Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 521 - Hospital  

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Chapter 521: Hospital

After a long while, someone shouted, “Jiang Yu! Quick, something happened to Jiang Yu!”

Xu Ye stepped forward to support Jiang Yu and asked anxiously, “Jiang Yu! Jiang Yu, are you alright?”

Jiang Yu’s head was dizzy and she couldn’t see anything clearly. Even when someone was talking to her, she couldn’t hear them clearly.

Someone ran over to tell sister Xia, “Jiang Yu is injured. Quickly go and take a look!”

“What?!” Sister Xia was stunned. She threw down the thing in her hand and quickly ran over.

Tang Xue didn’t know that she could hit Jiang Yu’s head, so she had used a lot of strength just now.

“I, I didn’t do it on purpose…” Tang Xue stuttered and was at a loss.

“Tang Xue! You’re too much!” Xu Ye shouted.

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Tang Xue shouted back. “She was the one who provoked me first! Why are you only yelling at me and not at her?!”

“Shut up!” Xu Ye shouted.

Sister Xia ran over in a hurry and saw Xu Ye holding Jiang Yu in his arms.

“Jiang Yu!” Sister Xia ran over and asked anxiously, “What’s going on? !”

Xu Ye glanced at Tang Xue and said, “If there’s anything, you should go and ask Tang Xue. But at this critical moment, it’s better to send Jiang Yu to the hospital.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Sister Xia hurriedly called the emergency number and said, “I’ll go and tell the director. You can help me take care of Jiang Yu now.”

Xu Ye nodded and said, “Okay, go quickly.”

Tang Xue also knew that she had done something wrong, but because of her face, she refused to lower her head and admit her mistake.

Yan Wei was behind her and whispered, “You’re doomed now. Mo Long will not let you off.”

“Impossible!” Tang Xue said unwillingly, “When I was young, brother Mo Long even hugged me! It’s impossible for him to treat me like this just because of a woman!”

Yan Wei sighed, “Whether it will happen or not, you’ll have to wait and see. Although Li Lu was banned, as long as there was a chance in the future, she could make a comeback. “But you can’t. As long as Mo Long makes a move, you won’t have the chance to make a comeback in your life.”

Tang Xue was frightened. Her legs were so weak that she couldn’t stand.

As they spoke, an ambulance had already arrived and brought Jiang Yu to the hospital.

Fortunately, although Tang Xue was strong, she was still a girl, so Jiang Yu’s head injury didn’t count.

However, Jiang Yu didn’t have a good rest recently because she stayed up late to read the script. Therefore, she was unconscious for a long time after receiving a heavy blow.

Xu Ye finished the procedures outside and was about to go back to the ward to take a look when he saw a man quickly walk into Jiang Yu’s ward.

“Who is it?” Xu Ye narrowed her eyes and thought for a while before mumbling to herself, “Mo Long?”

Mo Long walked into Jiang Yu’s ward and saw her lying on the bed with a pale face. She did not move at all and even her breathing became weak.

“What happened to Yu’er?” Mo Long asked coldly.

Sister Xia had been guarding Jiang Yu’s bedside ever since she fainted. Hearing Mo Long’s question, she said, “Isn’t it because of your good sister, Tang Xue? If it wasn’t for her, Jiang Yu wouldn’t be like this.”

“Tang Xue?” Mo long actually didn’t have much of an impression of Tang Xue. He only vaguely remembered that when he was young, he had hugged a newborn little girl at Tang’s house.

Sister Xia said, “That’s right, Tang Xue! She hurt Jiang Yu and caused him to be sent to the hospital. It’s fine if she didn’t come to see her, but she didn’t even apologize. Mo Long, this is your good sister!”

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