Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 523 - Dob  

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Chapter 523: Dob

Tang Xue sneered and said, “Am I thinking too much, or is this really happening? You are Jiang Yu’s manager, so you must be helping Jiang Yu speak up, right?”

“You!”sSister Xia was so angry that she couldn’t speak. She could only sit in front of Jiang Yu’s bed and wait for her to wake up.

When Tang Xue saw that Sister Xia didn’t speak, she thought that she was in the wrong, so she said smugly, “How is it? Am I right? Brother Mo Long, I told you, Jiang Yu is not a good person…”

“Shut up.” Mo Long coldly shouted and sat down in front of Jiang Yu’s bed.

“Brother Mo Long…” Hearing Mo Long shout at her, Tang Xue began to feel wronged again and said, “Why are you so fierce to me…”

“Your Tang family has been living too happily recently,” Mo Long said.

Although Tang Xue’s brain was not very good, she was not a fool. Naturally, she could understand the meaning behind Mo Long’s words.

“You… What do you mean?” Tang Xue said in fear, “Brother Mo Long… I’m telling you, you must not do anything reckless! My mother is your aunt!”

“So what?” Mo Long did not even look at her. He only said, “The reason why your Tang family can be like this is also because of our Mo family.”

“You, what do you mean!” Tang Xue said, “If you do anything excessive, I will tell my mother!”

Tang Xue thought that Mo Long would be afraid if she brought out her mother and Mo Long’s aunt. Even if he wasn’t afraid, he would be concerned about his identity as a member of the Mo family and would restrain himself.

However, Tang Xue completely underestimated Mo Long. He wasn’t the kind of person who would restrain himself because of his so-called “Identity.”.

As expected, Mo Long said to Tang Xue, “My aunt? So what if you tell her?”

Tang Xue said, “Aren’t you afraid that my mother will look for you?”

“Afraid? Do you think I will be afraid?” Mo Long looked at Tang Xue coldly and said, “You can let her try.”

Tang Xue believed him and took out her phone to make a call.

Seeing this, Teng Yi immediately stopped her and said, “Miss Tang Xue, I advise you to apologize now and ask for Miss Jiang Yu’s forgiveness when she wakes up.”

Tang Xue shouted, “Why did you stop me from making a phone call? Why? Are you afraid too?”

Teng Yi shook his head and let go of her hand. “In that case, Miss Tang Xue can try.”

“I’m warning you, you’d better not hinder me!” Tang Xue Said and made a phone call.

The call was quickly picked up. Tang Xue shouted, “Mom! It’s me, it’s Xiao Xue!”

“Xiao Xue? What’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be filming at the set right now?”

Tang Xue felt wronged and told her everything that had happened today. She also told her about how Mo Long was biased towards the old medicine and how he had shouted at her.

After saying all this, Tang Xue said, “Mom, look, brother Mo Long is biased towards an outsider. He’s not even on my side!”

Tang Xue thought that by acting like a spoiled child, the person on the other end of the line would speak up for her. Perhaps she would even loudly teach Mo Long a lesson to help her vent her anger.

However, she never expected that not only did her mother not speak up for her, she even reprimanded her, “You stupid child! Who did you offend that you had to provoke Mo Long?!”

Tang Xue was stunned and said in disbelief, “Mom… Mom, what are you talking about? You are brother Mo Long’s aunt! Could it be that you…”

“Shut up! Where are you now? Where is Mo Long?”

Tang Xue was frightened and said, “He, he is by my side. What’s wrong?”

“Prodigal child, hurry up and give him the phone!”

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