Martial Peak - Chapter 2553

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Chapter 2553 – Little Girl, You Court Death

The momentum of the Ghost King’s attack was astonishing, and before it even reached Yang Kai, the resulting wind tore open Yang Kai’s skin.


The Myriads Sword hummed as Yang Kai swung it diagonally and Emperor Qi surged through it. Immediately after, it bloomed with a dazzling halo.

The next moment, a crisp metallic clang rang out as sparks flew everywhere.

The lunging Ghost King paused for a moment before its enormous figure leaned back a bit, proof in itself how powerful Yang Kai’s blow was. The feedback from the Ghost King made Yin Le Sheng and Hua Fei Chen’s pupils simultaneously shrink as looks of disbelief appeared on their faces.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai was knocked back like a rucksack, crashing right onto the white light screen before stopping.

A flash of horror appeared in his eyes as he hadn’t expected Ghost King to be this powerful.

When Yin Le Sheng saw Yang Kai suffer a loss, he couldn’t help but laugh, “After I have teamed up with Martial Uncle Hua, the Ghost King is as powerful as a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master! Yang Kai, how are you going to fight against me now? Quickly come and accept your death!”

While speaking, he controlled the Ghost King to lunge at Yang Kai again. Apparently, he wanted to kill Yang Kai before he could regain his breath.

*Chi Chi Chi...*

The enormous pitch-black sickle struck again with an unstoppable momentum, directly cutting Yang Kai’s figure in half.

Hua Chen Fei raised his brow before speaking without a moment of hesitation. “An afterimage!”

With the two collaborating, their senses had become sharper and they could immediately tell that Yang Kai had already escaped. The only thing that the sickle had split in two was an illusory phantom left by Yang Kai, that’s all.

“Ghost King, come back!” Yin Le Sheng also shouted without hesitation, rapidly forming hand seals. Suddenly, the Ghost King burst into a cloud of black mist before mysteriously disappearing from where it was.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s figure strangely appeared about ten metres away from Yin Le Sheng and Hua Fei Chen, his face cold and the Myriads Sword in his hand pulsating, preparing to cut the two down.

Surprisingly, Yin Le Sheng was gazing right into Yang Kai’s eyes, sneering; not a single trace of panic could be found on his face.

Suddenly, a cloud of black mist appeared behind Yang Kai, and the Ghost King’s faint figure loomed inside it. Right then, the enormous sickle swept horizontally towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai furrowed his brow, sensing the oncoming chill behind him. How could he not know that the Ghost King had already caught up with him?

He hadn’t expected this thing to be so difficult to get rid of; it was like maggots on rotting bones. He had planned to cut off the leader to defeat his subordinates; finish Yin Le Sheng and Hua Fei Chen. He didn’t want to confront the Ghost King head-on.

But now, his plan had gone awry.

In a hurry, Yang Kai could only flee from his position. When his figure reappeared again, he was already several tens of metres away.

“What’s the point of jumping around? Yang Kai, if you are still a man, you should fight head-on!” Yin Le Sheng roared in anger. He discovered that even though the space here was sealed, stopping Yang Kai from simply teleporting away to flee, the latter was still at ease and as slippery as a loach. He couldn’t catch Yang Kai at all.

Yang Kai sneered, “You have teamed up with your Martial Uncle, and also have the help of an Array arranged by so many of your fellow Brothers, yet you have the gall to tell me to fight head-on? Is your head messed up?”

Yin Le Sheng looked embarrassed, but nevertheless, he stubbornly continued, “If you have ability, find a Martial Uncle and fellow Brothers and bring them here. This Yin will definitely not object.”

Yang Kai rebuked with a snort, “What lopsided logic!” He then pointed the Myriads Sword at Yin Le Sheng, provocatively continuing, “Yin Le Sheng, I will definitely settle our old and new grudges today. If you are still a man, come and fight this Young Master one-on-one, and see if this Young Master doesn’t beat you to the point that not even your mother will be able to recognize you!”

“My mother is already dead, why are you dragging her into this!?” Yin Le Sheng furiously stated.

Yang Kai sarcastically added, “In any case, you are also the top disciple of the Netherworld Sect and a hegemon of Great Desolation Star Field. What’s wrong? You don’t even have the guts to fight with me one-on-one?”

Yin Le Sheng’s face turned gloomy as he burned with fury. Even the Ghost King he was controlling seemed to flicker with rage.

Whether it was about being the top disciple of Netherworld Sect or the hegemon of Grand Desolation Star Field, Yin Le Sheng was naturally proud of his achievements, and had these words been said by someone else, he would have already slapped him. But he was up against Yang Kai and really didn’t dare to challenge him one-on-one.

He had experienced Yang Kai’s strength and abilities first hand and knew he wasn’t his opponent by any means. Rather, if he were to attack alone now, he would soon be lying in his grave.

“Martial Nephew, he is trying to stall for time!” Hua Fei Chen warned Yin Le Sheng with a cold face as he glanced at the Ghost King.

At this moment, the Soul Devouring Insects were crawling all over the Ghost King’s body while crisp biting sounds could be continuously heard. Obviously, they were devouring the Ghost King’s strength and Hua Fei Chen could already see that it had weakened a lot in this short moment. If they didn’t kill Yang Kai soon, the Ghost King would cease to exist before Yang Kai fell.

And once the Ghost King was destroyed, all the Netherworld Sect members present at the scene would also suffer a backlash, including Yin Le Sheng and himself.

“I know!” Yin Le Sheng replied, grinding his teeth.

“We can’t delay, we must act now!” Hua Fei Chen shouted, rapidly forming hand seals again.

Yin Le Sheng promptly acted in concert, while glancing at Lin’er outside fleetingly.

“What a bunch of wastes!” Lin’er coldly snorted, “They are fighting one man, and had even laid out this Heavenly Net Absolute Sealing Array, but still, they haven’t killed him yet and are still allowing him to run around all over the place! These Netherworld Sect disciples are truly useless! Had I known this earlier, I wouldn’t have helped them out.”

Now, unable to vent her anger, she was even more pent up than ever before, especially when she saw Yang Kai flaunting his prowess. Lin’er blew her top and wanted to go in and teach him a lesson personally.

It never crossed her mind that she was just a Third-Order Dao Source Realm. How could she have the ability to teach Yang Kai a lesson? She also didn’t notice Hua Fei Chen, Yin Le Sheng, and the others all sweating from the extreme exertion.

“Ao!!” The two Emperors of the Netherworld Sect cast some mysterious Secret Technique at that moment and the Ghost King suddenly let out a roar, facing the sky. The sickle in its hand was giving off powerful energy fluctuations and its enormous figure shot towards Yang Kai in the blink of an eye, ruthlessly sweeping the sickle down at him.

Yang Kai impatiently asked, “You have used this attack over and over again, do you think it will still work against this Young Master?”

He wasn’t able to cut down the ringleader, but as long as he continued to make them consume their energy, it would not take long for the Soul Devouring Insects to finish off the Ghost King. When that happened, he wouldn’t need to make a move as all those from the Netherworld Sect would face a miserable end.

So, while taunting them, Yang Kai prepared to move away from his position to dodge the incoming attack.

But right then, the enormous phantom of a cinnamon flower on the screen of white light that had been enveloping them suddenly moved, one of its branches sweeping towards Yang Kai at lightning-fast speed.

How could Yang Kai expect such a thing to happen?

He didn’t know how this layer of white light was formed, and thought that it was laid out by the Netherworld Sect disciples.

This was a natural assumption as this white light curtain seemed to just be blocking space, so Yang Kai hadn’t put up any defences against it.

Caught off guard, one of his arms was caught by the branch.

He tried to free himself, but wasn’t able to.

And it wasn’t over yet. The illusory phantom of the cinnamon flower shook again as three branches shot out from the light screen, binding Yang Kai’s other arm and his legs with great precision.

In a flash, Yang Kai’s limbs were completely tied and pulled by the branches, forming the ‘大’ character with his figure.

The branches tightened their hold before lifting him up in the air.

Suddenly, Yang Kai turned his head and stared at the red-robed Lin’er. He noticed that her face was pale and she was rapidly forming hand seals, as if she was casting some Secret Technique.

[So, it’s her doing!]

Yang Kai suddenly understood everything and ground his teeth angrily, “Little Girl! You court death!”

He was worried about her background before, so he had given her a small punishment in the desolate city, and he saw her mingling with the Netherworld Sect members, he still hadn’t considered what to do with her. Yang Kai had only planned to get rid of those from the Netherworld Sect and then completely disregarded this girl.

How could he have known that she would have such strange tricks up her sleeve? And having been caught by surprise, Yang Kai finally felt killing intent towards her.

Lin’er was scared by the sight of the fierce, murderous look on Yang Kai’s face, but she gritted her teeth and countered back, “I won’t die if you are dead, will I!?”

Yin Lin Sheng broke into laughter before speaking, “Well done Young Lady Lin’er. I’d like to see how this bastard will escape now!”

Although Hua Fei Chen didn’t say anything, he was trying his best to push his Emperor Qi, controlling the Ghost King with Yin Le Sheng to attack Yang Kai.

As the enormous sickle slashed down, an aura of death caressed Yang Kai’s face.

Yin Le Sheng widened his eyes, as if he wanted to enjoy every moment of Yang Kai’s death.

Hua Fei Chen was also smiling, relieved that things were finally over. If Yang Kai could break loose and escape now, that would be an inconceivable feat.

The attack came instantaneously, and Yang Kai’s pupils immediately shrank to the size of needle tips as he roared, “Dragon Transformation!”

With a deafening roar, a shining Golden Dragon Head suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai. The entire world seemed to tremble with its appearance as Dragon Pressure immediately spread everywhere, causing every living being to submit.

Even the charging Ghost King couldn’t help but momentarily freeze, its sickle strike stagnating for a moment.

Yin Le Sheng and Hua Fei Chen had their jaws drop, watching the roaring Dragon Head in a daze, a sense of absurdity rising in their heart.

It became even harder for Lin’er to hold on once this happened. Her cultivation was the lowest here, and under the intense Dragon Pressure, her tender figure stumbled, almost falling over and collapsing. Owing to this, the power of Taiyi Cinnamon Bowl’s restraints also greatly fell.

From the start, she was unable to bring out the full power of this Emperor Artifact and even her current condition couldn’t be maintained for too long. Now, under the Dragon Pressure, the white screen of light was showing signs of collapsing, but through sheer force of will, she hurriedly grit her teeth and held on, not daring to let Yang Kai break free.

The shining illusory phantom of the Dragon Head flickered as it drilled into Yang Kai’s body.

Immediately after, Yang Kai’s hands transformed into Dragon Claws as Dragon Scales mysteriously appeared on his bare body. Even a Dragon Tail formed of golden energy had appeared behind him, sweeping left and right, leaving gullies on the ground as it did. It was a shocking sight.


The Ghost King’s attack arrived in the next moment, cutting Yang Kai right in the chest.

*Chi Chi Chi...*

A grating sound immediately followed as sparks flew everywhere.

It seemed as if the Ghost King’s attack hadn’t struck a human but the hardest artifact that could possibly be made.

Yang Kai spurted out a mouthful of blood, but what everyone found surprising was that the blood wasn’t red like others, but golden.

And on his chest, a half-metre long gaping wound had appeared, one so deep that even his bones were visible.

Yang Kai had cast the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, which had greatly improved his physical defences, but nonetheless, he was still hit hard by the Ghost King’s attack.

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