Master of the End Times - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Dead Giant Beast

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This part of the river ran real deep. Qin Feng entered the water and was immediately greeted by a peculiar blue-red glow all around him. Those were, without a doubt, toxin deposits, which in turn meant that there were no mutant organisms around this area.

The last time he escaped from death, he did not feel a thing. Now, he felt a stinging pain where his skin was exposed to the toxins.

He brushed the pain away. Compared to his injuries sustained the last time, this was nothing!

Qin Feng moved swiftly in the water. After his recent upgrades and developments, his speed and strength had improved, and he was able to swim freely.

In less than three minutes, he made it to the bottom of the river where a black hole opened up.

It was about two meters wide and even if Qin Feng stood upright, he would still be able to go through it without issue.

Calculating his shots, he swam his way inside.

The hole tilted upwards. After ten meters or so diving through the passage, Qin Feng reached the surface of the water.

The moment he shut off the oxygen supply, an extremely pungent odor attacked his nostrils.

No wonder it reeked in here. He was inside a sewage pipe.

This was where he had escaped from the laboratory in his previous life.

He remembered that back then, after receiving the awakening injection, Zhou Hao had to carry him out of the research center, which was the place they came face to face with the razor-fanged infants. His friend had been bitten to death, whereas he had to struggle with one of the monsters leaving him severely injured.

But when the razor-fanged infants had died, Qin Feng had assimilated their energy, and those wounds were able to recover quickly. It had been almost unbelievable.

When Qin Feng was being diagnosed, a doctor revealed that this could indeed be his special ability after his awakening.

After that, when he was leaving the medical tent, he had been attacked and kidnapped.

Subsequently, another turmoil transpired in the colony, and in the hullabaloo, no one had noticed the disappearance of a sixteen-year-old.

Just like Zhou Hao’s death, it had been merely another unfortunate accident.

After that, Qin Feng had been taken into the laboratory where he had been experimented on for hours. Only once had they confirmed that he was really dead, did they dispose of his body in the trash. They had waited for the corpse to decompose, before flinging it into the river and into oblivion.

These thoughts drifted through his mind, and before he knew it, he had already reached the end of the tunnel.

There was a piece of metal sheet blocking his path. A large human-like palm was wedged, leaving a 30-centimeter gap, big enough for one person to squeeze through.

Qin Feng climbed up, pausing to take a look at the giant hand of the creature that had saved him in his previous life.

It was a creature about 30 meters long. But right now, it was in a wretched state. Its flesh rotted from its bones, a result of exposure to the toxins. Apart from a claw that was trying to pry the metal sheet open, and another one which broke off and had fallen onto the pile of trash, the rest of the talons were nowhere to be found.

From the remaining bits of flesh, Qin Feng concluded that it must have been a furry beast that looked like it had been skinned to the bone. All its innards had been extracted, even leaving the creature without a tail.

Both of the creature’s eyes had been gouged out, its eyebrows bored into, indicating that the creature’s core which amassed its abilities had long been removed.

Its flesh and bones were brittle as a result of the infernal experiments; all that was left had no value whatsoever.

“How did it die?!” Qin Feng muttered under his breath when he saw the hole the size of a fist.

If it was already so severely injured, how did this creature manage to pry open the metal sheet?

“Wait… Could it be soul energy? But then again…” Qin Feng frowned.

He had come here today for this giant creature.

Back then, when he had been confirmed dead and disposed of in the trash mount, he had fallen on top of this creature and felt his body absorbing energy. The ability was at least ten times weaker than the time he was awakened just now.

After the destructive experiments he had been put through, there was barely anything left of his ability.

Even so, the energy that he had absorbed from the creature had brought him back to life. When he had realized that, he crawled out of the opening and escaped death.

This meant that the creature had indirectly saved Qin Feng’s life.

He had wanted dearly to come back after he was reborn to rescue this creature and settle his debt. If he could nurture and grow the beast, it would be undoubtedly powerful enough to destroy the entire Z Organization.

The creature’s dilapidated state, however, was utterly out of his expectation.

Qin Feng looked at the time. He was here ten minutes earlier than he was in his previous life when he was awake.

“Wait! What is this?” Qin Feng noticed that the giant beast’s body had suddenly moved as if something was pushing against it.

Then, suddenly a bright silver light radiated from the belly of the beast, followed by a wave of spatial fluctuation!

After the same experience just a few hours ago, and the many years of conversance with spatial fluctuation, how could Qin Feng not recognize it?

Could this space rift be the reason for his rebirth?

Strange. It didn’t make sense. That opening was too small, even smaller than the one that the razor-fanged infants had climbed out of. While Qin Feng was always on high alert, having experienced the previous life, he did not flee but instead reached out and pushed the giant corpse.

The silver halo of light looking about the size of a DVD rose into the air.

“Space passage!”

The difference between a space passage and a spatial rift was that the latter was unstable and could collapse at any given time, while the former was stable and mostly man-made.

A moment after the passage had opened, it spat out a red ovoid object around half the size of a human fist and disappeared in a flash.

Qin Feng let his gaze follow the thing that had fallen out of the passage.

Apparently, it was an irregularly shaped egg, or perhaps, more precisely, an afterbirth.

Wrapped within the translucent placental expulsion was a creature as tiny as a scrawny puppy.

Qin Feng could sense that the little puppy’s vital signs were steady, thanks to the shell-like encapsulation cloaking its precious cargo.

In his mind, everything was starting to line up.

“Perhaps, the energy that I absorbed back then came from this little thing!”

Qin Feng had fallen down and landed on top of the giant beast, which was why he had mistakenly assumed that it was the giant beast’s energy that saved him.

“Hello, little one! From now on, I’ll look after you. Let’s exact revenge together!” Qin Feng picked up the afterbirth and gently placed it in a waterproof compartment in his backpack.

Suddenly, a deafening mechanical sound pealed the silence of his surroundings.

Above him, a sharp blade was descending! Evidently, before the garbage was disposed of, everything was to be minced!

“Don’t worry. I will take good care of your child!” Qin Feng promised the carcass of the gargantuan creature.

As he stepped through the gap, watery blood trickled down the eyes of the slain alien beast as if crying.


The blender whirred at a terrifying speed, pulverizing everything it touched.

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