Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 522 - Brother And Sister

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Chapter 522: Brother And Sister

Mo Long said to Teng Yi who was behind him, “Go and check on that Tang Xue.”

Teng Yi said, “Yes, President Mo…”

Teng Yi retreated and saw a person standing at the door timidly. He looked like he wanted to come in but didn’t dare to.

Teng Yi saw her strange look and asked, “Miss, who are you?”

Tang Xue said submissively, “It’s me… My name is Tang Xue. Is brother Mo Long inside?”

Teng Yi glanced at the door behind him and said, “Yes.”

Tang Xue still didn’t dare to enter and asked, “Is he very angry?”

Teng Yi thought for a moment and decided to tell the truth, “Yes. You injured Miss Jiang Yu. President Mo is very angry now.”

“Then… If I go in and apologize, he should forgive me, right?” Tang Xue asked carefully.

Teng Yi shook his head decisively, “No.”

“Then what should I do?” Tang Xue was at a loss, she said, “I didn’t know that she would be injured if I just lightly hit her… brother Mo Long should forgive me, right? Although Jiang Yu is his girlfriend, I’m his sister! We’ve known each other… for a longer time than that Jiang Yu!”

Teng Yi actually wanted to say, “Miss Tang Xue, you’re thinking too much.”

But he didn’t say it. Teng Yi Thought for a moment and said, “Miss Tang Xue, if you insist on thinking this way, you can go in and give it a try.”

Teng Yi’s original intention was to persuade Tang Xue not to go in at this time, or else she would be dancing on Mo Long’s reverse scale.

However, Tang Xue misunderstood and said unwillingly, “I’ll give it a try! I don’t believe it. Don’t tell me that compared to that Jiang Yu. The relationship between brother Mo Long and I for so many years is not just an illusion!”

As she said that, she didn’t even knock on the ward’s door and directly pushed it open and walked in.

Teng Yi shook his head. He was afraid that Tang Xue would cause trouble in the ward, so he followed her in.

Mo Long frowned when he saw someone enter and asked coldly, “No one knocked on the door?”

Tang Xue curled her lips and said, “Brother Mo Long, why are you so fierce to me? Don’t you remember me? You even hugged me before.”

“Hugged you?” Hearing her say that, Mo Long knew who the person in front of him was. “You are Tang Xue?”

Tang Xue saw that Mo Long recognized her and said happily, “It’s me! Brother Mo Long, I knew you wouldn’t forget me!”

She looked at Tang Xue coldly and asked, “You still have the face to come?”

“Of course…” Tang Xue only realized that something was wrong halfway through her words.

She stomped her feet anxiously and said, “Brother Mo Long! How can you say that! Why can’t I come? My brother is here, so I can’t come and see my brother?”

Mo Long sneered and said, “See me? The person you should see is Jiang Yu.”

“Jiang Yu?” Tang Xue paused and said, “Why would I see her? I know that I was the one who injured her, and it was my fault. But if it wasn’t for the fact that she did something disgusting, how could I have injured her?”

Tang Xue’s words were completely wrong. Sister Xia couldn’t help but ask, “What did Jiang Yu do? It’s obvious that you don’t trust Jiang Yu, yet you still insist that there’s something going on between Jiang Yu and Xu Ye!”

“Then did I say something wrong?!” Tang Xue couldn’t stand people shouting at her, especially since this person was Jiang Yu’s manager. She said loudly, “Could it be that there’s nothing between her and Xu Ye? If there’s nothing between them, then why is Xu Ye treating Jiang Yu so well?!”

Sister Xia said, “Xu Ye and Jiang Yu only have a working relationship during filming. You’re the one who’s overthinking things. Why did you push this responsibility onto Jiang Yu?”

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