Martial God Asura - Chapter 4667: Hero Zhang

Chapter 4667: Hero Zhang

Chu Feng recognized the black-robed person who had been captured by the disciples of the Dao Sea.

It was a person with an appearance so ordinary that it would be easy to overlook him in a crowd. However, if one were to take him to be someone ordinary, one would be sorely mistaken.

He was the black-robed young man who had defeated almost all of the prodigies of the Holy Light Galaxy during the junior tournament held by the Holy Light Clan a while back. Had it not been for Chu Feng, the Holy Light Clan would have been completely shamed that very day.

In truth, Chu Feng wasn’t fully confident that he would have won this black-robed young man had the duel continued on. While he was in an advantageous position back then, it was apparent that this black-robed young man had other trump cards up his sleeves too. It was just that he was stopped by another mysterious individual before he could put them into play.

That mysterious individual was incredibly powerful, possessing unfathomable strength. This showed that this black-robed young man likely had a powerful background too.

“Hey, Brother Chu Feng. Long time no see!”

The eyes of the black-robed young man lit up upon seeing Chu Feng. He was so excited that it looked almost as if they were close friends who hadn’t met for many years.

After greeting Chu Feng, he turned to the crowd from the Dao Sea and exclaimed indignantly, “See, I told you that Brother Chu Feng is my friend! Is this how you treat Brother Chu Feng’s friends here?”

“Young friend Chu Feng, do you recognize this person?” the Lady of Dao Sea asked.

She was asking this question because she noticed the cold glimmer in Chu Feng’s eyes when he caught sight of this black-robed young man.

“I do recognize him, but we aren’t close,” Chu Feng replied.

“Brother Chu Feng, how can you say that? Don’t they say that a fight brings bonds close together?” the black-robed young man exclaimed.

“Fight? In other words, you aren’t a friend of young hero Chu Feng but an enemy?”

Upon hearing those words, the crowd from the Dao Sea quickly drew their weapons and pointed it at the black-robed young man.

“No no no, we aren’t enemies. How could we possibly be enemies? Brother Chu Feng, you need to pull me out of this mess. We aren’t enemies, right?” the black-robed young man exclaimed.

“Elder, let him go,” Chu Feng said.

The Lady of Dao Sea waved her hand lightly, and the crowd that had curbed the black-robed young man quickly retreated. Nevertheless, they continued eyeing the black-robed young man intently, ready to make a move if he dared to pull anything.

On the other hand, the black-robed young man still looked completely relaxed. There was a leisurely smile on his face even though he was standing right before the great Lady of Dao Sea.

This could mean two things. Either he had a strong mental resilience, or that he didn’t think anyone in the Dao Sea could pose a threat to him.

Needless to say, his casual attitude left the crowd from the Dao Sea greatly displeased.

However, Chu Feng was aware that this black-robed young man did have a sufficiently strong backing to put on such an attitude.

“Brother Chu Feng, aren’t you being a little too cold and distant here? I thought that we were friends!”

As soon as the black-robed young man was freed from his restraints, he began making his way toward Chu Feng.

“Friends? Can I really consider someone whom I don’t even know the name of as a friend?” Chu Feng asked coldly.

His impression of the black-robed young man wasn’t particularly good. After all, the black-robed young man had insulted the Holy Light Galaxy and injured Long Xiaoxiao that day.

“Ahhhh! My apologies, Brother Chu Feng. How could I have forgotten to introduce myself? I am Zhang Yingxiong. Are we considered friends now?” the black-robed man said with a bright smile on his face.

“Zhang Yingxiong?”

Those words immediately brought him looks of disdain from the crowd. Who in the world would call themselves Yingxiong (Hero)?

“Ladies, it’s rude to mock someone else’s name. My name was bestowed upon me by my respected master in hopes that I could become a hero who saves the world from distress. He hopes that my name can constantly remind me to help the weak and uphold justice in the world!” Zhang Yingxiong thumped his chest as he explained gleefully.

“How did you know I’m here?” Chu Feng asked gravely.

“Brother Chu Feng, it’s not that I want to show off, but it’s too easy for me to find out the whereabouts of a person. As long as I wish to find you, I’ll definitely be able to do so,” Zhang Yingxiong replied.

“If you aren’t going to speak, I’ll have to chase you out of here.”

Chu Feng was intentionally saying these words to provoke him. He knew that Zhang Yingxiong’s backing was likely to be on par with the Lady of Dao Sea at the very minimum, which was why he dared to run his mouth in the presence of the Lady of Dao Sea without any fear.

It would definitely be unwise to use force on Zhang Yingxiong. However, since the latter had come looking for Chu Feng on his own accord, it would mean that the latter had some business with him.

If Chu Feng were to show some impatience, Zhang Yingxiong would be pressured to reveal the motive behind his visit.

“Wait wait wait wait… I’ll speak, alright!”

Just as Chu Feng had expected, as soon as Zhang Yingxiong heard that he was going to be chased out, his mouth immediately loosened.

“I’ll skip over the part how I managed to find you, but I swear that I have urgent business for running all the way here to find you. On top of that, it has something to do with your master,” Zhang Yingxiong said.

Upon hearing the word ‘master’, Chu Feng’s gaze immediately turned grim.

“I’m referring to Elder Ox-nose,” Zhang Yingxiong further clarified.

“You know my master?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. Our masters are friends with one another. However, I only learned about it later on,” Zhang Yingxiong replied.

“So, why is my master looking for me?” Chu Feng asked.

“I can tell you if you want to, but we haven’t finished the duel we started on back then. I’ll only tell you if you can defeat me.”

After saying those words, Zhang Yingxiong turned to the crowd from the Dao Sea.

“Ah right, the rest of you shouldn’t even think about lending him a helping hand too. I am quite an obstinate person myself, I must say. If you insist on interfering with our duel, I’ll have no choice but to bring this matter down to the grave with me.”

After saying those words, Zhang Yingxiong turned to look at Chu Feng with a bright smile as he asked, “So, do you dare to accept my challenge?”

In truth, Chu Feng had been assessing Zhang Yingxiong all this while, but due to the latter carrying some sort of treasure to conceal his cultivation, he was unable to get an accurate gauge on the latter’s strength.

However, the fact that Zhang Yingxiong was able to find him here meant that there was a chance that he might have been present during the marriage convention too. If so, the other party would know all of the trump cards he had on hand.

The fact that Zhang Yingxiong still dared to challenge him despite knowing all of his trump cards meant that he was confident in his abilities too.

That being said, given that this matter concerned his master, there was no way Chu Feng could back down here.

“Very well, I’ll accept your challenge. However, Zhang Yingxiong, I hope that you aren’t lying to me,” Chu Feng said,

“Rest assured, Brother Chu Feng. We’re friends! How could I possibly deceive my own friend? As long as you defeat me, I’ll tell you what I know about your master.”

Zhang Yingxiong slipped his hand into his Cosmos Sack before tossing something out.


An item fell right before Chu Feng.

It was a huge boulder, standing at around three meters tall.

It looked ordinary at first glance, but there were many complicated runes inscribed on it. Just a glance at it, and Chu Feng could tell that there was a particularly powerful formation embedded on it. It was at a level that exceeded Chu Feng’s current ability.

Most importantly of all, there was a distant, faraway aura coming from the boulder, hinting that it originated from a period preceding that of the Ancient Era.

It was the kind of item which looked inconspicuous at first sight but shocking upon careful examination. There was a divine aura coming from the boulder, jolting Chu Feng’s heart.

This divine aura felt like a threat, warning Chu Feng not to probe too deeply into it.

‘Could this be…”

It was then that someone suddenly exclaimed in astonishment.

It wouldn’t have been a big deal if it had been anyone else, but the one who had just exclaimed was no other than the owner of the Dao Sea, the Lady of Dao Sea!