Master of the End Times - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Exterminate Viper

“Repulsion!” The Asteroid Assimilation skill exploded, and its massive force enveloped the car, sending it flying back the direction it came from!

Viper clearly did not expect Qin Feng to be able to block the attack, much less return his attack. Powerless against the incoming vehicle, getting hit by the car would result in many, many broken bones.

Viper quickly got up to dodge the incoming car.


The car landed on the road and exploded into a giant fireball!

Qin Feng’s inner force protected him, and his feet landed gingerly on the ground.

Viper glared at him, taking a good look. When he saw how young his opponent was, the ferocious expression reappeared on his face.

“A fucking greenhorn! I’ll kill you first!” He was outraged that a young-ass kid with no ability user medal dared to provoke him! The boy had it coming.

Viper stormed towards Qin Feng, first raised and ready to strike a heavy blow.


Qin Feng too clenched a fist. The 27 threads in his body all mobilized, entering his meridian, and a rushing force of attack surged through him.

His internal force, be it quality or quantity, was no lesser than that of an F-tier Ancient Warrior.


Flesh met flesh followed by an explosive collision so loud, it sounded like bones smashing into each other!

Viper felt the energy from his fist, unable to believe what he just witnessed.

“Let’s see how long you can last, asshole!” Viper growled.

SPLAT! Thump! Kabam!!!

Like two furious beasts, fists met with fists, and bodies collided with tremendous force, causing the ground to tremble.

Although Viper was unable to adapt to the energy that the Asteroid Assimilation produced, Qin Feng had also discovered that his opponent was so strong, he was unable to absorb his inner force.

“Fucking hell!” Viper was getting angrier by the second, his rage visible by the pulsating veins on his temples.

This punk was a major pain in the ass.

Then, Zhang Haoyang and his team finally arrived.

While Qin Feng kept Viper busy, three people walked up to them and surrounded Viper.

“Viper, you have nowhere to run!” one of them barked.

“Hey, kid, leave it to us!” another one of Zhang Haoyang’s associates continued. He clearly thought little of Qin Feng.

Zhang Haoyang’s body tensed up as he gave the orders. “Go!”

With the three of them joining the fight, Viper was no doubt a dead man!

“Damn it!” Viper shouted in exasperation. His strength was no more than F2-tier, but he was rapidly agile and was a master escape artist, a reason why Zhang Haoyang and the others failed to apprehend him. With three people encircling him, however, he was like a cornered wild animal.

“You’re forcing my hand! Now, you’ll die with me!” Viper suddenly laughed, and injected a strange green potion into his body!

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” he screamed as his body started boiling. It expanded and distorted in strange angles. Then, green scales sprouted from his skin, and in a flash, Viper transformed into a five-meter long ultra-beast taking the form of a giant snake!

“Experimental mutant!” Qin Feng stepped backward cautiously, his heart pounding within his chest.

The anti-human organization’s unusual experiments had never stopped. In fact, some of the terrifying human weapons had their DNA altered, transforming into strong, overpowered ultra-beasts that subsequently boosted their combat power beyond known limits.

Viper was originally an F2-tier, but after injecting himself with the potion, he became an F-class beast-general.

That was way, way beyond Qin Feng’s abilities.

“Hhiisshh!” Viper made a sound that sounded neither human nor beast.

Zhang Haoyang and his colleagues looked terrified, realizing it was too late for them to make a run for it.

Viper coiled his long body and pounced forward, knocking over the Ancient Warrior who asked Qin Feng to retreat.

“Blurgh!” Throwing up a mouthful of blood, there was a freakish-looking dent in his chest where his ribcage and lungs had collapsed.

Humans were undoubtedly feeble against ultra-beasts.

Zhang Haoyang kept moving backward, but Viper was relentless. He opened up his enormous cavern of a mouth as if expecting to swallow Zhang Haoyang whole!

This blood-curdling scenario would have terrified people. Yet, it was at this time that Qin Feng, who had managed to evade earlier, raised his hand and fortified his mind.

“Come fire!” Flames appeared in Qin Feng’s hand, forming a giant ball.

On top of that, the fire from the exploding vehicle appeared to be drawn by an element, flying towards Qin Feng, and turning its shape into a dragon as if flapped its heavy wings across the sky.

“Go!!!” Qin Feng pushed with both hands, and the giant fiery dragon went after Viper, colliding into him like a runaway train!


The magnanimous force sent Viper flying. Fire enveloped his body, and he became a squirming pillar of fire.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Viper screamed in extreme pain.

“Hellfire!” Qin Feng did not stop attacking. He raised his hands again, with a palm-sized black and red ball appearing in his hand.

It was the augmented Hellfire with an amalgamation of dark energy!

Qin Feng hurled the ball of Hellfire so that it would land on Viper’s giant snakehead.

The ball of flames left a trail of charred bits as it scorched everything along its path. Then, there was a giant hole in the Viper’s head.

He struggled for a while, twitched, then came to an abrupt stopped.

Viper—— dead!

“Phew! Phew!!!” Zhang Haoyang, who almost lost his life, gasped breathlessly; the initial shock of the event still lingering in his mind and paralyzing him. After some time, he turned to look at Qin Feng, filled with fear and incredulity.

That was way too powerful.

“He’s an ability user!” Zhang Haoyang tried his best not to believe it but then remembered a power that Qin Feng had used before.

Was he an Ancient Warrior and an ability user at the same time?

Zhang Haoyang looked at the tires on the blue truck and found himself very confused.

His aim was way too accurate. Who was this Qin Feng guy? Was there nothing he couldn’t do?

On the other side, Qin Feng had withdrawn the fire runes.

“Extinguish!” he muttered, and the fire that engulfed Viper disappeared, revealing his singed body and punctured head. He did not look human at all.

“Absorb!” Qin Feng called out.

An obscure form of energy left Viper’s body and entered Qin Feng’s.

After the injection, Viper’s DNA mutated, transforming him into an F-class beast general. So, the energy that came from him was colossal in nature; Qin Feng could feel that familiar boost, permeating his flesh with a hooking form of strength. His physique was getting more robust, and his speed, his sensory abilities had all skyrocketed.


One month after his awakening, Qin Feng was already only a step away from becoming an F-tier ability user!

“Chirp!” Xiaobai suddenly jumped down the car. Its snow-white paws did not touch the ground, untainted by dirt or dust. It raised its claws and sliced Viper’s body into two halves. The flesh on the outside was black as coal, but the inside was still fresh and red. Right in the middle of it all was an energy core.

Xiaobai had come down just to get it!

Qin Feng walked up to Xiaobai and grabbed the red energy core the size of a fist.

“This loot is mine!” Qin Feng smiled.

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