you focused on was not the strategy game versus gameplay, but the exquisite plot flow.”

“I have to say that this is a genius attempt and has indeed received a good effect.”

“If not for the release of ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’, I would have thought highly of ‘Mission and Choice’.”

“However, ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ is a traditional RTS game. It has true strength. Not only does it have a plot, but it also has a classic, deeply-established gameplay that has been verified countless times! It also has a very strong balance in the game and a ladder to extend the game’s lifespan. It could even be an E-Sports competition!”

“‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ would have an absolute advantage among the core RTS gamers. At that time, it would definitely impact the sales volume and reputation of ‘Mission and Choice’. It might even cause a huge discussion about the future of RTS games…”

“All in all, the situation is not optimistic. Boss Pei, you still have to pay attention to ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’. You cannot let your guard down!”

Obviously, He An thought that Pei Qian was showing off. He broke through his defenses on the spot and replied to a few messages.

Pei Qian did not interrupt. What’s more, the more he watched, the more speechless he became.

What did he mean by ‘snatching the RTS game and the plot to be the fusion of a AAA game masterpiece’? What did he mean by ‘a genius attempt’?

Didn’t you teach me all of this?!

The game hasn’t even made money, and you’re already pushing the blame of making money to me?

How ridiculous!

Pei Qian felt a glimmer of hope when he saw how highly He An regarded Fantasy Battle Remake even though he was a little angry.

As the saying went, there was always a way out.

It was all thanks to He An’s physique that Pei Qian had thought of putting Mission and Choice together with Fantasy Battle Remake. Now, it was time for the Fantasy Battle Remake to take effect!

Pei Qian replied, “Sigh, I hope that ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ will be able to make it.”

He An :”…”

Young people were just too arrogant.

In the afternoon…

Qiao Liang had just returned home from the cinema when he turned on his computer impatiently.

What a great day!

At dawn, he played Mission and Choice through the night. He slept until the afternoon and watched the movie Mission and Choice. When he returned, he could play Fantasy Battle Remake.

That was three times the happiness!

As a veteran gamer, there was nothing more exciting than two premium games being released on the same day. What’s more, Mission and Choice had even sent a brilliant movie.

It had to be said that watching the plot on the big screen in the cinema was very different from watching the plot on the monitor at home. The visual and auditory experience was overwhelming.

Qiao Liang had long known about the plot. There was nothing much to say. However, what surprised him the most was that the movie version of the plot had deleted all the content of the game, but it did not make people feel that it was cut or jumpy. On the other hand, the game had inserted so many battle parts in the plot. It would not make people feel bloated.

It was obviously a few hours away, but both the game and the movie gave people a good experience. That was amazing.

This game had once again aroused Qiao Liang’s desire to express himself. There was content for a new episode of Products of the Gods!

However, Qiao Liang still decided to work on this video after he had completed ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’.

That was because Qiao Liang felt that these two outstanding RTS games could be compared.

If nothing went wrong, these two games should have reached the pinnacle of RTS. However, they were pursuing different directions.

“Fantasy Battle Remake” should be the peak of traditional RTS games. It inherited the classic RTS gameplay. At the same time, it reached the current technical level of the graphics, sound effects, and plot.

On the other hand, ‘Mission and Choice’ was a new direction for RTS games in an era where RTS games were gradually declining. It’s hard power also crushed most of the works in the same period.

One was a Western fantasy classic, one was an Eastern sci-fi; one was a traditional RTS, one was an innovative RTS; one was a foreign masterpiece, and the other was a domestically-produced masterpiece…

Qiao Liang could not wait any longer.

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