Master of the End Times - Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Making A Bet

Hiring elects of this level to guard the door could only mean that whoever owned this underground fighting arena had to be very powerful.

In fact, Qin Feng knew that the owner of this semi-official Eagle Clubhouse was the deputy mayor himself, Lin Zheng.

The guards at the door stood very still, but when a few pretty hostesses saw Qin Feng, they approached him and greeted him warmly with a “Sir, welcome to Eagle Clubhouse!”

Qin Feng was dressed in high-end clothing, with each piece going for at least 4,000. That didn’t even include his communicator, which was itself worth a princely 100,000.

Upstart! Fuerdai! – that was how the others viewed Qin Feng!

Qin Feng nodded, dished out about 1,000 yuan, and slipped it to one of the girls.

“Bring me to the underground fighting arena!”

The woman was so thrilled to see the thick wad of cash; she looked at Qin Feng in excitement, unable to control her grin.

“Here, Xiao Lian will show you in. This way, sir!” The employee called Xiao Lian led the way, swaying her hips with sultry motions as she walked in front. She looked really pleased, a little smug even.

Since the other hostesses were left out of it, they rolled their eyes at her in dissent and went on their way to look for other wealthy whales, secretly whispering amongst themselves on how lucky that bitch was to find such an affluent young man who looked a hell lot better than the others, mostly elderly and disgustingly withered.

Qin Feng followed Xiao Lian into an elevator and noticed that she pressed the button for B1.

“What is your name, honorable sir?

“There’s no need for honorifics. It’s Qin,” he replied, but that was it. Qin Feng was a man of few words.

“What does your family do? You look really young!” Xiao Lian was eager to speak to Qin Feng, but he seemed uninterested.

“Explain the fight to me!” Qin Feng said in a cold, unfriendly tone.

At the sharp reply, Xiao Lian’s heart fell. Her experience in the business gave her a hunch that this was not going to be an easy guy to serve.

“Yes, Mr. Qin. We will see the fighting ring in a while. The competitors today are Black Bear, and Rolex, True Slash… and the rest. They are mighty victors – all of them are G-tier ability users!” Xiao Lian explained. The elevator came to a stop, and as the doors opened, they were instantly bombarded with a cacophony of a noisy stadium.

“Here, Mr. Qin!” Xiao Lian guided Qin Feng through the corridor that soon led to a brightly lit space.

The place was about the size of a small stadium, went up at least 3 floors, and in the center was a brightly illuminated fighting ring spanning about 20 meters.

Qin Feng was bowled over!

Bomb shelters like this could be used to protect the city from being attacked by ultra-beasts, and yet obscene amounts of resources had to be wasted for these things.

Outside of the ring were flights of stairs ascending at an incline with endless rows of seats. At first glance, Qin Feng estimated that it should accommodate a minimum of 10,000 people.

Around them were giant 30-meter-wide pillars strategically placed in several parts of the structure, with each of them mounted with a massive screen displaying a live broadcast of the fight.

“Mr. Qin, you’re pretty lucky today. This is the fifth round, with Ruthless Tiger as the defender. His opponent, though, is ever more powerful – the champion of eight consecutive competitions! This is a level-skipping challenge!” said Xiao Lian. “Mr. Qin, you can visit our public website on your communicator to see the betting odds and its payout for the competitors!”

“Mm!” Qin Feng had no inkling of the rules of Chengbei’s underground fighting scene, but he’d been to other underground arenas in his previous life. Even so, he had only been a spectator. At that time, he wasn’t strong enough to be in the ring.

Qin Feng opened his communicator and scanned the odds for the two fighters. The contender and the challenger’s score was 1:5, which meant that betting a Ruthless Tiger win would have to place 100 to earn 500 whereas Arm Breaker’s odds were 6:7, so the player would have to bet 600 to get 700.

From the looks of it, odds were the organizer was not very optimistic about Ruthless Tiger.

On top of that, both of them had separate reward models that were handed out directly to the candidates. The more exciting the fight, the more excited the crowd got, and the more the reward money would eventually be.

The two fighters took to the stage!

Qin Feng did not place any bets, and Xiao Lian did not know if she should give him the heads up.

[Ladies and gentlemen, an exciting fight is about to begin. Make some noise!!!]

The loudspeakers in the arena exploded as the emcee rallied up the crowd, announcing the start of the competition with gusto.

Qin Feng’s eyes locked on the stag!

Ruthless Tiger did not look too good. Multiple injuries pockmarked his body, with large bluish bruises covering most of his skin. His opponent, on the other hand, was filled with energy and spirit. He was evidently the more dominant one in this fight.

This fight was a no-brainer. The match had only started when the contender called Arm Breaker launched a sudden attack on his opponent, taking the other guy by surprise. He did not stand a chance to retaliate.

The crowd went wild, with cheers and chants echoing in the stadium. The chaotic atmosphere was reminiscent of an angry mob 10,000 strong.

“Arm Breaker! Arm Breaker!”

“Arm Breaker! Arm Breaker!”

“Come on! Crush him!”

Qin Feng noticed that the rewards for both players were increasing rapidly on his communicator.

Then, the emcee’s voice reverberated over the loudspeaker:

[Patron number 721 has given Arm Breaker 100,000 yuan to see Arm Breaker break Ruthless Tiger’s neck. Hahaha! Let’s see what Arm Breaker is going to do!]

The moment Arm Breaker caught an ear of the emcee’s announcement, he could not help but grin victoriously, and in an effort to impress, he went back down into the fight!


One of Ruthless Tiger’s arm was snapped into two by Arm Breaker and was bent at an abnormal angle. The whites of shattered bone gleamed in the spotlights as it pierced out of his flesh.

“Ahhhhh!” Ruthless Tiger screamed, his agony unimaginable.

The audience erupted into an even louder roar, electrified that blood had finally been spilled.

“Arm Breaker!Arm Breaker!”

Arm Breaker smirked and continued to bludgeon his opponent brutally!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Subsequently, all four of Ruthless Tiger’s limbs were broken.

[Patron number 721 has given Arm Breaker another 100,000! Ah, there’s more, patron number 1032, and patron 1032. We have the banks flowing for him! Gosh, they seem to all really like Arm Breaker’s exhilarating performance!]

Arm Breaker waved his arms in the air, looking cocky, pumping up the crowd’s zealousness further.

“I concede! I concede!” Ruthless Tiger howled. He had this desperate look in his eyes as if pleading for his life.

“Concede? What?! No one has ever conceded in an underground fight!” muttered Arm Breaker while he strode up to his opponent and mercilessly snapped his neck by twisting the head around.

“Ow –”

A loud hush followed by cheers erupted like wildfire. Loud shrieks and whistles of excitement from the audience; their necks and faces flushed with exhilaration.

“So, the ‘exciting performance’ turned out to be the brutal killing of the opponent?” Qin Feng mockingly told the girl.

Even though he had been reborn, he found himself again unable to adapt to the vile insanity of the people! Maybe because they were all average lads, unable to escape the colony, and that their frustrations led them to vent their violence and fervor over here.

Qin Feng smelled the darkness approaching.

The crowd proved deafening, and Qin Feng had spoken so softly that Xiao Lian did not hear his comment. As for her, she quietly observed that Qin Feng did not seem excited, in fact, a little unhappy to be precise.

“Mr. Qin, if you don’t like the noise, we can go to a private room. You can enjoy the fight in peace and quiet there!”

Qin Feng answered coolly, “No need. That won’t be necessary. You know, I honestly think that this competition is exciting. I’ll challenge this Arm Breaker guy!”

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