Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 978 – Shock

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Chapter 978 – Shock

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Transcendent Monarch stared at the fiend emperor with apprehension and a fervent shade: “Fiend emperor, a powerhouse favored by the universe’s dark side! What a scary guy!”

Among the many mysterious secret methods of the Transcendent Text, there is one that would allow the Transcendent Monarch to absorb the fiend emperor and become a fiend emperor himself. But, even if it is the Transcendent Monarch, he doesn’t have any assurance when confronting the fiend emperor one-on-one.

The fiend emperor coldly stared at Yang Feng, mysterious runes surged in his eyes, and he threatened frigidly: “What will it be? Yang Feng, do you submit, or will you be crushed to death like an ant!”

“You want to kill me, fiend emperor! You might not have that ability!”

Yang Feng took a look at the fiend emperor and showed a cold smile, and quasi-Holy step fluctuations of power emanated from him and spread in all directions.

“Quasi-Holy, he became a quasi-Holy!”

“Quasi-Holy, how is that possible? How could he promote to a quasi-Holy!”

“A few years ago, didn’t he only have a supreme Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base? How did he advance to a quasi-Holy!”

“To advance so quickly, doesn’t he fear an unstable foundation?”


When the top powerhouses who came from all over the universe sensed the quasi-Holy step fluctuations of power emitted by Yang Feng, their countenance changed dramatically at once, and their eyes shimmered with shock.

Not long ago, Yang Feng was a supreme Infinity Warlock. Yet now, he has already promoted to a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. This kind of speed of advancement is simply appalling.

With a look of shock in her eyes, the Taboo Monarch uttered slowly: “Quasi-Holy! What a scary cultivation speed! No wonder he’s a universe child!”

The Star Heavenly Maiden stared at Yang Feng with an enigmatic shade in her beautiful eyes: “Quasi-Holy! He promoted to a quasi-Holy!”

In the universe of the world of Warlocks, every Holy Spirit Warlock is the guardian of a superior race, and they won’t leave their race lightly.

Some Holy Spirit Warlocks are just ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks, but on their plane, with the support of their entire race, they can even contend against Great Holy step powerhouses.

Since Holy Spirit Warlocks won’t easily go out, quasi-Holy step powerhouses are the strongest powerhouses that you can usually encounter.

Of course, there are strong and weak quasi-Holy step powerhouses. But, since a peerless genius like Yang Feng has promoted to a quasi-Holy, he will never be a weak quasi-Holy.

“Good, you’re quite arrogant! Let me see if you have what it takes to be arrogant!”

The fiend emperor grinned ferociously, surged with demonic qi, and extended a hand towards Yang Feng.

In a flash, the whole world suddenly darkened.

Endless darkness separated Yang Feng from the world.

With endless malice, a huge star containing countless fiends, devils, skeletons, and other evil extraordinary life forms turned into a strange world that can corrode everything and pollute everything and shot towards Yang Feng.


A dignified look in his eyes, Yang Feng madly extracted world force, and a Devour Black Moon capable of devouring anything suddenly emerged and collided with the huge strange star.

The Devour Black Moon engulfed the star full of malice and started absorbing and transforming its evil power.

Suddenly, the Devour Black Moon blurred and shattered.

The star full of malice continued to barrel towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng frowned and spread the finger of a hand, and a Devour Sun emerged, swept towards the filth star full of malice, and engulfed it.

The Devour Sun twisted and crushed the filth star into pieces bit by bit.

The filth power contained within the filth star, even Yang Feng’s essence of devour could hardly transform it. The best way is to smash it directly.

The fiend emperor smiled ferociously, and his eyes flickered with madness: “Yang Feng, you’re really strong! In this universe, there is one more person who can be my opponent! I underestimated you before.”

Yang Feng took a deep look at the fiend emperor, his eyes shimmered with enigmatic light, and he said with a smile: “Fiend emperor, you’re really strong, as well.”

On his journey to the top, Yang Feng has consumed many treasures of heaven and earth, promoted his soul aptitude to intermediate level-9, and fused the nine worlds inside him.

Even so, before he has formed an immortal body, Yang Feng still isn’t sure to defeat the fiend emperor. As a powerhouse favored by the universe’s dark side, the fiend emperor is essentially different from other beings. His soul aptitude has already reached superior level-9. He is one of the extraordinary life forms with the most terrifying potential in the universe.

However, if you Yang Feng and the experts subordinated to him work hard, and if the fiend emperor doesn’t get any help, then Yang Feng has a 90% chance of defeating and a 10% chance of quelling him.

With a flash of appreciation in his eyes, the fiend emperor uttered with a smile: “Great, Yang Feng, you have won my respect with your strength! I will use all means at my disposal to kill you in the future. But, while we’re in this temple, let’s make a truce for the time being! Otherwise, we’ll both suffer damage and convenience these thrash!”

Although the fiend emperor appreciates Yang Feng, but that doesn’t hinder him from harboring killing intent towards the other party. The more you appreciative an enemy, the more you will try to kill them. This is the mentality of the majority of top powerhouses who are eager to ascend the Warlock Emperor realm.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Fine by me!”

There are many powerhouses gathered here, including 20 plus quasi-Holy step powerhouses.

If Yang Feng and the fiend emperor fight one another and suffer serious damage, these powerhouses from the various pinnacle forces will definitely join hands to kill them.

Although the Taboo Monarch and the Star Monarch are his allies, but Yang Feng is not the kind of person who easily places his hopes on others. He has the time-type Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time, which is a treasure that can move the hearts of even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

Tempted by the Empyrean grade secret treasure, even the closest allies will go mad and do all kinds of irreversible, stupid things. It is best not to give them a chance to do such stupid things.

“I didn’t expect that the great fiend emperor would be helpless against a mere human Warlock, what a waste!”

A malicious voice full of ridicule suddenly rang.

Containing strange fluctuations, the strange voice of ridicule came from all sides, making it so people cannot tell where it came from.

“Trash, are you challenging my dignity? Good, let’s have everyone witness my power with your death!”

The fiend emperor suddenly turned around, focused his gaze on a gorgeous dragon race Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse with two dragon horns on her head, smiled ferociously, and sent a hand clawing at her.

A terrifying star that can pollute and erode everything suddenly appeared and instantly swallowed the dragon race Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

“Help me!”

As soon as the beautiful dragon race powerhouse was engulfed by the strange star, she changed into a 10,000-meter-long archaic silver dragon exuding a graceful, powerful, noble, and beautiful temperament and struggled madly in the filth world.

Under the erosion of the star, the scales of the noble and beautiful silver dragon decayed, the body festered, pus splashed about, and she released desperate, shrill screams.

“Stop! Fiend emperor, let go of my wife! Otherwise, there will be an irreconcilable enmity between the two of us!”

With a flash of anger in his eyes, an archaic gold dragon suddenly changed into a 10,000-meter-long three-headed gold dragon.

The three heads of the three-headed gold dragon spewed out a freezing wind containing the essence of ice, a light beam containing the essence of light, and a ray containing the essence of toxins respectively barreling towards the fiend emperor.

The three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy is a heaven and earth variant that grasps three kinds of essence. Although he can’t merge the three essences, but when he employs them together, they are extremely powerful and can seriously injure another quasi-Holy step powerhouse.

“Fool! To dare attack me, how truly stupid!”

The corners of the fiend emperor rose and his eyes flashed with ridicule. Then, he extended a hand, and a dark enneagram boundary containing the essence of darkness suddenly appeared in front of him.

The freezing wind froze the enneagram boundary, the light beam ran through the frozen boundary, and the ray containing the essence of toxins barreled towards the fiend emperor through the large hole made by the light beam.

The fiend emperor smiled ferociously and radiated fluctuations of karma. In an instant, he cut off the karma of the ray locking on him, and then the beautiful dragon appeared in front of him.

When the ray containing the essence of toxicity slammed into the beautiful dragon, it corroded more than half of her body.


His eyes shot with blood, the three-headed gold dragon quasi-Holy roared furiously.

“This is for the surprise attack before!”

With a flash of an afterimage, Yang Feng appeared on a head of the three-headed dragon quasi-Holy, smiled coldly, operated the Eternal Imperishable Body, and slammed a fist containing the essences of devour and power into the head.

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