Master of the End Times - Chapter 953 - An Old Friend

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Chapter 953: An Old Friend

Qin Feng saw the scene and picked up a sense of foreboding. He instantly sped up and caught up with the deity class Devil Mountain.

The Devil Mountain was absolutely unaffected, except for some weather-beaten marks left on its stone mountain outer shell. The sturdy shell had protected him from the freezing snow and it remained unaffected by Qin Feng’s Frozen Age.

Every ultra beast had their own strengths. Being an ultra beast that came from the deep sea, the Devil Mountain had high resistance toward water and ice runes.

“Nothing the ice element can do? What about the fire element?”

Qin Feng wondered to himself as his ability had already exploded.

“Double layer field, fire wall, magma world!”

All of a sudden, the giant Devil Mountain was surrounded by fiery melted magma. His gigantic body that had crashed onto the city wall was struck by the fiery wall. He began to tremble and collapse downward.

The beast howled in grief, and it sounded like a bunch of ultra beasts roaring in rage. Also, it was like echoed noises from a valley, channelling trembling waves to strike everyone in the surroundings with a dizzy spell. Meanwhile, everyone within Greenlit City was running away. They knew that it was absolutely not a war that they could participate in.

Neil Bol was running faster than anyone else. But soon, he realized that the Devil Mountain did not follow through and he was entangled and held back by someone else.

Surprisingly, that person was not using ice runes but fire runes.

Scorching magma slowly expanded as the fire dragon that rose up had entangled around the body of the Devil Mountain and was biting on the stone mountains. Amidst the drastic exchange of high and low temperature, all of those stone mountains exploded, greatly reducing its defensive capabilities.

The Devil Mountain certainly did not give up. He blasted out water waves and tried to drown those mighty flames. But the difference in terms of numbers of runes between both sides was obviously worlds apart.

The Devil Mountain could only struggle to escape from his death.

Looking from afar, Neil Bol’s curiosity had gradually taken over and he began to put on a doubtful expression.

“Why does this presence seem kind of familiar?!”

The appearance of a person would change, but not the presence. Neil Bol remembered Qin Feng’s, although his presence had grown much stronger.

It was at that moment, a glowing blade exploded and shot up to the sky.

“Blazing Sky!”

All of a sudden, a flaming beam seemed to rend from the earth to the sky.

Nine frozen stars appeared behind Qin Feng. His Verdant Emperor Saber was then embedded with internal energy as he activated the repelling force of the Asteroid Assimilation.

The continuous channelling of energy had boosted the glowing saber to explode with insane attack power, and even the S-tier ultra beast would have to take cover from the massive explosion.

The Devil Mountain felt Qin Feng’s incoming powerful presence, but its body was too massive to manoeuvre. It was impossible for it to dodge the hit.


The saber landed onto the Devil Mountain’s body, he was then halved into two separate parts!

He had certainly survived it, but both of his body parts were still trembling and squirming while trying to escape.

However, Qin Feng was the true ruler within the fire wall. It was impossible for Qin Feng to let him escape from it.

Glowing saber flashed across and the energy core exposed from the centre of the Devil Mountain’s body was dug away by Qin Feng.

The Devil Mountain’s life energy was rapidly deteriorating, and his flesh was soon burnt down by the magma. Surprisingly, the smell of grilled meat that lingered around smelled relishing.

Bai Li jumped out from behind and retrieved the body of the Devil Mountain. The gigantic mountain then disappeared within the fire wall, and Qin Feng was the only one left behind.


Qin Feng retrieved his runes.

In the next moment, boiling magma flowed reversely and transformed into red runes before returning into Qin Feng’s body. The charred black earth was then left exposed.

Furthermore, icy snow covered up the area a thousand meters away. It was like a blizzard had struck the area and only snowy ground and white pines were left behind.

Meaning to say, the S-tier ice ability demonstrated earlier was surprisingly under Qin Feng’s control.

All of a sudden, it was like they had seen their life savior.


An E-tier aptitude user soldier kneeled down, forced his head onto the ground and began to speak. But soon, he realized that this person might not understand his language.

“Thank you Master, thank you for saving my life!” The aptitude user communicated via his consciousness.

The aptitude user could not thank Qin Feng enough for saving him from his near-death experience. If it was not because of Qin Feng, he would have died earlier.

The others were also awakened from the shocking moment and immediately expressed their gratitude toward Qin Feng. Everyone that had lower capabilities expressed their immense reverence while civilians in Greenlit City kneeled down together like they were afraid that their savior might not see it.

Their sole purpose was to express their thrilled emotions.

Being the duke of the city, Neil Bol forced himself to move forward and express his gratitude.

“Master Qin Feng, please accept my greatest gratitude. It has only been a year, and you have grown to be so powerful. This really caught me with surprise. Of course, I still can’t thank you enough for saving my life!” Neil Bol expressed his grateful heart.

“Oh, Master Neil Bol!” It had only been a year, Qin Feng certainly still remembered Neil Bol. But he did not expect him to be here. Soon, Qin Feng noticed something and asked, “Is this Greenlit City? You seem to be doing quite well here Master Neil Bol!”

As Qin Feng had been tracking down the Devil Mountain, he actually did not pay attention to the geographical location of the area.

It had only been a year, and the transformation of the area had caught him by surprise.

Neil Bol was troubled by Qin Feng’s question.

Neil Bol was undecided whether to thank Qin Feng for his act of meddling in other people’s business during that time or blame him for causing him to lose everything and almost being penalized by the S-tier.

Despite the mixed feelings in him, Neil Bol still sounded well mannered. “Hehe, all thanks to you, Master Qin Feng. If it was not for you who helped me in eliminating the Dark Coalition members around, it was impossible for us to rebuild the new Greenlit City. It was all because of your great work, Master!”

“Don’t mention it, it was my responsibility to do so. Let me know if any Dark Coalition members dare to bully you in the future, I can come forward to help. However, I will only come if there is a major threat. Let me know once you have decided to eliminate Eye Devil!”

Eye Devil had attacked Qin Feng with three light rays, and the reason for his return was to get revenge for that.

However, Eye Devil was an absolute ruler within the Amazon Alliance. Neil Bol felt that he was out of his mind. But at the same time, he had an unexpected gut feeling that Qin Feng might be able to do it.

‘This must be a false gut feeling, I hope that he will not succeed in this!’

Neil Bol comforted himself as he welcomed Qin Feng into Greenlit City for a rest.

Qin Feng had been constantly on the move for three consecutive days, and he was absolutely exhausted from it. For any ultra beast, the crowd in Greenlit City was definitely food that had gathered themselves together. The ultra beasts would eventually get closer to hunt them down. Hence, Qin Feng planned to rest for a day before continuing with his hunt.

Neil Bol had prepared the most luxurious residence for Qin Feng to get his rest. On the second day, another beast wave occurred.

As time went by, the situation at the Amazon Alliance became worse. If not, the invasion would not have spread into the Huaxia Alliance borders before his rebirth.

After completing the annihilation of the new beast wave, Qin Feng was alerted by his communicator again, it was Long Ting.

“Qin Feng, several powerful figures from other alliances are hoping that you could head over to help. Seems like they have not found any viable method to handle the Void Locust!”

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