Master of the End Times - Chapter 952

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Chapter 952: Danger of Greenlit City

Qin Feng was unaware that his leading action had caught the interest of others to compete for their share.

As the Void Locusts slit opened more and more rifts, the number of ultra beasts that came out also became higher. For Qin Feng, it was an ideal situation to his benefit.

Therefore, Qin Feng simply ignored those Void Locusts. He only aimed for those ultra beast groups that were let out from spatial rifts triggered by those Void Locusts. He had even purposely let those Void Locusts go, so that they could attract more ultra beasts.

As for the dire situation of the Amazon Alliance, it was out of Qin Feng’s concern.

Hence, the connivance of a powerful figure like Qin Feng had allowed the plaguing Void Locust scene to continue. The growing number of ultra beasts then eventually formed into terrifying beast waves.

Qin Feng was at the frontline of every beast wave explosion.

Meanwhile, Hu San had revealed himself at Huaxia and they found out that it was not him but Qin Feng who was roaming around the Amazon Alliance. However, the situation was too chaotic and nobody would care to clarify on the actual identity of the powerful figure.

At Greenlit City of the Amazon Alliance.

A year ago, it was still a city in a war battle. Orphans and gangsters were all around.

However, Qin Feng had brought along annihilation of the Dark Coalition and uprooted them from around the area. Every member belonging to the Dark Coalition was completely slaughtered.

Now that Qin Feng had scrapped off more than half of the members of the Dark Coalition, Greenlit City had surprisingly become a purified land in the Amazon Alliance.

Soon, civilians heard about the news and began to gather around. Despite the lack of funding resources, the manpower available there had slowly revived the development of the area.

The duke of Greenlit City saw the opportunity and immediately invested in it for his own benefit. Hence, in just a year, it had become a newly rebuilt and prosperous top-tier city.

But now, the top-tier city was under a beast wave attack.

“Hey, hey, quickly send in support, we can’t hold it anymore. Do you all wish to see Greenlit City fall apart?”

“What? Lack of manpower? Find someone for me, where are those S-tier aptitude users?”

“Damn it, can’t we just reach out to them? I am aware that I have no right to instruct them, but can I just beg them for a favour? There must be some way to reach their communicators!”

“Hey, hey…”

Many of those signal towers established in the wilderness were destroyed and it was extremely difficult to channel communication to the outside. Neil Bol was on pins and needles. For the past year, he had invested a lot into Greenlit City. It had also rewarded him with returns that he had never imagined before. He would certainly refuse to just give up on it.

But the constant attacks of ultra beasts from the outside left him no choice. Cannon bombings were constantly orchestrated and they could only withstand for another two hours.

Also, who knew when another powerful figure would arise and take on the beast wave.

It was at that moment, Neil Bol was alerted by the alarming communicator. His heart was thumping and he had prepared himself for the worst!

“Beep beep beep, alert, A-tier beast deity closing in. Two thousand one hundred and forty-one meters away from your location, please take cover!”

It was only two kilometres away. As Neil Bol stood on the city wall, he could even feel the horrifying presence of the ultra beast.

Followed by a vigorous beast wave, it was like a real black-coloured wave. Grounds began to quake, earth was being stepped on, trees were being pushed down, while the oppressive beast wave was being unleashed to run wild.

Among the beast waves, an ultra beast that was about a hundred meters tall was exceptionally noticeable.

Terrestrial ultra beasts were usually not as huge as the sizes of sea ultra beasts. Hence, the hundred meter height of the ultra beast was already shocking enough.

Surprisingly, it was a horrifying Rocky Mountain.

Actually, it was also a creature with its own flesh and a type of mutated steel fibre tunicate.

“This, this looks like Devil Mountain!” A B-tier aptitude user mumbled.

After all, the East Sea was far apart from the Amazon Alliance. But the splitting of the Divine Mountain by the Devil Mountain, Hundred-Claw and Siren Cherub that occurred last year had killed many powerful figures from different alliances. As soon as the recordings were obtained, they began their research on it.

This year, the Hundred-Claw and Siren Cherub were both killed by Qin Feng. Only Devil Mountain was still on the wanted list. Since its disappearance for more than a year, it was being marked as missing.

All of them certainly did not know that the Devil Mountain had already died a year ago during the explosion of the Divine Mountain.

The appearance of another lookalike creature of the Devil Mountain was even more horrifying than the one before. It had completely transformed into a beast deity and it was a moment of total despair for the people of Greenlit City.

Neil Bol refused to believe what he had seen, and his heart started to falter.

“Attack with full force and stop it!!!” Neil Bol commanded as he took a few steps back, as if thinking if he should be the first to escape.

It was at that moment, a pale-white background began to blanket the area from behind the beast wave.

It was the colour of white snow.

It was definitely impossible to have snow in the month of June at the Amazon Alliance. Such an abrupt scene could only be explained in one way.

It was ability usage!

The snow storm began to expand its boundless borders, stretching up to tens of kilometres. The beast wave beyond Greenlit City was unexpectedly frozen still.

Neil Bol witnessed the scene and he was over the moon.

“Hold on, the S-tier master from the Huaxia Alliance is coming to save us!”

Neil Bol certainly did not know that the person that had come was his long-time friend.

From beyond Greenlit City, it seemed like the beast wave was coming to an end. Actually, it was right at the peak of it. Qin Feng descended from the air, while the exploding Frozen Age had frozen all of those creatures.

The beast wave had taken place for three days and Qin Feng had been holding onto the same hunting spot. Perhaps, the number of annihilated ultra beasts had already reached hundreds of thousands.

Regardless of the size, Qin Feng spared no chance for the survival of the creatures. His Verdant Emperor Saber on hand was humming as it was stained with even more souls.

Although it was built with countless numbers of S-tier materials, the quality of its base material was still a little poor. It was already struggling to withstand the overwhelming number of souls.

Qin Feng had planned to visit the Dark Citadel after the end of the battle as he wished to obtain more materials for the next transformation of his Verdant Emperor Saber.

Hence, Qin Feng had stopped using his Verdant Emperor Saber to hunt down ultra beasts.


Ice ability usage within the Frozen Age was also amplified by several folds. Furthermore, Qin Feng had a horrifying amount of Sacred Ice Stones, about three thousand of them. With such amplification, the full release of them would probably be on par with the capability of an SS-tier aptitude user.

Countless numbers of ultra beasts were torn into pieces. Several powerful A-tier ultra beasts were also impaled by ice shards and were put to irrevocable death.

Only one creature was still marching forward and seemed to be unaffected by the snow storm.

It was exactly the deity class Devil Mountain.

He crushed every other creature, sourcing nutrients from all of those crushed pieces. The Devil Mountain was getting closer and he had managed to arrive right outside of the city wall.

“Retreat, run!” Neil Bol shouted. Since the S-tier aptitude user had arrived, they only needed to protect their own fragile lives. The only way for them was to survive and wait for the next opportunity to strive again.


The Devil Mountain crushed onto the city wall and instantly devoured it. Those who did not manage to escape were trapped into the suction pad of the Devil Mountain.

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