Martial World - Chapter 62 - The Final Grade

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Chapter 62 The Final Grade.

“This wound isn’t light!” Lin Ming revolved the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ to suppress the injury, but it still bled.

“The wound’s bleeding. My strength will slowly fall… it’s impossible to wage a battle of attrition. If that is the case…” Lin Ming’s eyes were cold as he locked onto an early Altering Muscle martial artist and the Crystal Backed Spider. “You two, I’m going to put my life on the line to kill you both. I will make the most of my remaining strength in the time I have left to obtain the biggest victory I can and try for my highest possible final score.”

“Spear, to me!”

As Lin Ming thought this, the rows of weapons that had disappeared before reappeared in front of him. An overlord spear appeared in Lin Ming’s hand.

“It turned out to be the overlord spear!”

This overlord spear was crafted with potent darksteel. Such a spear sacrificed its elasticity in exchange for devastatingly destructive power!

The overlord spear’s shaft was eight feet in length and the spear head was eight inches long. The barrel was thick as an arm, and because it was made with heavy darksteel, the spear’s total weight was 580 jins. With a sweep of the spear, even trees would be smashed apart.

Lin Ming’s arm strength was 3200 jins; wielding this heavy spear was just right.

“Good spear!” Lin Ming laughed out loud as soon as he saw it. He tightly gripped the overlord spear and swept outwards in a great arc. A martial artist at the early Third Stage, not realizing the change in circumstances, raised a sword to block the strike, but was only sent flying backwards!

“Hah!” Lin Ming shouted out and his entire body erupted in an imposing aura. A surge of overwhelming Yang aura covered the entire area as it blotted out the sky with killing intent. The group of over ten strong enemies were stunned by this cry, and were unexpectedly so shaken that they dared not step forward.

The floor beneath Lin Ming shattered as he slammed his feet against the ground and shot forward like a beam of light. With an unbelievably imposing aura and a 580 jin overlord spear in hand, he thrust out at the Crystal Backed Spider.”

“Hiss!” The Crystal Backed Spider reacted and spat out spider silk straight at Lin Ming’s chest. This spider silk could bind a human and it was also keenly sharp! It may not seem like an arrow, but it could pierce through a person’s body!

Even a master at the Altering Muscle stage could only evade when facing this spider’s silk. But once dodged, the Crystal Backed Spider could also retreat and continue its long-range attack.

Lin Ming did not dodge or evade; he ran at the spider silk and cut towards it with the overlord spear! How slender and thin was the spider’s silk? The spearpoint was only a point, hitting it at high speed was easier said than done!

Although Lin Ming didn’t know marksmanship, he had spent years delicately working with a deboning knife; with his keen eyes he had accumulated experience and precision. With just this, he had defeated Wang Yanfeng’s ‘Nine Paths of Truth’ with just his fist!

But regardless of whether it was a fist or deboning knife, with this 580 jin overlord spear in hand, it was essentially no different than wielding anything else!

“Break for me!” Lin Ming angrily shouted. The overlord spear hit the spider’s silk. The spider silk was quick like an arrow, but its weight was actually like fluttering cotton. The 580 jin overlord spear meeting the spider’s silk was like a galloping horse running into a fly.

Its momentum not reducing at all, the overlord spear thrust straight into the Crystal Backed Spider’s eight eyes!

The Crystal Backed Spider hadn’t expected that its silk would be blocked by a spear. At this moment it was vulnerable to the cold, killing point of the spear!

Speed was not a Crystal Backed Spider’s strength. Its true power lay in its armored body, and its defensive abilities were comparable to stone pillars. It usually depended on this amazing defensive power to keep off its enemies.

But even so, how could it block the 580 jins overlord spear that was combined with Lin Ming’s 3200 jin strength?

“Pah!” The Crystal Backed Spider had no idea at all as its brain was pierced by Lin Ming’s spear!

“Tsee Tsee Tsee!” The spider that was as big as a small cow was nailed to the ground with its eight legs still twitching. A single spear had killed the enemy!

Green mucus liquid shot out as Lin Ming pulled out his spear and rushed towards the other Altering Muscle martial artists to kill them. However at this moment, there was faint sensation at the back of Lin Ming’s mind, as if a poisonous viper was preparing to strike at him from behind.

He dodge to the side, and a shining electric light ripped through the ground where he had been.

Martial Skill?!

Lin Ming immediately turned his head. Behind him was a phantom man holding a longsword and wearing a bamboo hat.

“Peak of Altering Muscle!”

This enemy was the one that appeared after he killed the Crystal Backed Spider! Not only did its cultivation reach the peak of Altering Muscle, but it could also use martial skills.

Seeing that his enemy was someone at the peak of Altering Muscle, Lin Ming’s heart was filled with a surge of heroic pride. This was the first time he had fought an enemy at the peak of Altering Muscle!

“Wasn’t Lin Ming injured? Why hasn’t he finished by now?

“This guy is too tough, the third incense stick is already half burned! After he was injured he still managed to last another half stick of incense!”

“There are only six people left on stage. The last person’s result was 139. It’s incredible that he is continuing to persist in there!” Most of the present audience didn’t want others to succeed.

“This Lin Ming is already injured. It’s inevitable that his battle prowess will drop. Even if he’s managing to stay in there because of his own stubborness, it’s not known how many points he could have gotten.”

As these people talked, two people on the altar gave a cough, apparently seriously injured. They were unable to last any longer and were shot out by the altar. One of them was shockingly Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was pale, and his every breath was heavy. Overall his performance this time was not perfect, or he would have been able to advance a few more ranks. But he didn’t care. At his final moments he was able to wield a spear to slaughter his enemies, including two enemies at the early Altering Muscle stage. He had immensely benefitted from such a fierce battle.

“Lin Ming finally came out. It took two and a half incense sticks of time; it’s not too unreasonable.”

“Mmm. Looks like he will be able to enter the top 150 ranks. The Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill and Golden Scarlet Snake Pill are truly incomparably wonderful medicines. This boy was similar to Wang Yanfeng just a few days ago, but now after taking these two wonderful medicines he’s at this level, yah, it would be great if I could eat it too.” The crowd said. Many were envious and could not mentally accept Lin Ming’s results.

At this moment the Ranking Stone magic array flashed. The first light was a person who had come out at the same time as Lin Ming. After the flash, his name appeared in the 136th ranking. After the youth saw this result he was utterly ecstatic. He was only 17 years old and had practiced martial arts for two and a half years at the Seven Profound Martial House. To have this result was quite good.

Then, Lin Ming’s name flashed, and it suddenly vanished from the original place at the 210 ranking. More than 100 pairs of eyes were staring at the stone tablet as it updated the results.

The Ranking Stone had altogether 23 rows. Each row had ten names. Most people's eyes were looking at the 15th row, as this was the ranking of 140 to 150 and it was where Lin Ming’s name would most likely appear.

However this section of the magic array’s image was tranquil like water and did not have the slightest change.


It was too late for anyone to feel surprise. The Ranking Stone’s 13th row actually fluctuated. The 125th rank and 126th rank were pulled apart by an invisible force, and then the two characters ‘Lin Ming’ impressively appeared among them.

Lin Ming. Rank 126!!

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