Medical Master - Chapter 996 - Has Fang Qiu Played All His Trump Cards?

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Chapter 996 Has Fang Qiu Played All His Trump Cards?

In the sky, Lin Rusheng shouted “Heaven Sword Strike” loudly. Along with his shouting, the short sword in his hand accumulated extremely strong power instantly and then exploded suddenly.

Lin Rusheng moved a bit.

He then directly rose into the air, to a height of 10 meters, taking the opportunity, holding the long sword in his right hand, and he chopped down!


The sky was clear, but there was thunder rumbling.

At this moment, the whole space was shaking. All the martial arts practitioners could clearly feel the Heaven and Earth energy shaking violently, as if it was being suppressed by something terrible.

At this time, the two-foot-long short sword in Lin Rusheng’s hand suddenly burst out an extremely terrifying and sharp sword Qi in the whole shaking space.

Sword Qi materialized and flew out of the sword.

Sword Qi surrounded the sword and transformed into an extremely dazzling sword shadow, like the Eight Trigrams, arranging itself in a circle.

Then, Lin Rusheng’s right hand formed a palm. The time when the internal Qi in his body gushed out, he slapped directly on the hilt of the two-foot-long short sword.


As soon as his palm touched the sword, the terrifying internal Qi inside his body burst out suddenly and hit the hilt fiercely. A layer of extremely powerful energy Qi burst out immediately.

Influenced by the impact of this energy Qi, that short sword swooshed with an extremely strong power. The short sword, together with dozens of substance-like sword shadows, shot towards Fang Qiu.

While Lin Rusheng was attacking, Fang Qiu, who held the broken sword, was quickly surrounded by a tornado.

That tornado connecting heaven and earth burst out a kind of power that terrified everyone.

This was because that tornado was formed by astral energy of the sword!

And in the center of that tornado, Fang Qiu used all his strength and swung his right hand which was holding the hilt of the sword tightly.

A flow of incomparably violent power instantly broke away from the sword and turned into a dazzling stream of light, rushing toward the oncoming sword shadows!


The next moment, there was a huge noise that resounded throughout the sky.

The explosion echoed in the deep mountains again and again.

How horrible the astral energy of the sword was!

At the place where two kinds of power collided, Sword Qi, like the dense raindrops, shot out in all directions.

After a while, the astral energy of the sword dissipated.

Last time, Lin Rusheng vomited blood because of this attack. But now, at the arena, he stared at Fang Qiu with a sneer, as if he easily defended from John Doe’s strongest attack and was not affected at all.

Everyone there was surprised and exclaimed, “He actually defended from Joe Doe’s attack?”

“The attack was so powerful, and how could he fight against it?”

“How is that possible? John Doe used this move to defeat Lin Rusheng last time. Even if he crossed chasm, Lin Rusheng couldn’t have become so strong, could he?”

“He didn’t get hurt at all, and even his breath hasn’t changed at all. Now Lin Rusheng is terribly powerful.”

“Now it seems that John Doe is doomed.”

“Yeah, his best move didn’t work at all. John Doe isn’t weak but Lin Rusheng is just too powerful.”

Everyone was shocked by the strong power of Lin Rusheng.

Many people thought that John Doe was definitely going to be defeated.

At the arena, Lin Rusheng laughed madly. He stared at Fang Qiu, and said, “John Doe, in my eyes, you are not even a worthy opponent now!”


Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Rusheng without any fear. He snorted coldly and said in a low voice, “Is that true?”

“I’ll give you one last chance. Hand over the divine sword and I’ll spare your life!” Lin Rusheng sneered and said.

Hearing this, Fang Qiu waved his right hand and threw that half Guru Sword onto the ground. He then took a breath lightly and said, “It’s not that easy to fight with a dog.”

As soon as he said that, all the people there were stunned.

“How dare John Doe say that now?”

Even the extremely powerful third move of divine sword had been easily defended by Lin Rusheng. How could John Doe still dare to provoke Lin Rusheng like this?

Wasn’t he frightened?

“You asked for it!”

Hearing Fang Qiu’s words, Lin Rusheng got angry instantly.

Before, He had been suppressing his anger because he wanted to create a less bad image in front of the vast number of Wulin people.

However, John Doe’s repeated verbal attacks made him intolerant!


“It is still uncertain who will be the one to die.”

“Hmph,” Fang Qiu snorted.

Lin Rusheng was about to make a move and kill John Doe directly when he suddenly felt that there seemed to be a slight change in the surrounding environment.

Ordinary martial arts practitioners might not be able to sense it, but as a Half-step Guru, he could feel it clearly.

The surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth seemed to be gathering quickly towards John Doe.


Staring at John Doe, Lin Rusheng snorted and said, “In front of a guru, all small tricks are useless.”

“Is that the truth?”

Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Prepare for my attack!”

“Great Hand of Destruction!” Fang Qiu shouted in his mind.

Fang Qiu waved his right hand.

All the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth, like the water flow, gathered crazily from all directions, and condensed into a huge energy palm in front of him.

“You think you can defeat me with external power?”

Lin Rusheng smiled and his smile was full of contempt.

On the other side, Yun Yangzi’s eyes gazed at them. He opened his mouth and said, “John Doe is finally gonna launch a deadly attack!”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

Diwu Qian immediately recalled that this was the attack that John Doe launched to defeat Yun Yangzi in the past.

“I knew that this move was terrifyingly powerful at that time. I really have no idea how powerful would it be when John Doe takes this move now!”

Yun Yangzi’s eyes were lit up and he stared at John Doe intently.


At the arena, the vibration sound of the air became louder and louder.

Under his control, the huge energy palm in front of Fang Qiu instantly shrank to the size of an ordinary palm. After shrinking, the palm condensed by the Qi of Heaven and Earth which was light blue changed to ocean blue.

However, even with that being the case, the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth was still pouring into the palm constantly.

The Qi of Heaven and Earth increased.

The normal-sized energy palm actually condensed into a piece of blue crystal, as if it had become a real one!

This palm shocked everyone, and Lin Rusheng was no exception!


He could clearly feel what strong power that crystal-like blue palm in front of Fang Qiu had. That power could even reach the peak of Fang Qiu’s own limit. Therefore, even he did not dare to underestimate it.

“I’ll show you what the power of a guru is!”

Daring not to hesitate, Lin Rusheng waved the short sword in his hand and forced all his internal Qi into it.

With the influx of internal Qi, the short sword began to shine brightly!

“Attack!” Fang Qiu shouted forcefully.

He pushed the palm forward fiercely.

Suddenly, that energy palm was like an arrow leaving the bowstring and rushed towards Lin Rusheng at a terrifying speed.

Wherever it went, it aroused extremely loud noises.

“Ha!” Lin Rusheng didn’t dare to be careless at all. With a roar, he immediately waved the short sword to defend. At the same time, a layer of energy Qi came out of the sword and formed a globe to cover his whole body.


A loud noise was heard.

The energy palm hit Lin Rusheng’s short sword violently, but it did not defeat it as easily as last time when fighting with Yun Yangzi. Instead, it confronted the shining short sword.

If one took a closer look, he could see clearly that the energy palm and the short sword were both shaking crazily.

Inside the shining globe, Lin Rusheng wore a grave expression but then grinned.

It seemed that he could definitely defeat John Doe!

At the scene, all the people were dumbfounded.

When Fang Qiu launched this attack, they clearly felt the power of it. There was even pressure in the air, which made them feel scared. They didn’t even dare to look at the energy palm.

But now, Lin Rusheng defended himself from this attack again.

Moreover, after defending the energy palm, Lin Rusheng did not even move a little. Although it was obvious that the energy of his short sword was dissipating rapidly, the light of the energy palm was also quickly dimming.

In the end, the shining globe surrounding Lin Rusheng totally disappeared, and that ocean blue energy palm vanished as well.

“Lin Rusheng defended successfully again.”

“It’s over. Even his last attack has been defended. What else has John Doe left to fight with Lin Rusheng?”

“John Doe was defeated.”

“He can do nothing about it. A guru is really powerful.”

“Lin Rusheng is just a Half-step Guru. How powerful would a real guru be?”

People discussed heatedly.

Here at the arena, after blocking the Great Hand of Destruction, Lin Rusheng breathed a sigh of relief secretly and then immediately straightened his back and laughed wildly. As he laughed, he glanced at Fang Qiu with disdain and said, “I’d like to see what else you can do.”

Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows.

On the other side, Yun Yangzi, Diwu Qian, and He Gaoming all began to worry about Fang Qiu.

Of course, the bystanders were also worrying about John Doe.

Judging from the current situation, John Doe had played all his trump cards. What else could he have to fight with Lin Rusheng?

Although they didn’t like Lin Rusheng and were contemptuous of his conduct, everyone understood that John Doe lagged behind Lin Rusheng a lot and that couldn’t be changed.

“What a pity.”

“It seems that John Doe’s divine sword will definitely be taken away by Lin Rusheng.”

“I hope that John Doe can realize the situation. As the saying goes, where there is life, there is hope.”

Everyone sighed for John Doe.

But just when everyone thought that John Doe was going to lose, Fang Qiu suddenly shook his head and smiled.

“Now, what do you want?”

Lin Rusheng glanced at Fang Qiu disdainfully and said, “Hand over the divine sword!”

“What if I refuse?” Fang Qiu asked back.

“You helped me before. I won’t kill you.”

Lin Rusheng sneered, “But I’ll keep watching over you until you hand over the Guru Sword. During this process, I can keep you alive, but I can’t guarantee that you won’t get hurt!”

“Should I thank you then?” Fang Qiu sneered, glancing at Lin Rusheng coldly, and said, “A Half-step Guru is indeed powerful.”

Lin Rusheng smirked.

“However…” Fang Qiu stared at Lin Rusheng and said in a very confident tone, “I will definitely win today’s fight!”

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