Martial Peak - Chapter 2178 - Absolute Resonance Secret Art

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Chapter 2178, Absolute Resonance Secret Art

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Since entering the Four Seasons Realm, Yang Kai had been called trash by others more than once…

This wasn’t surprising though as his robes were plain and lacked any kind of emblem identifying him as being part of any Sect. Most importantly though, his cultivation was only First-Order Dao Source Realm, so the elite disciples from major Sects and families naturally looked down on him!

A First-Order Dao Source Realm in the Four Seasons Realm was really the lowest level of existence! Unless it was someone who had extraordinary status like Lan Xun, no one would even bother casting such a weak individual a second glance.

Bao Peng naturally didn’t put Yang Kai in his eyes.

Facing his question, Yang Kai just tilted his head for a moment and said, “My luck… is good?”

“I said this isn’t a matter of luck. It seems you really are courting death!” Bao Peng grinned menacingly, his expression extremely unkind. His good deed had been disturbed by Yang Kai, so he had a stomach full of grievances at the moment and wanted to rip Yang Kai’s corpse into ten thousand pieces to solve the hatred in his heart.

“Handle your affairs by yourself, this Cheng will be taking away that spirit flower first!” At that moment, Cheng Tai suddenly shouted as he rushed towards the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus.

The two Flowing Shadow Sword Sect disciples were startled by this and immediately grit their teeth as they chased after Cheng Tai, trying to block him.

Bao Peng obviously didn’t want to waste his time with Yang Kai either so he too dashed towards the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus.

Everyone simply wanted to snatch this spirit flower as soon as possible.

A brilliant light flashed suddenly as Yang Kai’s figure mysteriously appeared in front of the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, blocking the four people’s way as he helplessly glanced around and said, “Everyone, this spirit flower has yet to mature, so it is not the best time to pick it. If you touch it rashly now, you may end up destroying it in vain. Why don’t we all just sit down and have a good chat and wait for this spirit flower to bloom first?”

“Huh? What kind of nonsense are you spewing, make way now!” Cheng Tai remained unmoved and shouted in a deep voice.

“Please cooperate!” Yang Kai looked at him sincerely.

“And if I refuse…”

By now, Cheng Tai had rushed close to where Yang Kai stood and swung his fist wrapped in a violent aura towards him. From his motions and posture, it was obvious Cheng Tai was not holding back and planned to kill Yang Kai in one blow.

Sneering disdainfully, he spat, “Since you don’t know how to measure your own weight, don’t blame me if you die!”

“Seems there’s really no other way…” Yang Kai muttered in a low voice, his peaceful and calm aura suddenly transforming into one filled with savagery as a malicious grin appeared on his lips. With a terrible pressure suddenly bursting from his form, Yang Kai sternly declared, “Since you refuse to listen to reason, I’ll just have to make you listen some other way.”

As he spoke, a light flashed from his palm and an Emperor Artifact appeared.

Emperor Pressure filled the air as Yang Kai swept his sword around and shouted, “Myriad Sword Arts, One Man As A Mountain!”

*Chi chi chi chi…*

Sword Qi flooded out with Yang Kai at its centre. This invincible Sword Qi quickly formed into a fan-shaped wave that was filled with terrifying pressure and deadly aura that seemed to keep everything before Yang Kai.

“What!” Cheng Tai’s face changed drastically as the disdainful look on his face abruptly changed to one filled with shock. His eyes bulged as he stared straight ahead.

“Emperor Pressure… this is Emperor Pressure… it’s an Emperor Artifact!” Bao Peng also called out in alarm as he quickly formed a seal and used his Five Aggregate Sect’s Golden Cicada Shell Shedding again, leaving behind a life-like afterimage as he rapidly withdrew, narrowly avoiding being hit.

The two Flowing Shadow Sword Sect disciples also couldn’t believe their eyes when the Myriads Sword Emperor Artifact appeared, but the Dao Source Grade swords they held in their hands trembling in fear and horror told them that what they were witnessing was undoubtedly real.

When Bao Peng’s words rang out, the faces of these two quickly turned pale…

However, the two of them belonged to the same Sect and had lived and fought together for many years, so their innate bond was strong. In a flash, they formed a set of seals with their free hands while slashing out with their Dao Source Grade Swords to dispel the terrible blow directed towards them.

*Xiu xiu xiu xiu…*

Sword Qi clashed mid-air as the surrounding World Energy churned.

After a brilliant flash, the four who had charged towards the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, trying to seize it, were forced back into their original three positions, all of them pale as a look of lingering fear filled with faces.

Bao Peng showed no signs of injury, but he could not hide the look of shock on his face.

As for the two Flowing Shadow Sword Sect disciples, they appeared unhurt, but the hands they used to hold their swords were clearly trembling.

Cheng Tai was not so lucky though as he was the closest at the time and thus bore the biggest impact. Even if he fought back desperately at the moment of crisis, he still failed to completely resolve the terrifying blow of the Emperor Artifact and at this moment, there were at least seven or eight wounds on his body that were leaking blood, making him look extremely miserable.

“Now… Can we talk?” Yang Kai shouldered the Myriads Sword as he swept his eyes around and grinned.

Cheng Tai and the others now had profound looks on their faces as they stared at Yang Kai in fear.

The one they thought was mere trash had suddenly taken out an Emperor Artifact that anyone would covet and displayed a terrifying skill that severely wounded the supposedly strongest cultivator present. If this kind of thing had not been witnessed with their own eyes, they would not have believed it possible.

“Who is… Your Excellency?” Cheng Tai tried to endure the pain he was feeling as he turned a solemn look towards Yang Kai and asked.

At this point, how could he not believe that Yang Kai had some kind of extraordinary background? If that wasn’t the case, how could a trivial First-Order Dao Source cultivator possess an Emperor Artifact? Just thinking so, Cheng Tai couldn’t help feeling extremely wary…

Before considering if he could defeat Yang Kai in battle now, even if he did win, he would have to worry about retaliation from the great force behind him. The Clouded Heavens Sect he belonged to was only comparable to Flying Saint Palace, so how could Cheng Tai dare provoke a genius from some superpower?

“Friend, this is all just a misunderstanding, I hope this friend… does not take offence!” Bao Peng suddenly showed a flattering expression and said with a smile.

“Since it is a misunderstanding, there’s no need to explain anything,” Yang Kai glanced over at him and said with a smile.

As if receiving amnesty, Bao Peng cupped his fists and said, “Many thanks, friend. This Bao has important matters to attend to so he will not bother you further. Farewell!”

Saying so, he actually turned around and left directly at an extremely fast pace.

Looking at his disappearing back, Yang Kai showed a thoughtful look as he secretly felt that as long as this person didn’t die prematurely, he would definitely become a big deal in the future. It could be seen from Bao Peng’s decisiveness alone that his instincts and ability to judge situations were top notch.

Since he felt that he would not gain any benefits if he stayed, and instead might provoke danger, he had left immediately.

Compared with Bao Peng, Cheng Tai and Flowing Shadow Sword Sect pair seemed a little indecisive.

Because after seeing Yang Kai’s methods, these three people still didn’t intend to leave. They seemed to be holding on to a faint hope that they could still snatch the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus.

Cheng Tai had already been hit hard and was extremely wary of the great force behind Yang Kai, so he was showing a posture of wanting to leave, but was still somewhat reluctant to go.

As for Senior Brother He of Flowing Shadow Sword Sect, his greed was showing clearly.

However… The target of his greed was not the blossoming spirit flower, but rather the Myriads Sword in Yang Kai’s hand!

After all, compared to the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus that he did not know anything about, the Myriads Sword was a genuine Emperor Artifact, and a sword-shaped Emperor Artifact at that!

Flowing Shadow Sword Sect was originally a Sect well-known for its swordsmanship, and all of its disciples cultivated the Sword Dao, so if he could obtain this Myriads Sword, Senior Brother He’s strength would greatly increase.

This made him inevitably have many thoughts about this situation…

“Well now… are you leaving or not?” Yang Kai looked at the others with a smile.

Cheng Tai pursed his parched lips as he stood there, not moving or showing any hostility, instead just silently pushing his Source Qi to suppress his injuries.

On the contrary, when the Senior Brother He heard this, he suddenly turned his head and glanced at the young woman beside him. A single glance was all these two needed to understand each other’s intent.

Suddenly, a strong aura permeated from each of these two, this aura blending and gathering together as their Second-Order Dao Source Realm fluctuations rapidly inflated.

Even with no wind, their black hair flew out and their robes fluttered, fighting intent seemingly pulsing from their forms.

Senior Brother He stretched out a hand and the young woman instantly took it.

The moment their two hands met, their already powerful auras climbed to new heights and a visible halo of energy shrouded their figures.

At that moment, the two no longer seemed like separate individuals, but rather like one person!

“Absolute Resonance Secret Art!” Seeing this scene, Cheng Tai suddenly shouted in a low voice, his face turning solemn.

Hearing what he said, Yang Kai immediately understood that this Absolute Resonance Secret Art was some kind of technique that Flowing Shadow Sword Sect possessed and was similar to a Dual Cultivation Art. After displaying it, it seemed to connect the aura of a man and women together, merging their strengths and greatly improving their combat capabilities for a short time!

After performing this Secret Technique, the temperament of Senior Brother He changed greatly, seemingly becoming extremely confident and arrogant.

Lifting his sword, he began drawing a half-circle in Yang Kai’s direction and coldly declared, “Hand over the Emperor Artifact and I’ll spare your life!”

As he spoke, his Junior Sister made the same gesture.

When the two swords finished drawing their semi-circles and merged as one, a flash of light occurred and a powerful Sword Qi manifested in place.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Yang Kai remained unmoved, just standing there staring at the pair calmly.

“Enough nonsense!” Senior Brother He gave an impatient cry.

“And what if I refuse?”

“Then you can die!” Senior Brother He snorted coldly before he pushed his sword forward slightly, his movements seemingly carefree and leisurely.

However, as he pushed his sword forward, the circle of Sword Qi which he had drawn together with his Junior Sister, shot out.

Halfway to its target, this Sword Qi circle was divided into two, then into four, then into eight…

Soon, circular blades of Sword Qi filled the sky, giving off an imposing aura that made it seem like evading was impossible.

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