Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 824 – Appear in the Flesh

Chapter 824 – Appear in the Flesh

Pokiryet suddenly blurred and disappeared from the Gold Canopy Imperial Court.

The Gods’ Eyes also abruptly disappeared from the Gold Canopy Imperial Court.

A deadly silence filled the Gold Canopy Imperial Court. The aristocrats silently watched Bo’orchu’s corpse in the imperial court with a queer ray in their eyes.

The Gold Canopy Imperial Court was originally not an opponent of the Great Chu Empire’s army command by Yang Feng. Now that the Gold Canopy Imperial Court’s Khan of Heaven was crushed by the Demon Venerable like he was an ant, the leaderless bunch has no will to fight against Yang Feng.

An aristocrat hesitated for a while before asking: “What do we do now?”

Another aristocrat replied with a cold smile: “The Demon Ancestor is a terrifying existence that even the Demon Venerable is inferior to. With the Demon Venerable gone, what can we do? We can only surrender!”

“Although the Great Zhou Empire surrendered to the Demon Ancestor. But in essence, it is just a change of name. The ones who rule the Great Chu Empire are still those guys!”

“Yes, as long as there are our people beside the Demon Ancestor, then there’s no problem.”

The aristocrats started to discuss the matter of surrender. Since the Demon Venerable of legend is not the opponent of the Demon Ancestor, then these ordinary people have no scruples surrendering to him.

An aristocrat said to the Chanyu [1] of the Left Zakuboro: “Zakuboro, your daughter Khaina is the most beautiful girl in our Gold Canopy Imperial Court. Whether it is geese flying in the sky, or wolves running in the grassland, all will be overwhelmed by her beauty. If she can get the favor of the Demon Ancestor, then we’ll have a foothold.”

One after another, eyes with peculiar glints focused on the Chanyu of the Left Zakuboro.

Khaina is recognized as the No. 1 beauty of the Gold Canopy Imperial Court. Even the Khan of Heaven Bo’orchu was rather interested in her and gave Zakuboro several hints. However, feeling distressed over his precious daughter, the Chanyu of the Left Zakuboro pretended that he didn’t perceive the Khan of Heaven Bo’orchu’s hints. Feeling apprehensive due to various reasons, the Khan of Heaven Bo’orchu didn’t dare to take action against the minister of the Gold Canopy Imperial Court Zakuboro. thus allowing Khaina evade this issue.

Zakuboro can feel the danger and killing intent coming from the queer gazes. If he doesn’t agree, countless hidden enemies will likely pounce on him and use this as an excuse to kill him and divide his grassland, slaves, and herdsmen.

Zakuboro made a prompt decision, saying: “Okay! I will offer my Khaina to the Demon Ancestor!”

Disappointment and apprehension welled up in the eyes of the dozen plus people around him.

Once the Demon Ancestor takes Zakuboro’s daughter as his consort, no one will dare not provoke Zakuboro again. Transcendent rank powerhouses such as the Demon Ancestor, the Heavenly Venerable, and the Demon Venerable do not view these aristocrats as people and may kill them at will. Such existences make these grassland aristocrats extremely apprehensive.

The Blue Sea is the largest sea in this world and it houses the Sea Dragon Empire, which comprises of three large islands and countless other islands.

Two black rays flew towards the Gold Dragon Island of the three large islands in an instant.

“What’s that?”

“There are two people, there are two people flying in the sky!”

“How can that be? Even Martial Sages can only jump 20 zhang [2] at most. Who are those two?”


Struck dumb, the imperial guards in front of the Sea Dragon Empire’s imperial palace on the Gold Dragon Island looked at the two masters treading in the sky with fear in their eyes.

The Demon Venerable Pokiryet looked at the Sea Dragon Empire’s imperial guards and said with a grin: “The Demon Venerable has arrived! Sea Dragon Empire’s imperial palace, come out and greet me!”

Queer laughter instantly enveloped the entire imperial palace.

The imperial guards patrolling atop the outwall exploded one after another. In an instant, thousands of imperial guards dropped dead.

The strange death spread towards the imperial palace, causing chaos and despair inside the palace.

The Heavenly Venerable the Gods’ Eyes watched the goings on with an indifferent expression on his face.

The Gods’ Eyes, who has lived for hundreds of thousands of years, doesn’t care about people dying in front of him. At the same time, he himself has killed more than 10 million people. In his eyes, the inhabitants of this world are nothing but ants.

Only the top forces such as the Great Cloud Dynasty and the Western World’s three dynasties have strict laws to protect ordinary people. The ordinary people are the foundation of Warlocks. There have been Infinity Warlocks, Warlock Monarchs, Holy Spirit Warlocks, and even Warlock Emperors born from ordinary people.

If there are no restrictions, then an Infinity Warlock can kill countless ordinary people of the Great Cloud Dynasty and refine a Monarch grade or even a Holy grade soul stone within a year. Although this could give rise to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, but it would also put the survival of the entire human race into jeopardy. Therefore, the restrictions placed on Warlocks in the Cangzhi Plane are rather strict.

However, in this small world without a master, Infinity Warlocks such as the Demon Venerable Pokiryet don’t treat ordinary people as people.

“I, Sea Dragon Empire’s emperor Cui Wuheng, welcome you, Lord Demon Venerable! Please be merciful and spare my life, Lord Demon Venerable!”

A middle-aged man, wearing an imperial robe, with a striking appearance, walked over under the protection of dozens of guards.

In fact, the emperor of the Great Zhou Empire Wu Shanming, the Khan of Heaven of the Gold Canopy Imperial Court Bo’orchu, and the emperor of the Sea Dragon Empire Cui Wuheng are all wise rulers. Regrettably, now that Transcendent rank powerhouses have appeared, these wise rulers are powerless. They can only kneel before Transcendents.

The Demon Venerable Pokiryet said with a malevolent smile: “Cui Wuheng, go call the Dragon Emperor, tell that damn old dragon to come out! Otherwise, I and the Heavenly Venerable will slay everyone in the Sea Dragon Empire!”

A terrifying breath also diffused from the Heavenly Venerable the Gods’ Eyes. The two Transcendent rank breaths pressed on the ordinary people on the ground like mountains, making it difficult to breathe and even look straight at them.

“This is the strength of the Demon Venerable and the Heavenly Venerable of legend? Myth realm powerhouse sure are terrifying!”

Cui Wuheng looked at the Demon Venerable and the Heavenly Venerable in the sky and sighed slightly, then took out an ordinary bead and cut his wrist, and a large amount of blood poured into the bead.

The bead suddenly floated into the void, and then expanded into a cave.

Wisps of terrifying dragon qi diffused from the cave and left the ordinary people within an area of 100 meters breathless.

A cold voice came from the cave: “Gods’ Eyes, Pokiryet, have you two joined forces?”

The Demon Venerable’s eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he said in an enticing voice: “That’s right! A powerful Infinity Warlock who calls himself the Demon Ancestor came to this world and defeated the Gods’ Eyes. That guy knows about the whereabouts of the body of God Slayer White Jade Sword’s master. How about it, are you interested in joining hands with us to kill that guy? The Light of Eternity fruits have matured. As long as the three of us work together and kill that guy, then we can use the Light of Eternity fruits to supplement any loss of lifespan. If we can get the corpse of the Warlock Emperor, the three of us can advance to the Warlock Monarch rank. In the future, when we return to the Cangzhi Plane, we can jointly create a dynasty without a problem!”

If it is three Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses with an Empyrean grade secret treasure fragment each, they could really overthrow the Great Cloud Dynasty and create a new dynasty.

“Okay, I’ll join you!”

A purple figure flew out of the cave, and a tall and handsome boy, of 15 or 16 years of age, with two dragon horns on his head, appeared in front of everyone.

Cui Wuheng took a deep look at the boy, and his eyes flashed with astonishment: “That’s the Dragon Emperor, he’s so young! Sure enough, he is an immortal mythical figure!”

“You guys are discussing how to ambush me?”

A flat voice suddenly came from the side. The void distorted, and Yang Feng slowly walked out and looked at the Demon Venerable and the Dragon Emperor with an enigmatic smile.

“The Demon Ancestor!”

The complexion of the two powerhouses the Demon Venerable and the Dragon Emperor suddenly changed dramatically, and they retreated briskly and looked at Yang Feng with vigilance.

The Demon Venerable looked at the Gods’ Eyes and said coldly: “Gods’ Eyes, you betrayed us?”

The Gods’ Eyes replied with an indifferent look on his face: “Master’s cultivation base is outrageous! You should surrender to master as well!”

“You want me to surrender with just the two of you?!”

The Demon Venerable smiled coldly and flicked his wrist, and the sword body fragment of the God Slayer White Jade Sword appeared in his hand. Wisps of Empyrean might oozed out of the fragment.

The Dragon Emperor extended his hand, and a God Slayer White Jade Sword fragment composed of the hilt and a small section of the sword body appeared in his hand.

The Demon Venerable and the Dragon Emperor are both veteran Infinity Warlocks with extremely rich combat experience. Since the Gods’ Eyes has betrayed them, they instinctively felt that they are in a predicament.

Yang Feng clapped his hands and said with a big smile: “What a quick response! Unfortunately, you are a step too slow! Otherwise, due to the fact that you have an Empyrean grade secret treasure fragment each, I would have to pay a considerable price in order to dispose of you. Hand over the God Slayer White Jade Sword fragments and the seal keys!”

Transparent threads hidden behind the Demon Venerable and the Dragon Emperor suddenly became distinct. In spite of themselves, the two powerhouses suddenly tossed the God Slayer White Jade Sword fragments and two jade-like white keys towards Yang Feng.