Martial God Space - Chapter 857: Meeting Wang Mengyu Again

Chapter 857: Meeting Wang Mengyu Again

Sunny Bamboo Island was a quite famous place in the entire Flourished Cloud Sea Region. There was no other reason than the Sunny Bamboo on Sunny Bamboo Island. This bamboo that inhabited a unique environment was better than average fine iron. Many people would harvest them to make martial instruments or weapons.

Due to the Sunny Bamboo, the entire Sunny Bamboo Island was more prosperous than South Initiate Island.

When Ye Xiwen rushed to Sunny Bamboo Island, it took him fifty days even with the Sea Region Map’s guidance. Not only because the distance was far enough, but also because Ye Xiwen also encountered troublesome sea creatures. Occasionally, Ye Xiwen had to flee or make a detour when he saw these sea creatures in the distance.

There was no other way. In the endless sea region, there were many places that even the North Mountain Clan Chief would be afraid to set foot, let alone Ye Xiwen. Fortunately, Ye Xiwen’s spiritual senses could explore up to a distance farther than the average person. So, Ye Xiwen could avoid all the threats.

After these few days, Ye Xiwen finally had a deep impression about what kind of problems he would face in Ancient Barrens.

Streaming light passed by in the sky. It appeared like a vast, gorgeous, and multicolored firework.

Having said that the Sunny Bamboo Island was an island, it had a huge area, almost like a small continent.

Unlike South Initiate Island, the island had more than one city. The most famous and prosperous city was Sunny Bamboo City.

“This place is vibrant. It is incomparable with South Initiate Island!” Ye Xiwen commented.

Even in the True Martial Domain, there were not many cities equal to this Sunny Bamboo City. It had a completely different feeling from the previous life when Ye Xiwen was on earth.

Unlike the time in South Initiate Island, Sunny Bamboo Island required spiritual stones payment as entrance fee. Fortunately, it only required one spiritual stone, not many. For Ye Xiwen, this was a drop in the bucket.

With countless warriors coming and going every day, it would be an astronomical wealth.

Ye Xiwen entered the city. He found a reasonably good inn and walked in.

Immediately, the waiter from the shop stepped forward and said, “Guest, what do you want to order? Do you want to have a meal or have a stay in the inn?”

“Give me both. Please help me with a good room. Serve some wine and food!” said Ye Xiwen.

“Alright, please wait a moment!” The waiter of the inn quickly went to arrange what was requested.

“We have come in time. Recently, the Sunny Bamboo Island City Chamber of Commerce just bought a batch of good things and planned to hold an auction. We are in good luck to be here. Let’s participate in the auction. If there is something good, we should go for it. When the Ash-gray Flame Cave Mansion is opened, we may also get more benefits!”

“Yes, someone has prospected the date when Ash-gray Flame Cave Mansion will be opened. It should be quite recent. Some time ago, only some peripheral regions appeared, and there are already many treasures. This time, the Sunny Bamboo Island Chamber of Commerce held an auction, most likely because many people have obtained many benefits in the peripheral regions. They need to make use of their harvest.”

“Yes, as the Ash-gray Flame Cave Mansion opens, it attracts a lot of warriors to come. We won’t get the major benefits, but what remains for us would make us bask in wealth!”

Ye Xiwen just sat down, and he heard the news about the auction held by Sunny Bamboo Island Chamber of Commerce and the opening of Ash-gray Flame Cave Mansion.

Ash-gray Flame Cave Mansion?

What kind of place is that? Ye Xiwen was a little bit confused. As the waiter came up and served the dish, Ye Xiwen stopped him.

“Waiter, what is the Ash-gray Flame Cave Mansion they said?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“You must have come from a different place!” The waiter said confidently, “Presumably, you also heard of our Sunny Bamboo!”

Ye Xiwen nodded. Indeed, Sunny Bamboo on Sunny Bamboo Island was famous.

“This is a unique bamboo to our Sunny Bamboo Island. This bamboo grows by absorbing the flames underground!” The waiter said proudly, “The reason that it nurtures is due to the underground of our island. They say it is the Holy Realm Dwellers’ cave. However, this cave has not yet opened. Many experts find it hard to break in. Just recently, this ancient Holy Realm Dwellers’ cave mansion is about to open. Currently, the region near the cave mansion is opened. Many people have gained a lot of benefits in that region. Even the Sunny Bamboo Island Chamber of Commerce launches an auction to make use of the harvest!”

“How do you know that the Holy Realm Dwellers cave is about to open?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“I don’t know. It’s just the news spread around. They said that a senior who is proficient in Eight Trigrams’ Prediction had sensed the approaching opening of that place. Many people from other places rushed over. As I first saw you, I thought you came here to explore this ancient Holy Realm Dwellers’ cave!” The waiter talked freely in front of a stranger. He was at the Sage Realm. In the True Martial Domain, he would have high social standing. But in this endless sea region, he could only serve as a waiter. One could imagine how many experts were there in this Ancient Barrens continent.

“I see!” Ye Xiwen pondered for a moment, and thoughts appeared in his mind. He was also interested in the rumored Holy Realm Dwellers cave. Although he didn’t know much about Holy Realm Dwellers [1], at least a strong elite dwelled there previously. He had to go no matter what. “May I ask if there is a Sea Region Map of our Flourished Cloud Sea Region for sale on this island?”

“Hmm! On Sunny Bamboo Island, only the map engulfing nearby sea regions are sold. If you want the whole sea region maps, you probably have to go to Sea Dragon Island. Sea Dragon Island is the core of the Flourished Cloud Sea Region. There must be a region, but I also heard a map would be auctioned. I don’t know if that’s what you wanted. If you have the time, take a look at the Sunny Bamboo Island auction!” The waiter thought for a while and said.

“I see, this is for you!” Ye Xiwen took out a spirit crystal and threw it to the waiter, who thankfully retreated.

In this Ancient Barrens continent, there were too many masters, so the status of masters was far from that of True Martial Domain. In True Martial Domain, Sage Realm masters would have a high net worth and good social standing. But in this Ancient Barrens continent, they were only classified at the bottom of society.

Ye Xiwen did not think much as he passed the person a spirit crystal.

“Ye Xiwen, this is indeed a good opportunity. Although it might not be a Holy Realm Dwellers’ cave, a powerful elite might have dwelled there as the rumors say. Most of these cave mansions are left with their treasures. It doesn’t hurt to take a trip!” said Ye Mo.

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded. He also realized that. In fact, in addition to the benefits, it must be accompanied by a lot of dangers. However, Ye Xiwen understood that nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“But before that, I want to go to this Sunny Bamboo Island auction to see if there are any good items. I also want to visit this Chamber of Commerce to see if there is any Sea Region Map in the Flourished Cloud Sea Region for sale!” said Ye Xiwen. There were no satellites in this world. All maps were strategic resources. It was crafted with many manpower. Each map was precious since a hefty price must be paid to craft them.

But for the current Ye Xiwen, it was not a big deal. For him, spirit crystal was not only used for cultivation but also equivalent to objects readied for barter. It would naturally be best if these crystals could be exchanged for something useful.

Ye Xiwen took a bite of the meal. Although the meal was expensive, it was worth the money. These meals were not ordinary. They were meals imbued with spiritual energy. After eating them habitually, it could slightly improve cultivation.

Most importantly, it did not increase the impurities in the body.

Human beings had been in constant contact with the external environment and accumulated impurities in the body since they were just born. Therefore, many people could not live for a long time. With the emergence of warriors, they constantly purify their body and keep their five major meridians unobstructed.

But whether it was breathing ordinary air or eating, it contained impurities. These impurities seemed to be nothing, but it would affect the spiritual energy flow if they had accumulated too much.

Generally speaking, the lesser the inborn impurities, the smarter the person. Many warriors with higher aptitude were quite taboo against eating and drinking. They thought that it would harm their cultivation critically. Hence, they would ban all these activities, living a life like a devoted monk.

For Ye Xiwen, he heeded no concerns about it. He would dwell in the pleasure of eating without overthinking.

As for those embedded impurities, he didn’t care at all. His Tyrant Body Scripture had cultivated to such a high level. Those impurities would be expelled from the body when Ye Xiwen cultivated, so there was no need to worry.

However, although he was not worried, it was better to have these meals with spiritual energy than ordinary ones.

After Ye Xiwen had eaten halfway, there was a series of footsteps. Ye Xiwen looked up and saw a group of people going straight up to the second floor. She wore a long skirt and beautiful eyebrows. She was none other than Wang Mengyu.

Behind her was Wang Feiyun and a group of young experts from the Wang family.

[1] I’m not sure whether Immortal and Holy Realm Dwellers are referring to the same thing. There are a few chapters who seemingly make a distinction of both. I will just go with what my guts say.