Medical Master - Chapter 971 - Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event

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Chapter 971 Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event

On the Chaoyang Platform, a group of people gathered around, staring at a mobile phone.

A video was playing on the phone. It was the scene of the man who had fallen off the cliff just now being rescued by a figure who was as ethereal as an immortal and trod on the cloud.

The video continued until the immortal-like figure disappeared into the layers of clouds, but it was still recording.

After watching this video, all the people on the Chaoyang Platform were once again in deep shock.

It was as if what happened just now was replaying in front of them.

Unfortunately, because it was sunrise in the early morning, the video taken by the mobile phone was not very clear. In addition, the immortal-like figure had been covered with a layer of mist, so people couldn’t see it clearly at all.

“Is there anyone else recording it?” Someone in the crowd asked again.

As a result, they found that only one person had recorded it. The reason why this person recorded it in advance was to prepare for shooting the beautiful scenery at sunrise. No one else had prepared for it.

“Although it’s not clear, we saw it with our own eyes. Bro, quickly upload it online for everyone to see if we really met an immortal.” A big-eared man proposed.

“Yeah, upload it online quickly.”

“Let more people see that there are really immortals in the world.”

Everyone agreed with the suggestion.

The young man who recorded the video was also very excited. Without thinking much, he immediately logged into Weibo and uploaded the video.

For a moment, everyone on the scene followed the young man’s Weibo and reposted it. Every person who reposted it mentioned many celebrities on Weibo and attached the photos they took one by one, saying, “I was there!”

Although there were not many people on the scene, it immediately spread throughout in a small circle as soon as this video was reposted. Then it spread faster and faster. Hence the number of people who reposted it was increasing.

Soon, it became a hot topic on Weibo.

At first, everyone didn’t believe it and supposed that it was edited by a video application, but all the people who witnessed it on the scene came out on Weibo and confirmed it one after another.

People still didn’t believe it.

In the end, just when the witnesses didn’t know how to verify it, the tourist who fell off the cliff came out and explained his fall in detail, as well as his confused mental state after he was rescued.

Even the person involved came out.

On Weibo, this topic started trending again.

Almost all the people on Weibo participated in the heated discussion of this topic because this was simply a common topic.

Compared with those entertainment hypes and movies news, the vast majority of people preferred to watch similar news that could arouse their curiosity.

The matter was getting more and more serious.

Some experts and professors came out one after another to chase its clout!

“#Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event# First of all, we can be sure that this is a world of science. It is absolutely impossible for anything to exist against science. The so-called immortals are just myths and legends. Legends are not true, but we can’t deny the authenticity of this video. After all, there are still many mysteries waiting for us to explore in this world. It must be the collective fantasy of tourists since this scene appeared on the Chaoyang Platform of Mount Hua!”

“#Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event# If there are immortals in this world, why do we need science and technology? Obviously, the reason why the thing happened on the Chaoyang Platform of Mount Hua is entirely due to the favorable climatic, geographical, and human conditions. Because it’s at sunrise, the fog in the early morning might cause slight chronic poisoning, which made the tourists see illusions. In addition, the weather, light, and many other reasons have contributed to such an incident!”

“#Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event# The mystery of nature can’t be fully interpreted by human beings. In fact, this is like a mirage. It’s closely related to light, water contained in the air, and the environment at the scene. If we use scientific techniques to explain it, I believe the mystery will be solved soon.”

All kinds of experts and professors came out to interpret the matter.

A small group of people truly believed what these experts and professors said because they didn’t believe deep down that there were immortals and ghosts in the world.

However, it was only a small group of people.

Most of the other people began to criticize those experts and professors.

“Experts or pseudo-experts? Professors or pseudo-professors?”

“Explain it to me then!”

“If it’s still a frame, it’s okay if you tell me that it’s a mirage, but this one moves everywhere. It flies from the sky to the ground and then flies from the ground to the sky. How come you tell me that it’s a mirage and light refraction? Why don’t you show me how it works?”

“What f*cking expert? What are you studying? Show me your identity first.”

“You experts and professors only know how to explain randomly. You can get involved in anything popular. I’m confused. Since you have such great knowledge, why don’t you make a video before others send it? Don’t you want to be popular? I’ll give you a chance. You can do it!”

“Miasma? The air on Mount Hua is the best. For hundreds of years, people go to the top of the mountain every day. Why don’t I see anyone else poisoned before? Why did they suddenly get poisoned this time?”

“A collective fantasy? Do you think that tourists from all over the country are playing house with you? A collective fantasy? Seriously? Can you have a collective fantasy with those tourists you don’t know when you go out for a trip?”

All kinds of comments of attacks filled every corner of Weibo.

Those experts and professors seemed to be especially weak among the enormous complaints. They didn’t even have a chance to refute. Some of them even closed their comment areas directly because of the scolding.

However, shortly afterward, just when everyone was discussing passionately, a piece of news caused a huge sensation.

“What the f*ck, the video is gone!”

“#Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event# Why can’t I find the video?”

“It was blocked so soon?”

“What the hell? I was watching it just now. How come it disappeared in the blink of an eye?”

“Where’s the video? Where’s the original poster? Where is the video?”

Strangely, when everyone was discussing it heatedly, all the videos on this topic, including the original ones, the edited ones, and the ones reposted by others, all vanished.

All the videos showed that the connection had failed!

Even some of the videos stored on people’s computers had failed.

The experts and professors who had been criticized immediately stood up.

“#Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event# Such a rumor should be banned. The country has its policy. Those who spread rumors should be held accountable legally!”

“After verification, #Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event# is just a rumor. I hope that all the netizens can stop spreading it.”


On Weibo, #Mount Hua Chaoyang Platform Event# began to lose its popularity.

There were still a lot of people participating in the discussion, but the trend of the topic was decreasing. Soon, it disappeared from the trending topics. In the end, no one could even find this topic.

“Is it really a rumor?”

“No way. Even if it’s a rumor, it shouldn’t have been banned so quickly, right?”

“The trend is dropping too fast. It’s obvious that someone is pulling strings behind the scenes.”

“I remember that there was also such a situation when they shot the film ‘Yang Yizhi’ last time. At that time, it seemed that they promoted that they would let everyone see the real Wulin. However, not long after this publicity came out, it suddenly disappeared. It couldn’t be found on the Internet, which was exactly the same as this situation now!”

“These two things have nothing to do with each other, right?”

“Not necessarily. I believe that there are no immortals in this world, but I don’t believe that there are no people with kung fu in this world. Don’t those heroes in ancient times fly onto roofs and vault over walls?”

“Could it be that the person in the video on the Chaoyang Platform is not an immortal, but a Wulin master?”

“Didn’t you hear it before? Hero Yang Yi can fly. Otherwise, how would he be able to fight pirates? There’s no boat on that small island. He can’t possibly swim to fight pirates, can he?”

“So, Wulin masters can really fly.”

“What the f*ck. Now that I think about it, it’s really scary!”

“Is there really Wulin hidden in this world?”

Although the topic was gone, many people still gathered together to have a heated discussion. Meanwhile, they gradually connected this matter with Wulin. Numerous people even set up a group discussing the mystery of Wulin and began to try various ways to inquire about news of modern Wulin.

After saving the man, Fang Qiu went straight into the deep mountains and came to the place where the Heaven Treasure was.

Because no one else knew, Fang Qiu easily drove away the guardian beast when the Heaven Treasure was ripe, picked up the Heaven Treasure, and then flew back to the Beijiang cultivation base overnight.

On the way back, Fang Qiu found that what he had done on Mount Hua had caused such a huge sensation online. As for this, he could only smile wryly.

“Fortunately, I isolated myself from the outside world with my internal Qi at that time. Otherwise, if I had shown my face, it would have caused a bigger sensation.”

As he smiled wryly, Fang Qiu was quite satisfied with this trip.

It was because this was the easiest time he obtained the Heaven Treasure.

No one came to snatch it, which meant that the people of Chic Cloud Pavilion were very trustworthy. Not only did they not have any bad intentions, but they did not tell others about the Heaven Treasure.

When he arrived at the cultivation base, it was night again.

Fang Qiu used the jade box he had prepared in advance to store the Heaven Treasure that he had just picked and then placed it in a safe place. Then he ran to the foot of the snow-capped mountain and sat cross-legged to cultivate.

The next morning, after Fang Qiu finished exercising, he went straight back to the cultivation base’s office.

“Why are you back?” He Xue was stunned again when she saw Fang Qiu.

Because there were no extra offices, He Xue would work in the office as soon as Fang Qiu left. Hence, she came to the office early in the morning.

“Can’t I come back?” Fang Qiu gave a wry smile.

“Boss, you can come back. But don’t give away our products again. We can’t afford it.” He Xue shook her head and sighed bitterly.

“I can’t send it even if I want to.” Fang Qiu replied with a smile and then asked, “If I remember correctly, Holy Flowers Formula will be open to preordering at 8 o’clock tonight. How’s the preparation going?”

“Everything is ready,” He Xue answered with full confidence.

Fang Qiu nodded with satisfaction and said, “Okay. I’ll wait for the good news then!”

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