Medical Master - Chapter 997 - Sword Might Reappears! Victory!

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Chapter 997 Sword Might Reappears! Victory!


As if having heard a big joke, Lin Rusheng laughed loudly with contempt. He asked in an extremely arrogant tone, “What will you win by?”

Around him, everyone’s eyes were fixed on John Doe.

“The materialization of internal Qi was actually broken by Lin Rusheng?”

The horrible collision which’s just ended, had made Yun Yangzi take a deep breath.

He knew very well how powerful John Doe’s palm was.

What’s more, this time, John Doe even compressed his palm strength to an extreme point. The energy in it was so vast and the power was absolutely several times stronger than the one last time when he was defeated by John!

But under such a circumstance, Lin Rusheng actually had resisted it!

“How can a Half-step Guru be so terrifying?”

Diwu Qian also exclaimed about what had just happend.

Beside them, Qian Xiao and Zhan Lin were even more shocked with eye wided by the fierce battle in front of them!

“Is this John Doe’s unique skill? It’s so powerful!”

“It’s a pity that he’s not a guru, or Lin Rusheng wouldn’t have been able to block his palm.”

“If John Doe was a guru, Lin Rusheng would have lost long ago.”

“Ahh, this battle has already been concluded.”

“John Doe has used up all his trump cards. How could he still provoke Lin Rusheng like this? I hope this battle will not turn into a battle in which any of the two Chosen Ones dies.”

“Lin Rusheng won’t spare John Doe!”

The criticism of the crowd came around constantly.

Diwu Qian and Yun Yangzi looked at each other and frowned at the same time.

Both of them seemed like to be asking for each other’s opinion.

If Lin Rusheng really wanted to kill John Doe, they would have to take action!

Because the good karma had been established.

If John Doe were to be disabled or die directly at the top of Zhongnan Mountain, the good karma they had formed would be gone. What’s more, the elders of their families were both very optimistic about John Doe’s potential. John Doe’s future achievements would definitely not be lower than Lin Rusheng’s. He would even be able to completely surpass Lin Rusheng in just a few more years.

Therefore, it was the most worthwhile thing for them to keep John Doe alive.

Even if they would become an enemy of the guru!

They believed that even if Lin Rusheng didn’t respect both of them, he couldn’t ignore the top forces of Pear Garden and Diwu families, could he?


Just as Diwu Qian and Yun Yangzi looked at each other and nodded, got ready to stand up, Xi Shaolin, who looked like a confucian, didn’t participate in the discussion before, suddenly said to them with a smile, “Don’t worry. Let’s continue watching.”

The two of them were stunned.

“Young Master Confucian?”

Yun Yangzi turned his head around and looked at Xi Shaolin in confusion.

Diwu Qian also looked in the same way.

However, Xi Shaolin smiled faintly and motioned for them to continue watching.

As in such a situation, the two of them took back their steps.

Xi Shaolin was young master of the Xi family. His status in the Xi family was very special and he took charge of everything involved Jianghu. Although his strength was not as strong as the eldest young master who had been living in seclusion for a long time, his mind was definitely at the level of a genius. Moreover, he had the special power of the Xi family in his hand. Everything in Wulin couldn’t escape his eyes.

Apparently, the fact that Xi Shaolin spoke out to stop them when he saw what they were thinking meant that the battle was not over yet.

That was to say, John Doe still had a trump card?

With their minds stirred, the two of them decided to continue to look at the arena.

The sighs for John around were endless.

But right at this moment…in the field, “Master, you can do whatever you want!” Said Lin Rusheng.

In the face of Lin Rusheng’s sarcasm, Fang Qiu suddenly laughed.

As the laughter spread, the whole audience fell silent in an instant.


Hearing Fang Qiu’s laughter, Lin Rusheng narrowed his eyes and glanced at Fang Qiu coldly. His face darkened slightly. He felt that Fang Qiu’s laughter was too weird. The surrounding world was too calm to be a little scary.

On the other side, with a chuckle, Fang Qiu raised his right hand slightly, stared at his palm, and gently moved his fingers.

All the fifth-class Martial Superiors and above on the scene were shocked by such an extremely ordinary action!

They could feel it clearly that there was not a single energy fluctuation on John Doe’s body, but with the movement of his fingertips, the Qi of Heaven and Earth within a radius of dozens of kilometers seemed to be attracted by something and flew quickly in all directions. It was even different from the ordinary Qi of Heaven and Earth. When these Qi of Heaven and Earth flowed over, they actually turned into streaks of blue, flowing like ribbons in the air!

Everyone present could clearly see the blue currents.

After the energy was attracted, it turned into star points around John Doe’s fingertips and began to circle around him.

At this moment, in front of everyone’s eyes, the thin figure in the arena seemed to have fused completely with this domain.


All of a sudden, there was a trembling sound in the quiet world.

The energy of star points around John Doe’s body began to quickly flow back and converge on his fingertips.

As these star points poured in, the fist-sized energy ball at John Doe’s fingertip suddenly burst into dazzling light. The energy ball didn’t grow bigger, but the light became more and more dazzling!

When all the energy of star points gathered in one place, Fang Qiu glanced at Lin Rusheng indifferently.

Over the other side, Lin Rusheng’s face had completely darkened.

He felt an extremely vast energy cluster on the fingertip of John Doe. It was like a deep black hole, making people feel that it was bottomless.

This aura made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Heaven Sword Strike!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Lin Rusheng immediately activated all the energy in his body and executed the Heaven Sword Strike again.

This time he didn’t defend himself. Instead, he directly exploded with his strongest power and directly attacked John Doe, not giving John Doe a chance to attack.

But it was too late.

When Lin Rusheng was about to move, John Doe waved his right hand.

The Qi of Heaven and Earth from all directions immediately rushed over like a torrent. In an instant, it condensed into a silver-white sword completely composed of energy in front of him.

“Space-splitting Sea-cracking Sword!”

A low explosive shout exploded from Fang Qiu’s throat.

In the next moment, Fang Qiu suddenly raised his right hand, grabbed the energy sword in front of him, and then chopped it forward!

“Boom!” It sounded as if a giant stepped down.

As the moment Fang Qiu slashed down with his sword, the entire Zhongnan Mountain seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer. The huge airflow rushed from the sky to the ground and exploded in all directions.

At the same time, the silver-white energy sword suddenly burst out with extremely powerful energy, which condensed into an extremely fierce and horrible sword Qi, shotting out fiercely.

As soon as the sword Qi moved, the wind and clouds surged from all directions!

A bottomless crack was directly slashed open on the ground where sword Qi passed. Everything that came into contact with it was instantly transformed into ashes!

The astral energy of the sword, which was several times stronger than the third style of the divine sword, was left in the space where the sword Qi passed, making people dare not take a step forward easily.

This scene had stunned all the people present.

“Sword, astral energy of the swords condensed into sword Qi?”

“That astral energy of the sword was already as powerful as the previous attack, but now these countless astral energy of the sword were actually able to condense into a single sword Qi?”

“How terrifying!”

All the Martial Superiors above the seventh-class were stunned.

Because they could feel that there were thousands of astral energy in Fang Qiu’s sword Qi. The strength of each astral energy of the sword was absolutely powerful enough to split mountains and seas. Not to mention the whole sword Qi, even one of the astral energy of the sword was not something that they could resist!

How could John Doe execute such a terrifying move?

The masters had no doubt that if the astral energy contained in the sword Qi were to spread out, it could definitely turn the mountain into ashes within a minute!

This was too terrifying!

On the other side, “What?”

Lin Rusheng, who had just launched an attack, was also frightened by John Doe’s move.

He wanted to withdraw his attack and block, but it was already too late.

At almost the same time as the sword Qi made of countless streaks of astral energy exploded out, it had rushed in front of him and slammed into the two-foot-long short sword in his hand.


The two-foot-long short sword, which was infused with all his internal Qi, burst into pieces the moment it collided.


At the moment when the weapon broke, Lin Rusheng roared and immediately concentrated all his internal Qi to defend against the devastating blow in front of him.

However, in the next moment, “Bang!” Along with a loud bang, the Taiji diagram that Lin Rusheng had just condensed was also shattered in an instant, and the black and white energy shield around him only lasted for a second.

After that, the extremely terrifying sword Qi blasted heavily onto his body without holding back in the slightest.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out.

Lin Ru desperately resisted, but the sword Qi didn’t stop at all. It instantly minced his clothes into powder, and pushed Lin Rusheng’s body backward heavily.

Dense astral energy of the sword instantly spread out and completely enveloped his upper body!

By the deadly destroy of astral energy of the sword, in just a few seconds, Lin Rusheng was covered in blood.

His entire body was covered in bloody wounds!

Scarlet blood continuously gushed out.

Only then did the astral energy of the sword slowly dissipate.

On the top of Zhongnan Mountain, everything was eventually calm again.

Everyone was too shocked to speak a single word. Their gazes shot towards the thin figure that stood with his hands behind his back, and the bloodied figure that was blasted to the side of the mountain.

“Win, win?”

“John Doe has won?”

“What the f*ck, John Doe actually win?”

After a long time did everyone realize that Lin Rusheng, a Half-step Guru, was seriously injured at this time. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up. It was easy for John Doe to kill him now.

That was to say, John Doe actually had won this battle!

Not to mention the onlookers on the spot, even the person involved, Lin Rusheng, also found it hard to believe.

“Cough cough…”

Some painful coughs came from his mouth.

The pain brought by the countless wounds on his upper body was unbearable.

If it weren’t for the fact that his strength and physical strength had both improved a lot after crossing that threshold, John Doe’s blow would have been strong enough to crush him completely!

He couldn’t believe it.


How could John Doe, who had just broken through to the ninth-class, be so powerful?

Lin Rusheng endured the pain and tried to stand up again. However, when he activated the energy in his body, he realized that his foundation had been broken!

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