Master of the End Times - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Rich Gunner

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“Run! Hurry!” Li Yaoyao kept repeating these words in her mind as if to give herself some strength.

But as energy quickly drained from her body, she started to slow down. From the very beginning, she was not a physically fit Ancient Warrior.

In front of her, Wang Kai, Jiang Wenxuan, and Yuhai’s silhouette began to blur into the distance.

They were way faster and much further ahead of her. They were running for their fragile lives, not daring even to look back.

Just when Li Yaoyao was about to give up, a wispy voice called out, “Yaoyao! Run! I will distract them!”

“Mengmeng!” Li Yaoyao turned around and saw that Lu Meng had stopped running, her petite 1.5-meter frame suddenly looked really tall.

Lu Meng opened the space receptacle, and a machine fell out, landing on the ground with a loud boom.

Click! Clack! Click! Clack!

The gears on the machine moved, a cold sheen reflecting off its surface under the silvery glow of the moonlight.

The T9 assault tower had been hastily assembled, equipped with a large gattling gun with 9 muzzles the size of a grinding wheels armed with a honeycomb of bullets.

Pow! pow! pow! pow! pow! pow! pow!

Bullets whizzed by, and bright muzzle flashes woke the dark wilderness.

In the shadows of the night, a red radiance let out a long, high-pitched cry. Clearly, scary weaponry like this was bound to inflict some severe damage on the enemy.

Qin Feng, hoping to take advantage of the darkness to stay out of sight, cursed under his breath as he darted to a large tree behind him to avoid getting caught in the middle of a firefight.

Qin Feng recognized that the people being chased were the five students he’d encountered earlier today.

He could not believe that they would have such bad luck. Merely too ostentatious were they, perhaps? How did they manage to draw a pack of jackals on their first night here?!

But it was just a regular ol’ jackal pack though. With the girl named Meng Meng’s T9 assault tower, it should be a reasonably easy task to get rid of them.

“That nouveau riche!” Qin Feng was observing Lu Meng in the darkness. A big machine like that needed to be transported by a tactical van. It was supposed to be a team machine that cost over 2 million for one, not mentioning it required a vast amount of ammunition.

But, that was nothing compared to the space receptacle whereby one cubic meter was worth a good 5 million. The fact that she was able to fit a T9 assault tower inside meant that it was surely upwards of one cubic meter.

Qin Feng was deciding on whether he should wait for them to die before taking it for himself when a giant creature suddenly came into view.

The monster was 2 meters tall; its giant body was shaped like an ordinary, non-mutated bull. However, this one had a coal-black hide, bloodshot eyes, and sharp snow-white fangs that glinted in the night.

“Beast-general tier! Neapolitan Mastiff!” exclaimed Qin Feng when he saw the creature’s true form and immediately recognized it.

There were always some species of powerful beasts among the common ultra beasts. Labeled differently according to their strength, their kind saw beast soldiers, beast generals, and the beast kings among their hierarchy.

Beast soldiers were like the elites among humans and, with effort, could be easily killed.

But beast generals, on the other hand, were commanders among the monsters.

This Neapolitan Mastiff had already reached a beast-general tier. No wonder these people were hysterical.

The assault tower spat out bullets like a hurricane, yet it was unable to inflict any damage on the creature – the beast was too fast!


The Neapolitan Mastiff was no less intelligent than a human, quickly making its way behind Lu Meng to evade the bullets and simultaneously reaching out its claws towards Lu Meng.

“NO!” Li Yaoyao screamed.

The elements in the environment vibrated violently, and a ripple of water appeared, forming a wall of water behind Lu Meng. The hound’s sharp claws tore through the fragile protection, slicing down his back with great fury!


Lu Meng’s jacket was torn, revealing a thin silver garment underneath, which was apparently very strong as it seemed to be intact, allowing it to protect its wearer.

However, the force of the strike threw Lu Meng into the air. That alone was enough to cause her serious injuries.

Then, the creature ignored Li Yaoyao and charged towards Lu Meng like a mindless beast locked on to its prey and nothing else!

“Ah, forget it!” Qin Feng sighed.

Ultimately, he was not some cold-blooded murderer. This girl was not very powerful, but yet, she attempted to fend off the monster to buy her friend some time – reminding Qin Feng of Zhou Hao’s camaraderie.

True friendship was indeed invaluable.

He had enough. Qin Feng decided to get involved.


An arrow shot off his crossbow, headed towards the Neapolitan Mastiff at an extremely tricky angle.

In its hunt for food, the Neapolitan Mastiff had not taken into account random arrows that came out of nowhere. The shot may not be lethal, but if it was unable to avoid it, the arrow would surely puncture its eye.

The beast swerved to the side to dodge the incoming spine and, in doing so, missing the chance to pounce on Lu Meng.

Qin Feng did not stop there and, instead, released a second arrow!


This one, too, had its sights set on the Neapolitan Mastiff’s eyes.

This time, however, the beast could not evade it. The moment he dodged the first arrow, he had unwittingly stepped into Qin Feng’s trap.

The Neapolitan Mastiff wailed in pain as the arrow impaled its eye. It winced and flinched for a moment, then became mad. Raving mad.


The creature sprang forward in a tormented rage and rammed itself against the tree that Qin Feng was hiding behind.

Against all odds, Qin Feng had already escaped to another tree.

Being attacked by a wild beast was no short of a petrifying experience.

While avoiding a head-on confrontation with the Neapolitan Mastiff, Qin Feng kept shooting at it, taunting the monster with each provoking arrow!

This was his experience in the previous life, this was his best combat technique.

When Lu Meng, who thought that this was going to be her last day for sure, saw someone coming to her rescue, she could not help but let relief drown her as she had escaped death. She now began to feel hopeful.

But this hope quickly turned into despair again – the arrows only served to slow the beast, which was still advancing towards its attacker! Qin Feng was forced to retreat, closing in the distance between the two of them.

Now, it looked like the beast would surely catch up to him and rip him apart!

Both Lu Meng and Li Yaoyao recognized him – the guy who came down the car with them.

He was only armed with simple weaponry, and there was no ability user medal on his chest, almost certainly not powerful enough to stop the ultra beast.

Then, all of a sudden, Qin Feng leaped into the air.

Lu Meng’s eyes widened. “Is he going to…”

Before she could even think about it, Qin Feng was already standing on top of the T9 assault tower.

Unrealizing of his location, Qin Feng, who had been running away from the Neapolitan Mastiff, had drawn near to the assault tower. He meant to control this powerful gun.

Ever since the appearance of the space rift, humanity had experienced not only destruction but also evolution.

Ability users and Ancient Warriors began to emerge. But the majority of people were the gunners.

Gunners used strengthening potions to improve their strengths, then relied on machines to perform their destructive attacks. Even though their power would never match up to that of the ability users and Ancient Warriors, their low threshold and high numbers were like the mass-produced grains that kept human beings alive.

Under such circumstances, the continuous development of machines, and the occurrence of all sorts of energy from space rifts lead to a breakthrough in machinery.

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