Martial God Space - Chapter 859: The Auction Begins

Chapter 859: The Auction Begins

“Presumptuous. Scarlet Thunder isn’t someone you can slander!” Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s face changed drastically. Her white palm slashed towards Ye Xiwen like lightning.

Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s hand chop carried a faint sound of thunder. It was so swift, and it bombarded in front of Ye Xiwen instantly.

Although she didn’t use qi, her attack launched with lightning speed. If Ye Xiwen were just an ordinary Half-step Transcendent Realm, he would be killed on the spot. If she were to be merciful, he would be fatally injured.

It was conceivable how evil Scarlet Thunder Immortal was!

“Boom!” With a muffled crash, Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s extremely fast palm was directly blocked by a fist.

Shockwaves radiated out, and Ye Xiwen remained motionless.

Except for the Wang family, everyone was a little startled. They never expected such a result.

In their imagination, Ye Xiwen would dodge it in embarrassment or even be bombarded to death on the spot. After all, Scarlet Thunder Immortal had a long-standing reputation.

“I’m not mistaken, right? That person isn’t blasted afar.” Someone finally spoke up, but he appeared inexplicable to the situation.

“Impossible. Even if Scarlet Thunder Immortal didn’t use all her strength, she is already a Transcendent Realm Fourth Level expert. Among the young experts of the Flourished Cloud Sea Region, she ranked in the top hundred. How could this Half-step Transcendent Realm brat receive this attack!?”

Everyone was surprised. Scarlet Thunder Immortal had a long-standing reputation and was famous for a long time, especially at Sunny Bamboo Island. It was rare that she had failed to defeat Ye Xiwen in one blow.

Not only was everyone surprised, but even Scarlet Thunder Immortal herself was astonished too. She knew her strength very well. Even though she did not exert her full strength, it was not something an ordinary Transcendent Realm expert could achieve, let alone a Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior. Without entering the Transcendent Realm, the gap was like heaven and earth.

But it also made her realize that this Half-step Transcendent Realm brat might be extraordinary.

Ye Xiwen was unfazed, but he was secretly wary. This Scarlet Thunder Immortal was more potent than he imagined. Her Transcendent Realm Fourth Level’s strength was real. If he were an ordinary Half-step Transcendent Realm, he would be dead on the spot.

She didn’t use all her strength. Otherwise, even Ye Xiwen would have avoided her attack. Compared with the Transcendent Realm experts, he still had a lot of gaps to catch up with.

So, this is a Flourished Cloud Sea Region’s expert rank in the top hundred.

Ye Xiwen’s mouth raised slightly. In fact, this list did not have much official authority. It was just folks saying. However, everyone on the list was well-known in the entire Flourished Cloud Sea Region.

Over time, people had gradually acquiesced to the existence of this list. Even many people judge whether a person had potential based on the information published on this list.

Scarlet Thunder Immortal was only ranked in the top hundred. Her cultivation had already entered the Transcendent Realm Fourth Level.

For the young experts in the Flourished Cloud Sea Region, Ye Xiwen was not even qualified to be included.

But, what happened also made Ye Xiwen a little interesting.

However, the strength of the opponent was much greater than Ye Xiwen. In terms of physique, Ye Xiwen would not lose out. Instead, he would faintly gain the upper hand. Faced with Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s assault, he was undefeated and even showed signs of him being more superior.

But he was not narcissistic enough to think that he could defeat Scarlet Thunder Immortal with this advantage. Ye Xiwen didn’t bother her further.

Even if she tried her best, she couldn’t deal with Ye Xiwen!

At least to escape, he was confident with it!

“No wonder you dare to speak boldly at a young age. It turns out that you’re quite capable!” Scarlet Thunder Immortal looked at Ye Xiwen and said coldly.

However, it was precisely because the physical contest could not prevail; she did not continue. Although her strength was not at the physical body, she had a high rank among the same cultivation level experts. She could not gain the upper hand in the face of Ye Xiwen. What made it terrifying was that Ye Xiwen was not a Transcendent Realm expert, but just a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert.

Her emotions were a little erratic. She couldn’t figure out Ye Xiwen’s limit. She then smiled slightly and giggled, “But, you shouldn’t talk nonsense like that. Otherwise, you may die terribly!”

After speaking, Scarlet Thunder Immortal quickly left, leaving everyone with a beautiful back.

“Demon beast!” Wang Mengyu looked at her back and said, rather uncomfortably.

In the inn, many men stared at Scarlet Thunder Immortal leaving. Slowly, they retracted their gaze.

“Brother Ye, I didn’t expect that you are already so good. Scarlet Thunder Immortal is ranked top hundred in our entire Flourished Cloud Sea Region. Her cultivations standing at Transcendent Realm Fourth Level made her superior to small clan chiefs and small family’s masters. Yet, you can be on equal footing with her!” said Wang Feiyun in disbelief.

Scarlet Thunder Immortal… She deemed Ye Xiwen unique to other men, recognizing his outstanding strength. He was already quite strong in her heart, but she never expected him to be on equal footing with Scarlet Thunder Immortal, who had been famous for many years.

This time, it completely overthrew her perception of Ye Xiwen. She always thought that she had seen his limits when she witnessed him making a move. The reality would always say otherwise.

“She didn’t give it all!” said Ye Xiwen unabashedly. He did not plan to use this as a way to boast himself. “If she gave it all, I would be outmatched!”

“Even so, Brother Ye is quite powerful. Although the demon beast spirit is annoying, she is strong!” Wang Mengyu interjected. Just like Wang Feiyun, although she hated Scarlet Thunder Immortal deep down her heart, she had to admit her superior strength. But, it shone Ye Xiwen even brighter.

“What’s the matter? You seem to have a grudge with her.” Ye Xiwen asked.

Upon mentioning it, Wang Mengyu’s face suddenly turned ugly. At this time, Wang Feiyun said unexpectedly, “This matter goes way back to a hundred years ago. At that time, Mengyu’s mother was seriously ill, and urgently needed a kind of spiritual herb to save her life. However, Scarlet Thunder Immortal snatched it away in the end. Her mother’s life can’t be saved. Since then, she has become an unwelcome person in our Wang Family. However, the Scarlet Thunder Gang is a superior force. We can’t do anything about it!”

Ye Xiwen saw Wang Mengyu’s beautiful eyes glimmer with unforgettable hatred, which Ye Xiwen had never seen before. It seemed that this incident had a significant impact on her.

With the Scarlet Thunder Immortal disturbing the peace, everyone in the Wang family didn’t chat much. Soon after eating something, they got a few rooms in this inn and stayed.

Ye Xiwen did not continue to question and went back to his room.

“There are more experts in the Flourished Cloud Sea Region than I thought. I didn’t expect Scarlet Thunder Immortal on Sunny Bamboo Island alone to be so powerful, let alone the experts in Sea Dragon Mansion! “Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged on the bed and said with some excitement in his tone.

“She is at the Transcendent Realm Fourth Level Peak. You can’t defeat her in your current cultivation unless you ascend to the Transcendent Realm!” said Ye Mo.

“When this auction is over, I will immediately find a place to cross the Transcendent Realm Retribution. At that time, I can compete with the Scarlet Thunder Immortal!” replied Ye Xiwen.

The Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s appearance had seemingly widened Ye Xiwen’s horizon. There were many tyrannical experts in the Flourished Cloud Sea Region. It was an excellent motivator for Ye Xiwen to speed up his cultivation progress.

Compared with them, Ye Xiwen’s progress was way behind. He was not even a Transcendent Realm expert. It might not seem like a big deal. However, when Ye Xiwen faced the elite young experts, it would be fatal.

After all, not attaining Transcendent Realm was just as literal as it was. His strength could not make up the cultivation realms’ gap.

Especially with the Holy Realm Dweller’s Cave opening, senior experts surpassing the Transcendent Realm might appear. At the very least, many young experts would be attracted. If Ye Xiwen couldn’t attain the Transcendent Realm, he would suffer terribly.

“En, although it appears that there are many young experts in this endless sea region, the Ancient Barrens continent is the world center. The geniuses are mainly nurtured there. Many monstrous competitors stay active there. That’s the place you belong to. Only a duel with those fearless geniuses can speed up your cultivation progress!” said Ye Mo.

There was also the mystery with Ye Xiwen’s origin. Sooner or later, he had to find out about it to fulfill the body’s previous predecessor’s last wish. Otherwise, this last wish would be the biggest obstacle to his cultivation.

The so-called incomplete self.

The day passed by quickly. Early in the morning of the next day, many experts flocked to Sunny Bamboo city due to the Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce’s auction.

Streamers of light were everywhere, dashing through the sky, then landing outside the city. They all chose to walk into the city.

The city became even more crowded. Although almost everyone possessed martial arts in Ancient Barrens with high cultivation, many warriors would be exploring various relics and hunting for Celestial material treasures in the depths of the endless sea region. It was rare to see these warriors swarm the Sunny Bamboo Island.

Even Ye Xiwen saw the sea clan experts swooping in mid-air. They were quite arrogant, which aroused many human clan experts’ unpleasantness, but there was no one taking the first move to teach these sea clan experts a lesson.