Lucia - Chapter 69 [part 1] - < — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (5)

Chapter 69 [part 1]

< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (5)

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Hugo held Lucia’s wrist firmly and dragged her away. His strides covered so much distance that even though he was just walking slightly fast, Lucia had to take quick running steps to keep up with him.

“Hugh. Did something happen? Why are you so–”

…Upset, was what she was going to say. He came to a stop and suddenly pulled her into a kiss. They were in the garden which was open at all sides and it was impossible to know when someone would come.

Lucia was alarmed and tried to push him away but his hold on her chin tightened. He kissed her lips roughly and her delicate lips became swollen and tingling. His hot tongue occupied her mouth in an instant, sweeping over her teeth and reaching deep into her mouth. At the violent kiss that didn’t even giving space to breathe, Lucia panted breathlessly and managed to follow.

He broke away, changing the direction and overlapping their lips over and over again. The kiss that continued till she was out of breath came to an end. At the finish, he gently licked her lips and his scarlet eyes radiated with lust.

“I am going to fire your designer.”

His desire still lingered so he repeatedly placed light kisses on her lips.


“Who said you should come out looking so pretty? It’s okay to have done it roughly!”

The person went to a boutique personally and obstinately acquired an expensive designer was now complaining. Lucia found his stubbornness unreasonable but she was happy at him saying she was pretty so she gave him a gracious sidelong glance.

When she saw herself in the mirror before coming out, she thought she looked rather pretty. Receiving a man’s aggressive courtship for the first time in her life and with her husband also saying she was pretty, her self-confidence increased.

“Don’t do that. Antoine worked really hard this morning. And it was you who said that my attire is a matter of family prestige.”

Hugo didn’t care about things like prestige. He just wanted to buy her a dress. Although he did not want her going around in scruffy clothing, he also didn’t want her to go around looking pretty. He was lost in contradiction.

“In addition, how could we leave in such a way? It is rude to Her Highness the Queen.” (Lucia)

“Is that important in this situation?”

“What situation is ‘this situation’?”

“Oh, I don’t know…that fellow was pursuing you!”


Lucia burst into laughter when she saw him fuming.

“It’s not like that. He just picked up my hat from on the floor.”

Lucia was not a fool so it wasn’t like she didn’t know what the situation earlier was. But there was no need for her to boast to him that a man asked her out on a date. She didn’t want him to misunderstand that she dirtied the honor of the Duke with unwieldy conduct.

“What do you mean it’s not? I heard everything. It was the typical way to make a pass at a woman.” (Hugo)

Lucia gave him a prudish glare and made a ‘hmmm’ sound.

“I suppose you know since you have more experience.”

Why did the topic go there? Hugo shut his mouth. At times like this, he wanted to give his past self a good thrashing for making him unable to say a word.

“Even if the situation earlier was like that of a man approaching a woman…” (Lucia)

It was not ‘like that’ but precisely the situation! (Hugo)

“Nothing comes out of it since I didn’t have that in mind.” (Lucia)

Hugo’s rising anger finally settled down. Her extremely calm reaction made him feel relieved.

“Why did you react so sensitively? Do not worry. I will not do anything that will damage the Ducal honor.” (Lucia)

“…It’s nothing like that.”

Lucia’s expression grew strange. Before she could think deeper about his words, she began to grasp her surroundings and her mind flew elsewhere. Her gaze was focused a little further away from him.

Hugo turned his head in the direction of her gaze. Because he had thoughtlessly dragged her to get her away from that bastard, he didn’t pay any attention to his surroundings. They were in middle of a section of the rose garden that was filled with yellow roses.

Of all places. Hugo’s expression distorted. He already didn’t like it when he heard that she was at the Rose Palace.

In the north, Lucia had failed to create a rose garden. Jerome had made every effort to stop her. He had diligently brought up reason after reason; that his master hated roses or whatever nonsense he thought up. Something didn’t add up but Jerome’s efforts were pitiful so Lucia decided not to make a rose garden.

However, seeing Hugo’s expression now, it seemed that he really did not like roses. Lucia acted like she didn’t notice and changed the subject.

“Her Highness the Queen is preparing refreshments. Do you have time to join us?”

“…For tea?”

Hugo did not have time. He had to go because the meeting would be starting soon. However, when he thought about it, would David not also be there? If that bastard was going to be there, he had to protect his position.

“Mm. That’ll be fine.” (Hugo)

The two of them began to walk out of the garden. Hugo wanted to escape from the damn roses as quickly as possible. At this point, he was extremely sick of roses. He didn’t know he would ever have such an intense emotion towards flowers.

The matter of David constantly weighed on Lucia’s mind. It was still a matter of the distant future and one couldn’t know if the rebellion would succeed but anyways, he had failed and died.

But Lucia was worried that David’s rebellion might have a slight negative impact on Hugo.

But what could she say to him? That she saw it in her dream? It was not something that would happen right away. But she wanted him to watch out for David a little. She didn’t think he was someone that was careless and would ignore the people around him.

However, from what she saw earlier, his attitude towards David seemed too disregarding. Lucia looked around. After confirming that no one was around, she lowered her voice.

“Hugh. This is a really useless question but please listen and forget about it. Is there a possibility that the Ducal House of Ramis will commit treason?”


It was a dangerous question. It was not a word that should be said carelessly. Moreover, in the palace.

“I was…thoughtless, wasn’t I?”

If it was another person that asked the question, Hugo would have ignored it completely. And he would be suspicious of their intentions and regard them as a target to be watched. However at his wife’s question, he thought about it seriously without the slightest concern.

Hugo recalled the Duke of Ramis. There was no such thing in the old man’s character. The old man was a sly politician that regularly addressed Hugo with honorifics even though Hugo was much younger. Kwiz was particular in his choices with people. He was not just keeping the Duke of Ramis close because the man was his father-in-law.

“He is a close adviser of the king and out of his three grandchildren, one will become king. There is no reason for him to ruin his flowerbed with his own hand.” (Hugo)

“I don’t mean presently. Um…that is to say, in the distant future where the Count Ramis that we saw earlier becomes the Duke.”


After David becomes the Duke. When Hugo thought of that time, he could not be certain that it would be as before. Right now, the man was acting big like an immature greenhorn but, after years pass, he would grow older and change into a skillful, scheming politician. Hugo also knew that the man was building a group for himself. If the man were to become Duke and gain greater strength then try to rise up with that force…

‘He will die in my hands before he can rebel.’

He had been careless and did not stamp out the embers. He had left it alone thinking of giving face to the Duke of Ramis and the king. Since the man was so ridiculous, Hugo held him in contempt.

However, after listening to her, he realized it wasn’t something to regard lightly. The man was the eldest son of the Duke of Ramis and would inherit the title of Duke. Hugo could not guarantee how long the aged Duke could hold onto that title. He placed David Ramis as a target to be on the lookout for in his mind.

“Why are you curious about that?” (Hugo)

“If it is difficult, you don’t have to answer. It was just that earlier, his gaze on you was a little…”

“Are you concerned? About me?”

“Is it a needless concern?”

“Not at all.”

Hugo lifted her hand which was in his and kissed the back of her hand.

“I’m glad that you’re worried about me but you don’t have to. I will take care of everything.”

As always, he was brimming with confidence. Lucia laughed silently. If it was this man, no matter what crisis approached, he would overcome it. The feeling of being surrounded and protected by a strong wall was cozy and comfortable. Her slight anxiety disappeared completely.

“I heard you asked the butler about the yellow roses.” (Hugo)

Although they had already left the garden, Hugo’s mind was continuously bothered by the abundance of yellow roses and he couldn’t ignore it.

“That is a matter from a while ago. I heard from the butler that you have taken care of it completely.”

Lucia smiled and tried to let it pass over. She didn’t want yellow roses to be the topic for long.

“In the future, do not ask the butler for that sort of thing, ask me.” (Hugo)

“What is ‘that sort of that thing’?”

“Whatever you’re curious about.”

“It’ll annoy you very much.”

“It won’t.”

‘If you have time to talk to some other guy, talk to me instead.’

Hugo was thinking childishly. Even his loyal butler Jerome had become some other guy. Such childish thought was something he had never had in the past and even though he was yet to say such things outwardly, he was confidently thinking like that.

Lucia smiled gently. His pledge that he would try to be a trustworthy husband was not an empty one. Traces of his efforts could be seen here and there. Every night, he briefly told her of his schedule the next day so that Lucia could roughly know where he was, what he was doing and why he was late.

She didn’t have doubts that he would meet another woman in secret but knowing his schedule, she knew he didn’t have time to do so and her heart felt at ease.