Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2221 - So What If You Know

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Chapter 2221: So What If You Know

The beautiful woman who had fallen to the ground had a pale face and her forehead was filled with big beads of cold sweat. She was in so much pain from her scapula being locked that she was unable to speak. When she heard Feng Jiu’s words, her eyes, like it was on fire, glared at her.

If she was able to speak, she would ask angrily: Who on earth are you? What are you doing?

She had done this for such a long time and had met countless cultivators. Even the cultivators who were stronger than her and she didn’t dare lay a hand on them hadn’t discovered anything unusual about her place. Unfortunately, this girl was different.

It was one thing to have been discovered, and another to have fallen into her hands. No matter what, she was unwilling to take it lying down.


Feng Jiu yelled coldly. Her lazy expression turned into a stern look as she glanced at the girls. A powerful force of profound energy covered the three girls.

The girl who had been struck by Feng Jiu’s silver needles had managed to sit up. However, when the coercion struck her, she felt like a large stone was weighing down on her and she was unable to catch her breath. The blood in her body surged, and a mouthful of blood spurted out immediately.

The other two girls knelt down under the pressure of the coercion. They hadn’t planned to speak, but were now begging for mercy.

“We’ll speak, we’ll speak.”

Feng Jiu retracted her coercion and glanced at the two of them: “Speak!”

The two girls didn’t dare to look at the beautiful woman. They bowed their heads and said: “Master is skilled at infusing medicinal wines. She often uses beasts to infuse her medicinal wines. After adding medicinal ingredients, the effects of the medicinal wines are increased, and Master sells these to the one-eyed demonic cultivator. Later on, at the request of the one-eyed demonic cultivator, Master began to use us as bait to lure some cultivators into our courtyard, and once they have become intoxicated after drinking the Immortal Wine, we extract their Neidan…”

At this point, the girl in white’s voice became softer and softer: “Master said that cultivators’ Neidan can be used as medicine, and if the spirit energy in the Neidan is absorbed, it can further improve cultivation, especially for cultivators who have already reached Nascent Soul stage and above. There is a primary Nascent Soul in Neidan and it is a rare treasure, so, so…”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu frowned. The Neidan of beasts is precious, it went without saying that the Neidan of cultivators was even more precious. Cultivators had to cultivate for decades and even hundreds of years before they would be able to condense their Neidan. Their method of killing people to obtain their Neidan was vicious and cold blooded. Even if she hadn’t met her today, she would have met someone else in the future who would take her life.

At this point, Duan Ye, who had finished adjusting his breath and sweating profusely, walked over and stared at them coldly. All of a sudden, his hand moved up from his waist and the glint of light from his sword flashed as he killed the three of them.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu was slightly surprised: “You’ve killed them all?” This kid was too rash, he killed those girls without even saying a word.

“Death is too good for people like them.” Duan Ye said. He stared at the beautiful woman who had fallen to the ground in front of them and approached her with his sword in his hand.

Feng Jiu stood up when she saw this: “Wait a minute.”

Duan Ye looked at her: “Why?”

“We can’t just kill her, she is still useful.” Feng Jiu said with a smile and stepped forward to look at the beautiful woman: “You know the Soul Removing technique?”

The beautiful woman gritted her teeth and stared at her. She endured the severe pain that spread through her body and pulled her lips into an ugly smile. She said slowly: “So what? Don’t expect me to tell you anything!”

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