Master Hunter K - Chapter 53 – Count Dimitri’s Castle Ruins (9)

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Chapter 53 – Count Dimitri’s Castle Ruins (9)

The Item rewards were next, starting with Dominic.

[Spider Silk Mantle]

[Recovery Potion – Medium x2]

Dominic, who didn’t previously have anything draped over his back, immediately equipped the mantle. It appeared to be at least ‘Rare’ tier, and he seemed to be satisfied with it. Next up was Giovani.

[Vampire Slayer’s Axe]

[Recovery Potion – Medium x2]

He picked up the axe and muttered

“This is so much worse than my current Axe… time to sell…”

Next in line was Peng Long.

[Arugo – Frankenstein’s Monster’s Ringer’s Solution*]

[Recovery Potion – Medium x2]

Peng Long lifted up the item.

Arugo – Frankenstein’s Monster’s Ringer’s Solution

Heroic Belt – Defense 5%

Passive Skill

First Aid (I)

Once HP drops below 10%, the belt automatically injects recovery potion into the bloodstream.

Cooldown 20 Minutes

Ringer’s Solution attached to Frankenstein’s Monster. It is so large that it is the perfect size to be used as a belt on a human being.

It wasn’t a bad item. Drinking recovery potion in the middle of combat was difficult to say the least. The health recovered by the automatic system could be the difference between life and death. But,

“Hmm… this is a tank item.”

As Peng Long suspected, it was meant to be used by tanks.

“I’ll just sell it at the auction.”

As soon as he declared that, Giovani immediately ran up to him.

“Peng, sell that to me!”

“You want to buy it? For how much?”

“Give me some discount. I spent a lot with the Ratman earlier and don’t have much left.”

“You just received the raid reward a moment ago!”

While the two men were haggling, the rewards moved onto Mahadas.

[Mahaeen – Frankenstein’s Monster’s hard flesh]

Heroic Shoulder pad – Defense 36%

Passive Skill

Living Skin(III)

Recover 2% of the total health per minute

Skin from Frankenstein’s Monster’s shoulder region.

It automatically regenerates upon taking damage.

Mahadas unhesitatingly equipped the item right away. The green skin from Frankenstein’s Monster’s shoulder wiggled its way under his clothes and made its way to the shoulders. It was great that the item was not visible from the outside.

Last was Sungjin’s turn.

[Blood Sucker – Vampire’s Ring]

[Besgoro – Dullahan’s head]

[Shadowrun – Ghost stallion]

[Spellbook – Illusion]

[Recovery Potion – Medium x4]

Sungjin was reading the messages when the Operator gave out another announcement.

[Congratulations! You have obtained the legendary item ‘Besgoro – Dullahan’s head’!]

Sungjin picked up the items that fell before him. The first item to catch his eye was ‘Besgoro – Dullahan’s Head’.

It was a legendary item, but the skull emitting green flames was still a strange item to behold.

[Last but not the least, you will be awarded titles earned in the Raid.]

Everyone received one title each. The title Sungjin received was

[Summoner – Familiars summoned through ‘Spiritual Link’ will last 10 additional minutes longer.]

‘So not having this title equipped means that the bonus is only 5 minutes.’

This title wasn’t all that great for now, as it only granted an additional 5 minutes to Soldamyr and Cain’s active time. It would probably be more useful once he was able to increase the number of summons available to him via Spiritual Link.

‘Well, there’s no downside to having more titles available to me…’

Sungjin checked the item he received, starting with the Besgoro’s head. The Operator opened up a status screen.

Besgoro – Dullahan’s head

Legendary Helm – Defense 70%

Passive Skill

Ghost Vision(IV) – Enables low light vision.**

Substitute Chanting(II) – Chants the incantation of the spell being thought of on behalf of the caster. Cooldown 1 minute

Chat(I) – consult Sir Besgoro, who has a wealth of knowledge from countless battles.

Active Skill

Frenzy(VI) – Increases attack speed by 10% for each hit against the enemy. 1 Minute duration, 20 minute cooldown.

Legendary Hero Besgoro was well renowned on the battlefield, but met a terrible end.

Whispers of his grudge can be heard from his head.

Sungjin frowned while reading the status screen.

“It’s a helm?!

The skull was covered in green flames. And yet this ghastly thing was still considered a helm. The specs were undoubtedly good. High defense rating and great skills, both passives and active.

With the exception of ‘Chat(I)’***. Sungjin swallowed once and said


The skull grew large enough to accommodate Sungjin’s head and then jumped on top of his head. Once it was on, Sungjin’s vision changed dramatically. Despite being dark out, he could see as clear as day.

‘So… This is ghost vision…’

Sungjin turned his head left and right. When he saw Dominic, Dominic jumped back in surprise.


Sungjin felt the skull that was covering his head as he asked.

“Is it… weird?”

Dominic replied

“No… I mean… it’s intimidating rather than weird…”

Sungjin felt the skull that covered his head. Dominic was probably right. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice from above.

‘Hmmm. Are you my new master?’

Sungjin looked up in surprise. But there was nothing there. But this time he heard the voice from behind.

‘Where are you looking? It is I! You are wearing me.’

Sungjin made a poker face as he continued to feel the exterior of the skull.

“… Mister Besgoro?”

‘Yes, that is my name. Although, I have peerage so call me ‘Sir’ instead of Mister.’

This was probably the passive skill ‘Chat(I)’. It appears that the only person who can hear the voices was Sungjin. Mahadas worriedly asked Sungjin

“Is the spirit still haunting you?”

‘Yes. My grudge cannot be washed clean with just my death. Curse you Dimitri…!’

“Count Dimitri is slain. I have severed his head.”

‘I know. You told me. You’ve done well, good job. He deserved to die!’

Sungjin recalled the Operator’s hint from earlier.

‘Betrayed and beheaded.’

‘Anyway! He accused me of plotting a rebellion! No such thought had occurred to me at all! In fact, I was planning on joining his family as a son-in-law!’

“Son in law?”

‘Yes by marrying the Count’s Daughter. She had fallen in love with me. So I asked for her hand in marriage. But once he heard that, he falsely accused me of treason and had me executed.’

“So that marriage… sounds like he was against it.”

‘I stood on the battlefield fighting for his honor and clan for 40 years!’

Sungjin couldn’t help but feel that there was something strange about what had been said.

“Did you say 40 years?”

‘Yes. I have killed so many in the name of the Count. So many…!’

“How old were you when you asked for her hand in marriage?”

‘Hmm… I believe that I was 52 years old then.’

“And the Count’s Daughter’s age?”


Sungjin unhesitatingly commented

“That’s totally criminal!”

‘Why? If I dedicated 40 years of my life, letting me have his daughter is fine, right?’

“No, wrong. Totally not fine.”

Sungjin glanced at the others. The other four were staring at him.

‘What a shame…’

Their eyes seem to say. Sungjin slapped the skull on his head and said

“Ok, I got it. Count Dimitri is dead so let go of your grudge and pass on.”

‘But I want to roam the battlefields once more.”

“Then shut up”

‘Fine. Call me when you’re in battle.’

He finally stopped chatting.

‘But I’m never going to call you…’

Sungjin checked the other items while thinking so. The next item was a ring with a bright red ruby. Strangely, the color of the ring resembled blood.

Blood Sucker – Vampire’s Ring

Heroic Ring

Passive Skill

Life Steal(II) – Steal health for 2% of the damage dealt by physical attacks on hit.****

Ring imbued with the power of Vampires.

Count Dimitri had the power of this ring injected directly into his blood by someone from ‘far away’.

Simple and easy to understand item. It only had one skill, but the effects were unimaginably powerful. Especially since Sungjin’s offensive power was off the charts.

The last item was a small round coin. On it was minted an image of warhorses.

‘Looks just like Mapae*****.’

Sungjin picked up the coin to inspect it.

Shadowrun – Ghost Stallion

Heroic Summon

Passive Skill

Spiritual Link (Shadowrun) – Summons Legendary Stallion who can run continuously without rest. 10 minute duration.

Besgoro’s steed.

After the death of its master, the stallion continued to serve its master in death.

It was another summon. It would synergize well with the Title he had earned this round. Sungjin flipped the coin into the air. From midair


With a loud noise, a ghost stallion appeared next to him. Of course, someone couldn’t help but speak up.

‘Of all the many stallions I have ridden on in 40 years, he was the best! Ride him! You’ll find no better mount!’

Sungjin climbed on top of the horse. Despite being a ghost, it made a great mount. Sungjin wanted to try running a lap around the castle like Besgoro had done. But, the Operator’s announcement interrupted him.

[Returning to Black Market in 1 minute.]

‘I should try out the stallion next time.’

Sungjin climbed down from Shadowrun.

‘What? Why aren’t you galloping away on him?’

Besgoro asked. Sungjin replied

“There is only 1 minute left. I wanted to say goodbye to my teammates before we go.”

Sungjin first addressed Dominic.

“Stay well Dominic. I am glad we could save your life.”

“Thank you, Kei. If we meet again… I will definitely be of help.”

Next was Giovani and Peng Long… but they were too busy haggling.



“3300… I won’t sell below this.”

“Let me buy it for 3000”

“No, I will not sell it for 3000. I’ll get a much better price at the Auction house.”

“We fought and worked together side by side through a raid. We’re comrades!”

“That’s why I discounted it to 3300!”

They were busy quarreling. Sungjin passed them and spoke to Mahadas. He had displayed impressive combat prowess as well as commendable attitude and mindset towards others.

Sungjin offered a handshake.

“It was good working with you, Venerable Mahadas.”

Mahadas returned the handshake and smiled.

“No, you were the benefactor, Kei. You’ve worked hard for our sake.”

“Then until next time we meet.”

Mahadas gathered his hands into a prayer.

“As our fate and Karma allows.”

[Returning to the Black market in 10 seconds. 10]

The operator’s countdown began. Peng Long and Dominic haggled up to the last few seconds fervently, and finally, they pressed their cubes against each others’.

Meanwhile, they both turned towards Kei to say their goodbyes.

“Thanks, Kei!”

“See you next time!”

Sungjin waved his hands towards the other Hunters.

[3, 2, 1, 0]

He was teleported away to the Black Market.

TL Notes

* Frankenstein’s Monster’s Ringer’s Solution

I know this is a mouthful, but “Frankenstein’s Monster” is the proper noun (proper name). So the correct sentence structure becomes (X)’s Ringer’s solution. Aka Frankenstein’s Monster’s Ringer’s Solution.

Ringer’s Solution is a real thing. It is a type of IV drip.’s_solution

**The raw actually says “able to see clearly (perfectly) in the dark. But I recalled that the author likes western style rpg (especially DnD) so I used the DnD terminology here. It is not dark vision since it doesn’t mean (not implied) he could see in pitch black darkness (perfect dark).

***The raw is closer to “gossip” or “Babble”… basically, it means useless talk.

****The raw actually says “Drink blood”, but the effect is lifesteal (like league of legend with vamp scepter). So I went with Lifesteal. Vampirism was another interesting choice, but Sungjin isn’t turned into a vampire, so it didn’t seem right. And he doesn’t have to literally drink blood for passive to proc so “Drink blood” wasn’t a good translation either.

***** The item called Mapae (Horse Requisition Tablet) was used by secret royal inspectors to requisition horses and soldiers from local stations, it gave them authority equal to highest rank in government with which they could dismiss anyone from office, including Governors (highest official rank) in the name of the king if they were found to be corrupt. It has the connotation of being associated with justice and rightful authority.

Editor’s note: Can’t wait for the item from Darker than Black ^^

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