Master of the End Times - Chapter 954 - A “Useless” A-tier

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Chapter 954: A “Useless” A-tier

There were indeed several S-tiers in the Amazon Alliance now. However, they were not there to help the Amazon Alliance to take on the beast waves. Indeed, they might slay a few dozens of ultra beasts when they see them; however, those were not their real target.

They had only one target—the S-tier Void Locust Kaiser.

In the last two days, all four of the S-tiers were butting heads with the Void Locust Kaiser day and night. Yet, they were not able to do much damage to the monstrosity.

Not only that, while they were taking on this dangerous entity, the people in the area did not seem to thank them at all. Instead, they had all flocked over to bow down graciously to Qin Feng, who had only been killing all those weaker, inconsequential ultra beasts, treating him as the savior of the Amazon Alliance.

This had made the S-tiers quite unsatisfied, and they asked the Huaxia Alliance to order Qin Feng to join in their efforts to defeat the Void Locust Kaiser. So long as this S-tier monstrosity perished, the threat looming in the area would be gone; yet, this Huaxia kid did not seem to want to help them at all. This made the S-tiers think that the Huaxia Alliance did not have a proper outlook at the bigger picture of the problem.

To be honest, Long Ting did not want to order Qin Feng around. She believed that Qin Feng would automatically step up to deal with the Void Locust Kaiser after assessing the situation in the area.

However, to her surprise, Qin Feng did not seem to care at all.

In fact, to Qin Feng, it was more beneficial to him if this Void Locust swarm kept on getting bigger, which meant that he could hunt down and harvest more of the ultra beast corpses. If the Void Locust Kaiser were to die, the Void Locusts might all run away and he would not be able to gain much from this.

Still, after hearing the news and understanding what was going on in the area, there was no excuse for him to not join in the effort to take on the Void Locust Kaiser.

‘Besides, I might need its S-tier material too. I can’t allow others to acquire it.’

Qin Feng needed one more material to refine his Verdant Emperor Saber. The skull of the Void Locust Kaiser might be a good fit.

“Don’t worry, Lord Long Ting. I am actually about to head there now.” Qin Feng said.

“Alright. However, please exercise caution. If it is not viable to kill it, we need you to come back alive.”

Qin Feng was the hope for the Huaxia Alliance’s future; so, she could not allow anything bad to happen to him.

After hanging up, Qin Feng covered his consciousness over the entire Amazon Alliance. Although the Void Locust Kaiser could conceal its own presence or retreat into the void, there was no way it could hide from four people with S-tier capabilities. It was like a volcano erupting into the middle of the sky—its own presence was too glaring to miss.

After locking onto its location, Bai Li activated her spatial tunnel before hopping into it with Qin Feng.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the city, the Void Locust Kaiser was flying in the sky. To people who did not know any better, they would think that it was being chased by S-tiers out of the city to avoid casualties. However, it flew there out of its own volition. Being an S-tier ultra beast, almost no one was able to force it to go wherever it did not want to go.

West Lord let out a furious roar before swinging down fiercely with his gigantic axe. A flash of black swipe glared on the surface of the Void Locust Kaiser before it vanished into thin air and into the void.

“Damn it!” West Lord cursed out loud.

This had happened ample times already; and there was nothing he could do to stop it from fleeing like this.

“Don’t fret about it, big man. It seems that this isn’t a problem that we can solve. Perhaps we should ask for an SS-tier to handle this. I heard Huaxia has one. His name is Li. We could ask them to deal with this insect.” Vienna said to West Lord softly.

“We did ask the Huaxia Alliance to send help. And yet, all they did was send an A-tier over!” Oplan retorted grumpily. It was quite clear that Oplan was not satisfied with the Huaxia Alliance’s decision.

They knew that Hu San was not in the Amazon Alliance. However, there seemed to be someone using S-tier abilities in the region to stop the beast waves. However, after doing a brief recon, they realized that it was just an A-tier ability user.

“He’s just a weakling, useless A-tier. We can’t have him join our battle. He is only strong enough to fight the beast waves down there!” West Lord grunted in dissatisfaction.

“I see. So, I’m not welcomed here.” A fling of consciousness vibrated in their ears as two silhouettes darted toward them through a spatial tunnel.

The three S-tiers were surprised to see this. They did not sense anyone coming near them. Even when this person had gotten close to thousands of meters, they still did not detect his presence and consciousness. If this man were sent there to assassinate them, he could actually do it without much problem.

Qin Feng’s appearance had given them a face slap, especially West Lord. West Lord had begrudgingly complained that the Huaxia Alliance had sent a “useless A-tier” to their side. And yet, this “useless A-tier” was able to get close to him without him noticing him at all.

Qin Feng, on the other hand, took a brief look at the three S-tiers. They were indeed powerful—the newly risen heroes that had ascended to S-tier in the past ten years. They were rather different from the ones like Fang Zhou.

This was especially true for the Goddess of Ocean Vienna. She was so well-received by the public that she was almost an idol to them. There were over tens of thousands of fans, all willing to die for her.

Oplan was also an interesting character. He had an older brother named Obol—the A-tier “King of Thunder” in the Philippines Alliance that Qin Feng had met before on the Divine Mountain.

Regardless, they were still not strong enough to take on the Void Locust Kaiser. This monstrosity was, after all, a beast deity and was as powerful as Bai Li.

Humans had limitations to their powers. Unless any one of them had ascended to the level of a deity, it would cost them dearly to take on a beast deity. Perhaps due to the Void Locust Kaiser seeing that the damage these three did on it was less than a scratch, it did not bother to even attack them.

Thus, Qin Feng found it rather funny for them to claim that they were “doing their best to stop the Void Locust Kaiser”—these three were clearly not anywhere powerful enough to take on the S-tier beast deity. If the Void Locust Kaiser were to take them seriously, they would perish without a trace in mere minutes.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of West Lord and his teammates, Qin Feng was a joke too. Just what could an A-tier do in a situation like this?

West Lord was quite upset with Qin Feng’s offending words. After taking a look at Qin Feng’s badge, he coldly said, “Was I wrong though? Just who do you think you are to want us to welcome you? You’re just an A-tier. You better get lost while I’m still in a good mood. If that bug Kaiser appears and takes you, no one is going to save you!”

Bai Li sniggered, “Actually, you are the one who should run away. If not, when these locusts come, there’ll be no room for you to flee!”

West Lord was pissed upon hearing Bai Li’s words. Still, it was true that he could do nothing to harm the Void Locust Kaiser at all. Nonetheless, just what could an A-tier do to help the situation? Since when did A-tiers begin to act so arrogantly?

“Do you have a death wish?!” West Lord accumulated a gush of energy into his axe, wanting to swing it at the two haughty brats.

However, Vienna was quick to stop him, “Stop! We are all here to solve the crisis together, not kill one another. If these younglings want to fight, why not give them a chance? But if they were to die in the process, there’s nothing we can do either.”

Vienna seemed to be siding with Qin Feng and Bai Li; however, secretly, she was thinking of allowing these A-tiers to die fighting the fight they wanted to participate in so much.

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